Educational Panels for Wyoming State Museum

DiBond signs for Wyoming state museum installation

Educational Panels

Nonstop Signs often creates collateral and displays for small businesses. It’s one of the projects we pride ourselves on! However, now and then we get the opportunity to help with an educational project. This is of particular interest to our team, who were excited when the Wyoming State Museum commissioned educational panels for their Hands on Habitats Lab! Curator of Exhibits Carlos Santos helmed the project. He came up with a concept for an interactive display that would work within the budget and space constraints of the space. We loved the concept of the interactive display. It featured creativity and a hands-on experience we couldn’t wait to see come together. The display would also educate countless kids on Wyoming habitats, which seems like a very important cause. Nonstop Signs was proud to contribute interpretive panels and flip door graphics to the Lab. Learn more about our collaboration below! Educational Panels

Wyoming State Museum Installs the Hands-on Habitat Lab

The team at the Wyoming State Museum pondered over updating their old children’s hands-on room for a while. They felt the content was outdated and in desperate need of a refresher. When the team came back to the table with fresh new concepts centering around an immersive outdoor environment, they knew they had a winner. From its’ humble beginnings, the Hands on Habitats Lab was born. It features floor-to-ceiling murals of the outdoors and an enormous diorama featuring Wyoming environments. The children can crawl through a tunnel, explore a cave and take a break in a tent with a simulated campfire.
The room also features a day-to-night lighting cycle in the ceiling! It contains two fiber-optic starfields that are accurate to the summer and winter skies over Guernsey State Park. Children can experience the audio recordings of various animals by pushing buttons and open flip doors that contain scent stations. The flip doors, which feature our companies graphics, contain smells like evergreen trees, wildflowers, burning wood, and campfire scents. Custom Wall Murals
As if that wasn’t enough, the room also has a lab section for educational programs. Children can also operate a video microscope, and play in a virtual reality sandbox. The interpretive educational panels featured throughout this impressive room are also provided by Nonstop Signs.  These panels were printed on metal Dibond signs for long-lasting museum prints. Our favorite finish was the custom wall murals that made the display look outdoors.

Nonstop Signs Educational Panels

We couldn’t be more proud of the way the exhibit came together with our educational panels. Each panel contains crisp clear graphics and readable font. These help to naturally guide viewers through each exhibit. The panels are featured prominently throughout the room. In addition, each educational panel serves to supplement the learning process with simple and eye-catching graphics and easy-to-read text.
Educational Panels - Nonstop Signs
Nonstop Signs also provided the symbol placards on the scent doors, as mentioned above. These are done very simply and sturdily, with a large image of a nose. The simple graphics use here encourages museum-goers to stop and interact with the exhibit. Patrons opening the panel catch a matching scent. This element of the exhibit helps to create an immersive experience that combines noise, sight, and smell. The overall effect transports children and adults alike to the wilderness of Wyoming.

Wyoming State Museum, a Proud Educator for Over 100 Years

While the Wyoming State Museum houses countless artifacts on the history of Wyoming, it’s pretty historical itself! The museum was founded in 1895. It’s collection houses anything of cultural or historical significance, and the collection formed in over 100 years is pretty sizable. In fact, the museum has over 85,000 artifacts in its’ permanent collection. Everytime you visit, you may see something a little different! That’s because the museum lacks enough space to display the entire collection. Carlos Santos, the Curator of Exhibits told us that at any given time, only 2% of the museum’s artifacts are on display. If you find yourself passing through Cheyenne, make sure to stop and visit this gem. Admission is free, and you won’t be disappointed by the rich history featured here. Take a look at the Wyo museum’s website to plan your visit.  If you need custom museum signs, give us a call to discuss today!

Let Us Help You Create Your Custom Display

Considering a similar display for your own educational facility or business? Nonstop Signs can provide any size or style of placards, graphics, posters, and stickers to help you best convey your message. Our catalog contains a list of all our product offerings. Furthermore, our consultants are always on hand to discuss the potential for custom projects and need not covered in our product listing. Peruse through our offerings here, or chat with a representative to find out more about what we can do for you!

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