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Decals, Signs For iTHINKBIG.ORG

Decals, Signs For iTHINKBIG.ORG

As a full-service print company, there is a lot that we can do for you. Not only can we produce full wraps for your food truck, we can create simple car decals, menu signs, and other related materials. There isn’t a whole lot that we can’t do. So, if there’s something that you want but you haven’t seen it on our website, don’t panic – just get in contact with us to discuss your needs. You might be surprised by what we can do for you – we’re all about the custom jobs. In this case, it wasn’t the job itself that was too out of the box. Instead, it’s the client who is always thinking outside the box.

Mahalo iThink Bing

Mahalo iThink Bing

There’s nothing that we love more than working with amazing companies who love to give back. Mahalo is a shave ice truck that rivals even Hawaii’s greatest shave ice. Not only can you choose from a set menu, there is a create your own option allowing you to make the greatest ever shave ice that was ever seen. Mahalo doesn’t just serve shave ice, though, they pride themselves on giving back. It makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that the owner, Chad Furlong, is also the president of iThinkBig. This non-profit organization travels the country speaking to groups of students about the future. They inspire children to live an adventurous life.

Many schools and youth groups enlist their services, and they will cater their presentation to a variety of subjects. They will happily gear the conversation to bullying, leadership, self-esteem, and a range of other subjects. Thus far, the iThinkBig team has addressed well over two million students. All in a bid to inspire, connect, and encourage students to make a positive impact within their families, their communities, and the world!

Meanwhile, Mahalo gives back in a different way. When you make a purchase, Mahalo contributes to keeping families together in Baja California, Mexico. The idea, A free daycare center. There are many orphanages throughout Mexico and many of them house children who are not orphans. Instead, their parents have been forced to leave them in the care of others as they go in search of work to create better lives for their children. That’s what Mr. Furlong wants to stop. It’s all about keeping families together for the betterment of the children. Three very different entities, all with one noble purpose.

Decals, Signs, and More

Decals, Signs, and More

We can provide a wide variety of signage solutions for you. When it comes to food trucks, there are all different options and needs. If you are just starting out, then you may want to keep it simple with a decal. You can graduate later to a full wrap. For established food trucks, it might be time to embrace a wrap to fully establish your brand. For now, why not create a car decal to help you build that brand. You need to settle on the name of your business and ideally, create a slick logo. We can help you create your decal. A wrap allows you more artistic freedom, as you can continue your brand, but also include images and amazing artwork, too.

Decals or Wraps.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at decals or wraps. You will also need to consider the price list and menu! You can’t operate a business if customers don’t know what you serve or how much it costs. There are all different ways to create menus – one of the most inexpensive options is foam core, but we can go bigger and better. In fact, if you want to go digital, we can help you with that, too. Now, if you plan to have a core menu and also offer specials, you will need separate signage to highlight your offers. This tends to be A-frame style signage, but it can also be a hanging banner. Alternatively, you can opt for a chalkboard style sign that allows you to change your specials or offers regularly.

Now, when it comes down the design of your signs, there are a few things that you need to consider. The biggest considerations being the color, the typeface, and the message. Ensure you choose text colors that are easy to read against the background color. It’s also really important to ensure that the typeface you choose is clear and easy to read in your chosen size. Now, for the message. If it’s a menu – consider how much extra information you will need to describe the item. If you are linked with local organizations or charities, you want to make this clear. Don’t worry, if you need advice or guidance on your signage design, we’re happy to help.

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