Dyer Wealth Management Backdrop Banners

Dyer Wealth Management Backdrop Banners

Banners can be of service to any type of business – whether you operate a retail store, charity, church group or you’re a wealth management firm. Banners can serve as a promotional tool, an advertising technique or a branding exercise. Beyond that, though, backdrop banners can work seriously hard for their owners. Not only do they make a great photo backdrop, but they can offer a warm welcome to visitors. In fact, one of our clients managed to make their backdrop banner work exceptionally hard for them. It served as a welcome, a photo backdrop, and an advertisement to the wider audience. First, let’s meet the client.

Dyer Wealth Management

Dyer Wealth Management is owned and operated by Tim Dyer, and is a DBA of Sage Capital Advisors. This La Jolla firm specializes in investment management and income planning for retirement. The primary goal is to assist investors as they set their objectives and needs. Additionally, Tim strives to ensure they understand all of their options, while also aligning them with both their expectations and long-term goals. Tim has been featured in a variety of financial publications and media outlets. He also often speaks at companies and conferences where the topic is about wealth. He’s famous for his ability to clarify the complex subjects and details that surround an industry shrouded in mystery. Better yet, he is able to communicate those details in a simplified manner that is easy to understand! In a complex industry, a down to earth approach is exactly what people are looking for.

Tim isn’t all work, though. In his off time, he officiates both high school and college lacrosse games and enjoys playing ice hockey. He and his wife Tara can be found traversing San Diego with their adorable puggle, Hank.

Backdrop Banners

The backdrop banner we created for Dwyer Wealth Management was featured at Petco Park. Clients attending a Padres game were welcomed by the backdrop banner that featured the brand logo as well as the SD Padres logo. Thus, it served the purpose of welcoming the clients, as well as advertising the business to other game attendees. Moreover, clients could snap a photo in front of the banner to show off their attendance at the game! This is what you call making a piece of signage work seriously hard for you.

You too can create backdrop banners that work hard for you. If you frequent trade shows, exhibitions, conferences or other events, a backdrop banner is a no-brainer. You can include logos of sponsors, as well as important facts about your business, and so much more. For events and trade shows, you may want to consider a handy hashtag that encourages people to post photos. It will help you spread the word about your business or the event itself.

The beauty of backdrop banners is that they’re large, so you have plenty of space to create a design that really works for you. There’s room to include images, as well as bullet points, and contact details. Or, you can create a seriously simple design so that people will take pictures in front of it and put it out there on the internet. It really all depends on the purpose of your backdrop banner. However, no matter the purpose, we can create the backdrop banners of your dreams.

Backdrop Banners

It is important that you think hard about what you want the banner to do for you. A simple design like the one we created for Dyer Wealth Management might be perfect for you. However, for some businesses, there is a need for a bit more color and excitement. This is particularly true of businesses that are in the creative industry. Either way, we have your back.

Before you make any decisions about your design or the signage you want, take a look at the rest of our website. We offer a wide range of products to cater to your every advertising, branding or promotional need. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We can surprise you with our products. Additionally, we aren’t afraid to point you in the right direction of a different product if we feel the one you are choosing isn’t right for you. We’re always happy to offer advice and guidance to our customers. We value your business, and as such, we are as passionate about boosting your business as you are! So, we can help you with business cards, flyers, banners, flat cut letters, and so much more.

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