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Edge Water Innovations Advises With Stickers

Edge Water Innovations Advises With Stickers

Today, just like in your youth, kids collect stickers for sticker books. Some of them are sold with stickers included and others are to keep the stickers that kids pick up along the way. There is something universal about the attraction of stickers, though. It doesn’t go away as you get older. In fact, for some people, that attraction grows stronger. Which is why you see bumper stickers on cars, boats, off-road vehicles, laptops, and more. We love stickers, no matter our age. Which is why business owners would be remiss to not capitalize on this phenomenon. What better way to brand your business, promote, and advertise it than with a tool that hearkens back to your youth? Before we take a look at exactly what you can do with stickers, let us introduce you to our client who embraced them.

Edge Water Innovations Stickers

Edge Water Innovations

Edge Water Innovations offers clients products and advice. The business began in 2012 and they offer innovative products and solutions to assist you in your daily activities. When they create products they keep the end user in mind always. Which is why they are constantly striving to design new and exciting creative ideas that will improve existing products. That is in addition to creating brand new products, too. You will also find they offer advice that will help you progress your business. They offer consulting services in rotary die cutting, product development, web handling, CAD, and mechanical design. You can learn more on the website!

Edge Water Innovations came to us to bring their sticker vision to life. The design was simple, it featured their website address as well as Twist Anchor to highlight the product. You can find Twist Anchor spikes, augers, and accessories. There are plenty of options available for each.

Stickers Everywhere

Stickers can serve a wide variety of purposes. You may be interested in handing them out with every purchase, whether in person or online. Allow your loyal customers the opportunity to use your sticker and spread awareness about your brand. Alternatively, if your design is particularly attractive, you may want to offer your stickers for sale. When a customer purchases a sticker you can guarantee that they are going to place in somewhere that everyone will be able to see it. It may appear on their vehicle, a laptop or even a musical instrument.

Either way, those are items that they take with them and other people will absolutely see your sticker. Whether you plan to sell them or give them away, make sure it’s clear who you are and/or where people can find you. It’s important that people who are interested can easily follow up to learn more about your brand.

You can also use stickers to label products, whether it’s the package or the product itself. This will likely depend on the type of product you sell. If you have created the product and want it to take off, a branding sticker might be a great idea to spread the word. Remember, if you are applying a sticker directly to a product, it’s important that you choose a high-quality paper stock. You want a sticker that is weather and waterproof so that it will last. You’ll also need to consider how a sticker may affect the use of the product. You don’t want it to be something that detracts from the overall aesthetic either. So, bear that in mind as you create product stickers.

Edge Water Innovations With Stickers

Your Stickers

No matter what you plan to do with your stickers, it’s important to consider your target audience. You want people to take the sticker and use it further. So, what type of design or message is going to ensure that the majority of your customers do that. For some, a snappy message or joke is the perfect way to do that. Others will prefer a cool logo design. It all depends on your brand and again, your audience. If you serve a variety of people, then you will want to create a few different designs to cover all the bases.

When it comes to creating amazing stickers, you’re in luck because we just happen to be experts. We also offer a wide range of other signage solutions and promotional materials. If you need to brand your business, you want to advertise or promote, then get in touch with us to get the ball rolling. We can produce your stickers, a single one or thousands at a time, as well as print your business cards, banners, catalogs and more.

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