Event Products For Sterling Events

Event Products For Sterling Events

Event Products

You already know that signage is versatile event products. It’s something that businesses can use to brand, and it’s something they can use to promote. People can use it for personal reasons, whether it’s in their home as a piece of decor or in a community center to highlight their mission statement. There are plenty of other functions that signage can offer, though. As Sterling Events regularly shows with their signage solutions. You have many event products to choose from. From the standard business cards or the more daring postcards. There are stickers and magnets, round labels, and even a plethora of options for wraps and decals. For example, you can wrap or decal your fleet of vehicles. You can also put graphics on a building. Building wraps are most commonly spotted covering up construction work. It’s a handy way to cover up scaffolding while advertising significant changes. However, you don’t need to wait for construction to wrap a building. You can wrap your building to improve your aesthetic or to publicize your business. They’re a seriously impactful way to grab attention about an upcoming event.

The Most Sterling Events

While they are in North Carolina, Sterling Events serve essential companies like Wells Fargo, ACH Food Companies, GlaxoKlineSmith, MSNBC, and Electrolux. They know what they’re doing. The business was founded over 25 years ago by a husband and wife duo who had long dreamed of owning their own business. It had humble beginnings offering travel management services to mid-sized companies and smaller. It’s fair to say that they couldn’t have predicted how much their business would grow over the years. They sold the travel company way back in 1999 and re-branded the events and meeting division to the Sterling Events Company they operate today. Sterling Events play to their strengths, remaining flexible to the needs of their clients. They don’t focus on any single type of event products; they are more than prepared to tackle a corporate event on Friday night and seamlessly transition into wedding mode on Saturday. Sterling Events are passionate about what they do which can make all the difference to your event. It shows in their work, and equally, it shows on their client list. They handle every aspect of the event, which is why they rely on us to produce things like building wraps for them. If you’re local to New Carolina, then you’re in luck, they also happen to own a historic barn that transforms into an event facility. It’s the perfect wedding venue.

Get Wrapped With Nonstop Signs Event Products

Wraps serve a lot of purposes, and we can make them as understandable and straightforward or complex and intricate as you want. Whether it’s to hide an unattractive building exterior or to advertise an upcoming event, there are so many different options. We can print a stunning mural for your building wrap. It also doesn’t matter what type of building you need to wrap; we will have the perfect solution for your needs. We understand safety, which is why all of our wraps match the wind blow-through requirements for most city regulations. They also comply with fire standards (NEPA 710). It’s difficult to imagine a wrap not hitting the mark when their very presence makes such a significant impact. Just think of the message you can communicate with a seriously slick cover? Don’t worry; we do more than wrap buildings. You can also wrap a single vehicle or an entire fleet, whether you have company cars or buses. We do a whole lot more than produce wraps. We can also print wedding invitations, save the dates, magnet calendars, banners, flags, tablecloths, and so much more. If you often attend trade shows or exhibitions.

Nonstop Signs Produce All Event Products

We can produce every piece of event products, signage and the promotional materials that you will need. From stickers to step and repeat banners and vehicle wraps. The best part is we don’t place minimum order restrictions on our event products, so you can order a single sign or hundreds, whatever you need. Nonstop Signs is a full-color, full-print service that can produce anything you want, including commemorative plaques. So, if your event is to open a brand new building and you want to honor donors. A plaque is a perfect way to do it. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; we have it. If we don’t, we can offer you something instead. Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance. Whether it’s for tips on the right design, what type of sign you need or you have a question about pricing. Visit our shop.   Here are a few more event printing ideas!

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