Funny Graphic Designer Memes That Are So True it Hurts

Funny Graphic Designer Memes That Are So True it Hurts

Some say graphic design is a thankless art. We’re not sure about that, but we are sure that sometimes being a graphic designer is tough. Between clients with unrealistic expectations or who don’t always understand the value of graphic design…the opportunities for humor are endless. Here are a collection of funny memes that will make graphic designers laugh…and then cry.

Lighten up with our roundup of graphic design memes from around the web!

1. When the target audience is missing the mark

Uhh…any chance we could narrow it down?

30 Funny Graphic Designer Memes

2. This graphic designer runs on coffee… lots of coffee

And an obsession with Apple is handed out with your graphic designer degree.


3. What’s DPI?

We hope you built in time to go back and forth in emails about this for a solid week while someone asks Janet in sales to pull a better picture.


4. “I’ll know it when I see it.”

But not before they request at least 7 versions. Because of course as a graphic designer, you’re rolling in free time.


5. The last one, I swear.

Who are you kidding? We both know there are at least three final versions coming after this.


6. How about all of the above?

You can’t always get what you want, but you can at least try to set impossible standards (and terrorize your local graphic designers while you’re at it.)

7. Violence is not the answer…and apparently neither is a degree.

Step One: Go to college, sink thousands of dollars into a degree. Step Two: Battle skepticism about your professional worth until you retire. As an added bonus, Step Three: Question life choices after reading a list of funny graphic designer memes. Rinse and repeat.

8. Let’s leave it to the professionals.

The technical aspects of design are a mystery to most clients. Just like Google is to elderly Senate Republicans.

9. This meme is probably only funny to graphic designers.

Basically, Kerning refers to the spacing between letters. Get it? Do you get it now? Because it’s funny.


10. So what exactly is it that you do?

Truthfully, you’re probably not even sure anymore.



Freelance graphic designers have it rough. Did you find these graphic design memes hitting a little too close to home? Then check out 20 Things That Annoy Graphic Designers for a few more eye-rollers.

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