Foam Core Solutions for Hunt Midwest

Foam Core Pieces for Hunt Midwest

Foam core is a versatile signage option. Sometimes even we forget just how incredible a tool it can be. Generally, we think of it as a great temporary signage solution. It’s often useful for school projects, big presentations, and short events. There are plenty of other uses for it, though. Which is what we are going to highlight right now. In this case, our client was holding a retirement party for their President/CEO. Their idea was such a hit they returned to us when their VP/CFO retired. We created a circle-cut sign from foam core that was placed on enlarged photos. This highlighted his serviced to the company (a whopping 50 years) as they shared pictures from his time with the company.

Hunt MidwestHunt Midwest

Hunt Midwest is a real estate development company, but it’s so much more than that. They believe in giving back to their community and that ethos started with Lamar Hunt. It was in 1963 that Mr. Hunt introduced the Kansas City Chiefs to the area. The community fully embraced the team and Mr. Hunt wanted to reinvest into the community in return. The first step was opening a company that included all types of different activities, including real estate and entertainment. In 1985, a merger saw Hunt Midwest emerge as we know it. Today, Mr. Hunt’s legacy continues through his family. Now, the company focuses on developing projects from the ground up. This includes all types of real estate, from industrial to commercial, and self-storage to residential communities.

The company has grown a lot since 1985, but their passion for the community has never waned. Hunt Midwest is part of the largest Hunt Family business, which includes the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team, the MLS team FC Dallas, the Chicago Bulls, United Center, Toyota Stadium, and Hunt Southwest. Hunt Midwest remains a Kansas City business, and their philosophy remains based on quality and integrity, service and safety. Since 1987, they have donated almost $2 million dollars to Kansas City United Way. Since 1982, The Groundhog Run has received over $5 million from Hunt Midwest. Hunt Midwest has been investing in Kansas City since 1971, and since then over $520 million has been put into operations in Kansas City. That’s just a small taste of the philanthropic ways of Hunt Midwest, they are a company proud of their community.

Foam Core Solutions

There are plenty of options when it comes to foam core solutions. You can take advantage of them as Hunt Midwest did or, you can take it in a completely different direction. For example, photographers use plain foam core to create a bounce of light, as a smooth background, and cutouts in the foam core can project a pattern. We can help you with these types of uses for foam core, whether you want to buy a plain piece or you want us to make specific cuts.

Foam Core Solutions

When you design your foam core sign, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is size.  For Hunt Midwest this was an easy choice – they needed a simple circle-cut solution to affix to the corner of their enlarged photo boards. The size was created relative to the board. So, if you plan to do the same type of design, you’ll need to use the background as a size reference. Now, if you want a full board the size will be dependent on where you will use it, how you plan to use it and the display. You can place it on a display easel or use an A-frame.

Foam Core is a Great Solution

Foam core is a great solution for use at conferences, fairs, to list menu items, price lists, charts, celebration, motivation, set design, decoration, presentation, lectures, and aisle markers. Not to mention the fact that you can reuse them – once you’re done, you can cut them out and create coasters! Or you can wrap them and use them as bookshelf or drawer lining. You really can do anything with them.

On the motivation and celebration front, the foam core is a great way to establish a goal and track progress. This is ideal if you are trying to raise a specific amount of money, whether it’s a charity event or a family saving for a special vacation. Aisle markers are useful in supermarkets, libraries, and other retailers – and foam core is one of the most effective ways to highlight what one can find in each aisle. This is ideal for small businesses. For food trucks and temporary pop-ups, using foam core for price lists and menu items is just a no-brainer. There are so many ways to use foam core and we can help with all of them.

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