Email Marketing and Why It is Important for Your Business

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For your business to be productive and successful, it must stay current with various marketing methods so that your company remains at the forefront of all business endeavours while staying competitive and on track.

One very important way to keep your business profitable and successful is email marketing. Email marketing for your business is the act of sending a commercial message to your customers and clients.


Why is Email Marketing Important for your Business?

Email marketing is important for your business because it helps you to stay in contact with your audience as they make consumers feel that you are thinking of them. They’re also an effective way of keeping your customers informed.

Email marketing can even help you reach customers on their mobile phones – which many are using to access various media sites and emails, a perfect place for your emails to help you send customers straight to you.

Email has been a form of communication for almost 40 years and continues to still be a great way to interact with individuals and businesses. They are driving many people to their websites and that of course, can lead to sales.

1. Email Marketing: Easy to Track

Keep in mind that most email marketing tools have the ability to track all kinds of data once you send out your email campaign.

Areas you can track include delivery rates, bounce rates, click through rates, unsubscribe rates and open rates. All of this data gives you the ability to understand how your email campaigns are working.

2. You Can Afford Email Marketing

Email marketing is cheap – you can reach many consumers for pennies, which means the cost for a possible conversion is very low.

In addition, with email marketing, you are also able to utilize targeted messaging. Customers are always in need of information that helps them move to the next buying stage.

3. Keep Your Brand at the Forefront!

Email marketing gives your business the ability to increase your customers’ interest level. It accentuates your brand awareness every time they get an email marketing message from you.

One example of increasing your customers’ interest level is using email marketing to promote activities you are doing in your local community. This will help you build customer trust and add personality to your brand.

4. It’s All About Timely Marketing

Email marketing can be used to send customers special offers on their birthday, an anniversary with your company.

You can also let them know their favorite products are on sale at a certain time by using customer information. You can even use email marketing to provide seasonal offers such as promoting national holiday sales or seasonally themed promotions.

5. Easy to Use

Even though there are still many email designers and coders, there are now modern marketing platforms and services that can give you the tools you need to build and send email campaigns easily and quickly.

From drag and drop interfaces to easy to read reporting, the learning curve to using email marketing is much smaller and more accessible.


Benefits of Email Marketing

Clearly, email marketing is important for your business in a variety of ways.

There are additional benefits it offers such as reducing time and effort to get your marketing effort going, especially when you compare it to print postal mailings and telesales campaigns. In addition, email marketing gives you the benefit of sending personalized messages.

For example, you can send a personalized message with your user’s name. Along with it you can also put in customized information such as sales or purchase history. Email marketing for your business is a smart and effective way to boost your sales and keep business on top.

This marketing tool also offers more frequent communication with your customers – it takes less time to create and send.

You can even test to see what graphics, headlines, offers and colors your customers will respond to. Perhaps one of the most heartwarming benefits to email marketing is that it dramatically reduces the impact on the environment. You will be helping the planet by reducing the number of trees killed for print marketing pieces.


Tips on Email Marketing

Before setting up your email campaigns, there are several tips that may help, such as building your subscriber list.

Then, to encourage your readers to open, make your subject lines irresistible such as promising them something that stands out from other emails.

Finally, make your emails personal.

When designing your emails lean heavily on graphics and keep text to a minimum, include bullet points and headers while keeping your paragraphs short.

These points will ensure that your emails look clean and crisp. In addition, put in interesting links and calls to action. Don’t forget to use headline tags and put pertinent information in bold letters.

Another important tip is making your emails mobile-friendly although many email marketing platforms make that automatic and easy. Try out our suggestions for using email marketing and watch your business grow!

Brandon Stapper
Brandon Stapper is an entrepreneur and investor. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nonstop Signs, an industry leading graphic design, print, and sign business with multiple locations throughout the United States. At 20 years old, with no formal education and only a few hundred dollars, Stapper turned a $400 custom decal machine in a garage into an international printing powerhouse focused on helping businesses improve their marketing and branding with everything from retail signage to packaging, to trade show displays.
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