Best Free Cover Letter Examples

Best Free Cover Letter Examples

Free Cover Letter Examples

Ready for the best free cover letter examples?  Cover letters are your hook, here are a handful of cover letter examples. They are what entice future, employers to turn the page. Therefore, cover letters motivate employers to read further into your resume. Hence, your first impression on this company directly relates to how great your cover letter is.

Writing a stand out cover letter is going to be specific to your industry. Most of all, you want to immediately show your employer why you are the one they want. As a result, you want to motivate them to disregard everybody else.

Your cover letter wants to tackle two topics:

  1. Your qualifications, experience, and skill
  2. How you are going to solve the employer’s current problem, also known as the open job position

For example, let’s say the job position is as a marketing associate. Therefore, the problem your employer is facing is in selling their product. Also, they want you to market their product to sell more of it. Hence, you will want to talk about your previous marketing experience. Most of all, you want to explain the strategy you are going to use to help them sell their product.

Another example is an open position for a content writer. The problem the employer has is a lack of content. Therefore, you are going to be the one that increases the amount of content they are able to publish on a weekly basis. This is how you are going to solve their problem. First of all, don’t fall into the temptation of highlighting your expertise. You know you can complete the job effectively. It is important to tell the employer how hiring you is going to solve their problem. As a result, think of your cover letter as a sales pitch. If you pitch your skills to solve their problem, you will be their priority.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, we recommend browsing through Indeed to look at cover letter examples.

Here are free cover letter examples to help you apply for your new job.

Free Cover Letter Examples One:

“Dear Employer Name,


I am responding to your advertisement for a junior marketing associate. I am enclosing my resume for you to review. In May I will graduate with my Bachelor’s in Business with a focus on marketing. I am looking to begin my career with a startup company like yours. Spending two years interning at a tech startup showed me the power behind small businesses. It inspired me to research the best ways to grow a startup company. My research, both in and out of class, taught me how to market a product and study a demographic extensively. In two years, I was able to increase sales by 25%. I curated and implementing many marketing strategies that caused this sales growth.

Your company is slightly more established than the last startup I worked for. I believe I could increase this number to 40% to your company. Here is the marketing strategy I intend to use:

Perform detailed demographic research. Learn about keywords and language used by your ideal customer

Implement social media strategies to grow the brand and community aspect of your company’s customers

Simultaneously test out three different distribution strategies. Public online publications, affiliate marketing with blogs and influencer marketing

As you understand, each strategy involves much more detail. I would like to talk with you more about how I plan to increase your current sales by 40%.

Looking forward to talking with you,


“Applicant Name”


This example shows the applicants expertise in marketing.

Consequently, their 25% growth achieved while interning is their leverage point. Also, it leaves nothing to the imagination. It says exactly how the applicant plans to make this same increase for this company’s product. As a result, the hiring manager doesn’t have to wonder if the applicant is going to be able to come up with a marketing strategy. Most noteworthy, they know the applicant already has one. This applicant is going to have a stronger application than other applicants. This is one of the free cover letter examples that is a great template to use when applying to similar jobs. In addition, use this free cover letter example for sales, customer service or marketing positions.


Let’s look at another example for another industry.

Free Cover Letter Examples Two:

“Dear Employer Name,


This letter is to express my interest in integrating my five years of experience as an online writer to your online publication. In a time where content is king, I can curate the articles to drive traffic to your publication.

As my resume shows, I have experience writing SEO approved online articles. My experience is in various industries. I have an expertise in digital marketing and travel. In my five years as a content writer, I have:

Written over 1,000 articles for clients

Worked with over 500 private clients

Gained over 1,000,000 views on published content

In addition to these milestones, I can also offer:

SEO expertise

Article distribution strategies

Social media post curation

Your content is your brand. Curating high quality, valuable content is going to make your publication stand out. I am looking forward to helping you drive more website traffic. I can also increase the amount of content you post.

Please reach out with any questions about my qualifications or availability.




Job Applicant”


In this example, the applicant explains their qualifications.

Also, they explain how they are going to fix their employers problem. This makes the hiring manager’s life that much easier and in turn motivates them to want to talk with you further. Hence, if they see that you have the skills to complete the job, they will choose you over other applicants. The strongest cover letter is the one that talks to the employer, not at them. Talk about your expertise. In addition, highlight your understanding of why the job is there in the first place. This free cover letter example is a great template for creative based jobs. Also, use as one of the free cover letter examples for number-related jobs. For example, when the number of past clients and products created can show your expertise. A photographer could replace “written over 1,000 articles for clients” with “taken over 5,000 pictures for private clients”.

Let’s look at one more example,

Free Cover Letter Examples Three:

“Dear Employer,


I am writing in response to your open position for Social Media Manager at Company Name. As a member of Generation Y, you won’t find a surprise in knowing that I am an avid social media user. What started as a slightly unhealthy addiction has grown into a passion. I create social media strategies for my clients targeting this demographic. I use my background in marketing and my in-depth understanding of how to market to Generation Y,

The company name is a prime example of the clients that I help with their social media platforms. Your target demographic is young women ages 16-25. This is a similar demographic to my previous position at Company name. I was the Social Media Coordinator for six months. In those six months, I curated a successful social media strategy that:

Increased post engagement by 45%

Curated a brand hashtag used over 25,000 times

Created a social media calendar with researched times to post

I would install a similar strategy at Company Name. I would aim to create the same results as my previous clients. Together we can grow your social media presence and your brand’s community.

I’m looking forward to talking with you more about this position.



Applicant Name”

Cover Letter

This cover letter varies from the above in that it takes on an informal tone. So, why does this work? The job is posted for a social media manager. Therefore, the company’s target audience is the younger generation. Therefore within the cover letter, the applicant shows an expertise in this generation. Also, the applicant’s tone reflects her relationship with this generation. Also, it proves that she knows how to curate a social media strategy that speaks to that audience. She talks about her expertise. In addition, she also mentions how she wants to take this exact strategy and use it to create the same results for her client. What does this employer want? An increased social media presence. What does this cover letter show? The applicant’s ability to increase the employer’s social media presence. Use this as one of the free cover letter examples.


Use these free cover letter examples as a template to write a cover letter for your next job.

Writing a cover letter is an intersection between two factors. First of all, it is showing your expertise. Second of all, it explaining how you are going to solve the employer’s problem. Therefore, the key to a successful cover letter is talking to the employer about their problem. Also, telling them how you are going to solve it. Lastly, show them that you have the qualifications you have to do so.

Almost all cover letters are read by hiring managers. As a hiring manager, this person is looking to solve the companies problem. Consequently, your cover letter can become impressive peek into your resume. In conclusion, spell out how you plan to solve the problems the company has. Also, make it as clear as possible. Use phrasing like, I can increase sales. I can create more content. I can grow your social audience.

Cover letters are the first part of your resume the hiring manager sees.

Therefore, convince them that you are the best applicant by telling them how you will solve their problem. As a result, this will motivate them to read your resume further and put you at the top of your list.

Write a stand-out cover letter by using these free cover letters as a template. Insert your skills and the problem the employer is trying to fit within them.

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