Funny Trump Protest Signs: The Ultimate Collection

Funny trump protesting signs

Ultimate Collection of Funny Trump Protest Signs

When it comes to protesting, we have never seen anything like the ton of funny Trump protest signs appearing.  There are rallies held almost every week around America since Donald Trump announced he was running for president.  Anti Trump protest signs and rallies seem to be a weekly occurrence nowadays.  Love him or hate him, these are some of the best Trump protest signs we’ve found.  Most of these are printed on foam board signs or coroplast signs.  Funny Trump protest signs never get old, and the slogans get more creative daily!

Funny Anti Trump Signs

Man Holding Trumps Banner
Man Holding Trump’s Banner

We have seen tens of thousands of people at anti-Trump administration rallies at the White House, convention center, city hall, the inauguration, and cities all across America.  The Women’s March on Washington had more protestors than any protest in recent US history.

Funny Trump Protest Signs

Here are some of the funniest trump protest signs we found. Most of these are anti-Trump protest signs.  It was tough to find any funny Trump protest signs that were pro, Trump.  Most of these are handmade protest signs. Very few were professional signs which made us sad!  Some are from marches about climate change, gun violence, President’s Day, travel ban, and many other human rights.  If you want to add a Trump protesting sign to our list, tag us on social media or send us an email!

Person Holding Placard

Tump Protest

People Holding Banners



Best Trump signs


anti-trump signs


Funny trump sign


trump supporter sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Best trump sign

Funny Trump Protest Signs: The Ultimate Collection


Best trump sign


Trump Sign


Trump Signs


Funniest trump signs



Trump signage

Dump Trump

Show Your Taxes

The Best Trump Signs

What did you think of these funny protest signs?  We hope you enjoyed them as much as the protesters did.  Both protesters and trump supporters have spent 1000’s of hours creating these custom protest signs.  You have to take a step back and appreciate America where thousands of demonstrators can openly protest or march on the streets with no concern for government retaliation.  If you plan to march or rally on the streets with your people, then make sure you send us images!  If you have any to protest signs to share, please let us know!

Looking to make your customized protesting sign for your rally or march?  If you are running for office, we can help you create eye-catching Campaign Posters, Event Tents, and Sidewalk Signs.  We can create one-off protest signs or bulk protest signs for more massive rallies.  We generally print our protestor signs on foam board which is an inexpensive, lightweight, easy to hold material.  If you need help with design to come up with the best protest signs, our design team has a lot of experience and would love to help.  We can help with a professional protest sign here; Foam board printed sign.

Anti Trump Protest Sign Ideas

Lock Trump

If you are looking for Anti trump sign ideas, this page should help a lot!  A new election is right around the corner so it’s a great time to start brainstorming your sign ideas that you can take to demonstrations to show the crowd.

Additional Protestors

Many people are Trump supporters, and many are Trump protestors regardless of how you feel about the Trump administration, we would love to hear what you are getting ready to protest.  Are you creating a massive march or rally with hundreds of thousands of people in New York City or a small demonstration gathered with hundreds of local marchers on a Saturday?

Social Media

Whether you are creating a protest against the president, human rights, the inauguration day, the one-year anniversary of a tragic event, the rights of women, gun violence, the travel ban, or any other issues facing your country we highly recommend implementing a formal social media strategy to promote your point.  We recommend starting a Facebook group before your event to rally up supporters and invite more members to your march.

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