20 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment

20 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment

Earn Money Online From Home

Ready for 20 ways to earn money online from home without investment?  With hundreds of internet marketing gurus promising their own get rich from home programs, it’s tempting to spend hundreds of dollars for a shot at financial freedom. If you’re a newbie in making money from the internet, you may fall into scams easily. But you can earn money online from home without paying anything upfront with legitimate methods. We crafted this guide to show you the various ways of doing so.

1. Sell On eBay

eBay is arguably one of the largest online marketplaces on the planet. You can basically sell anything imaginable on eBay. Unlike what you’ve imagined about e-commerce, you do not need to keep a massive inventory for you to start selling.

For a start, you can start selling pre-owned items from your home. It may sound surprising but there are actually buyers who are hunting for used items at a remarkably low price. Or you can adopt the dropshipping model and start selling on eBay with a free individual account.

2. Publish E-Books

You don’t have to be a best-selling author to publish your own e-books. Readers are constantly on the lookout for various information on daily issues from general parenting tips to the step-by-step guide to losing your belly fat.

There are various platforms that allow you to publish your e-books for free in various format. Publishing on Amazon Kindle is a great way to get started for free. You can earn up to 70% royalty from the millions of readers on the platform.

3. Etsy

Are you great in making unique crafts by turning an ordinary mug into a piece of art? Or handmade all the pillowcases in your house? Instead of letting your talent goes unnoticed, you can start taking decent photographs of your craft and start listing them on Etsy.

Unlike other online marketplaces, Etsy only caters to unique handmade products. With only $0.20 to list an item, it cost you almost starting to earn money online from home and showcase your talent at the same time.

4. Paid Online Survey

You probably won’t get rich getting paid from participating in an online survey, but some of the best survey sites are worth a shot. If you’re already in front of the computer, answering some survey questions can bring you additional money with little effort.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites that offer paid surveys. You may find that it is a far shot from replacing your full-time income but it’s just a proof that legitimate ways to earn money from home exist.

5. Freelance Graphics Designer

The demand for graphic designers is increasing in a world where visuals play an important part in most businesses. Business cards and brochures are among media that needs a touch of brilliance from graphic designers. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or just starting out, you can start building a career right from your home.

Start joining business groups on social media and network with potential clients. You can also turn to freelance job sites like Upwork or design marketplace like 99 Designs to promote your services. It takes time to build your portfolio but once you’ve established yourself, you’ll find recurring income as your service is highly sought after.

6. Publish Video On Youtube

If you’ve already owned a smartphone, you can start recording interesting videos that may capture the audience on Youtube. It could be funny pranks on your spouse or video tutorials of magic tricks for a party.

There are limitless ideas of video that you can work upon, publish and monetize on Youtube. The most important thing to do before you can start making money with Youtube is to build a following of subscribers who are interested in what you’re publishing.

7. SEO Expert

Earn Money Online From Home - SEO

As businesses compete to make their presence felt online, SEO experts are more in demand than ever. Getting web pages to the top of search engine results require more than building beautiful websites.

When keyword density, alt-tag, and link-building are what you’re familiar with, offering your SEO expertise online can be a lucrative income source, without leaving the comfort of your home. Teaming up with marketing agencies and web-designers is a great way to get started.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge online marketplace that entrepreneurs turn to for getting various tasks related to their businesses done. Some of the popular services include graphic design, programming, digital marketing, and content writing.

You can start offering your expertise for as low as $5, with clear descriptions of your deliverables. You’ll also have the option to upscale your service for a higher fee with added on premium items such as express delivery or increasing allowable revisions.

9. Writer

If you’re good at turning ideas into words or converting readers into leads, you can earn money online from home as a writer. If you take a peek at freelance sites like Upwork, you’ll notice that the majority of jobs posted are related to writing.

Start off my by writing on niches that you’re familiar with, before taking on projects that require extensive research. Diversify your skills for various demands of blog posts, long-form articles, landing pages and web pages as these are highly sought after.

10. Online Course

Some people make decent money by selling an online course on the internet. All you need is your computer, a webcam, and a microphone. Create courses based on your expertise and make them into short videos of 5 minutes.

A great platform that allows you to start selling online courses is Udemy. It cost nothing to create an account and Udemy will only receive a cut of commission after you’ve made some sales. If you’re already giving courses to the public, taking it online allows you to automate the process.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you refer potential buyers to a merchant’s website through an affiliate link and earning a commission when a sales are made. Almost any products on the market have an associated affiliate program.

To earn money online from home with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to create a website. You may need to pay off the domain and hosting fee, but as long as you’re creating the contents on your own, your investment involves only your time spent.

12. Virtual Assistant

Earn Money Online From Home - Virtual Assistant

Are you generally good in administrative work, research, marketing or any skills that may be precious for an entrepreneur? If so, you may want to consider being a virtual assistant to earn money online from home.

Entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their business are often torn between the needs to get things done and reducing expenses. As a virtual assistant, you offer your service on an hourly basis and only when needed by your clients.

13. Web Design

With more than 7 billions of the population on the internet, no businesses would want to lose out by not having a website for their businesses. You can earn money online from home by offering your web design skills to fulfill the ever-growing demands.

While the visuals of the website are important, it also helps if you’re familiar with the underlying HTML or CSS script. List your accomplished works to grow your reputation and acquire new clients.

14. Micro jobs

When you don’t have hours to spare, micro jobs are the best resort to earn money from home. This is true for students or stay-at-home moms who wished to make some earning in their free time. Micro jobs usually take little time to accomplish and do not require technical skills.

It normally involves mini tasks like sharing posts on social media, performing a search on Google, or rating a specific product. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one great platform for you to register for micro jobs.

15. Social Media Influencer

Do you have tens of thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram that are actually responding to your posts? If so, that may qualify you as a social media influencer, a designation that is rather popular in today’s digital age.

You can link up with brands to get paid while sharing promotional contents to your followers. Instead of pitching to individual brands, you can sign up to influencers marketplaces like Grapevine and Fohr Card where you’ll get access to brands hungry for social media exposures.

16.  Online Tutor

Don’t let your academic credentials go to waste, especially if you have a natural flair for teaching. Whether it’s teaching Primary ESL or advanced sciences, you can generate a healthy revenue by being an online tutor.

Sites like Tutor.com allows you to register and be evaluated before being matched to students who are in need of some form of polishing of their knowledge.

17. Testing Out Website

Are you good at finding your ways around a website, and articulating your opinions clearly as you do so? If so, you can register yourself as a tester on sites like User Testing. You’ll need to download a screen recording software and start earning $10 for carrying out a set of tasks on a website while voicing out your thoughts in loud.

18. Apps Development

Earn Money Online From Home - Apps

Building awesome mobile apps while lazing around on the couch is definitely a great way to earn money online from home. The internet has made remote development such an easy process that there is little reason to rent an expensive office to work in.

To get started, you’ll need a laptop, a high-speed internet connection and a pool of paying clients. While Upwork is a great starting point, you may want to check out Guru.com as it is more oriented to software developers.

19. License Your Photos

If you have hundreds of breathtaking photos sitting idly in your cloud storage, you can license it at stock libraries like Shutterstock and get paid each time your photo is downloaded. While the payment you received per photo may seem insignificant, they tend to build up when you have uploaded a great number of high-demand photos. Besides, there is little effort on your part after uploading the photos.

20. Social Media Account Manager

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the largest social media networks that businesses of all size turn to engage with their audiences. If you’re a master at creating viral posts for a minimum fee, you’ll be in demand for managing social media accounts for busy business owners. Pitch to your potential clients with proven statistics and you’ll stand a chance of getting hired on the spot.



Can you earn money online from home without investment? We believe our guide is more than sufficient to get you started.  Looking for more business ideas? Check out our blog posts below!

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Brandon Stapper is an entrepreneur and investor. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nonstop Signs, an industry leading graphic design, print, and sign business with multiple locations throughout the United States. At 20 years old, with no formal education and only a few hundred dollars, Stapper turned a $400 custom decal machine in a garage into an international printing powerhouse focused on helping businesses improve their marketing and branding with everything from retail signage to packaging, to trade show displays.
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