Getting Beefy At The Tradeshow

Foam Core Trade Show Display

Getting Beefy At The Tradeshow

When you have a creative company in the marketplace you need to have tradeshow marketing material that will stand out from your competitors. BeeFy & Co is a creative Urban Pop Culture Designer Company that produces apparel, plush, toys, books, board games, and art prints. When Menh Voong markets his business, brand and products, his products are his images. To create marketing material for this already highly-visually stimulating brand required artistic skill. Not just that. But also customized help from both the designer and our team of marketing professionals.

Are You Looking to Create Marketing Products?

You want to create marketing products that can stand out in a trade show, where all the products you sell are highly stimulating. This meant that to capture attention on the branding was difficult. Because in a busy stand that BeeFy & Co. present at trade shows and comic conventions. Also, the branding had to be prominent, not too busy. Practical, and easy to set up, pack down and travel with. This is where our high-quality print products come in. In the image below you can see how BeeFy & Co’s stand at a comic conference looks – and you can understand how practical marketing the best way was to go with his brand. Moreover, utilizing the space between the table top and the floor was the most viable option to display branding details. Using high-quality screen-printed table covers not only allowed their brand to be seen easily. It also created the ability to hide excess tock without losing the visual aspect. Also, you can see that foam core cut-outs are used on the table tops to promote characters within the artists’ brand image. High-quality printed postcards are also useful to promote the brand. And are offered as contact cards for the brand’s online channels. Combining a range of well-planned marketing materials delivers a complete marketing package. One that BeeFy & Co can be proud of. Read a little more here about the company and what they do.

BeeFy & Co

In 2011, Menh Voong created his brand based on his devotion and passion for all things pop culture. The BeeFy & Co brand features iconic art pieces inspired by generations of comics, animation and pop culture. BeeFy & Co has built the brand and continues to grow their range of plush toys, apparel, toys, art, games, books, and also accessories. Moreover, the BeeFy & Co brand prides itself on creating every product with supreme quality and in limited quantities, to retain their collectible value.

The Products That Make A Brand Stand Out

Custom-Printed Table Covers

For BeeFy & Co, the tradeshow marketing materials needed to be clear and concise. As well as practical, as the brand products include almost every color known to man in its display. Also, simple and effective marketing materials were required to be artistic in their products. This made it simple to read and understand. Printed table covers gave BeeFy & Co the opportunity to enhance the visual appearance of the tables. Also, making them look attractive and presentable. Custom-printed tablecloths are very simple to install. And they can also be made in a range of sizes and colors to suit your brand. Screen printed in full color. Or in a single color and are available on a range of flexible materials that are simple to use. Our custom table cover printing options give a striking appearance at events like trade shows and conferences. And our tailored options for table cover printing delivers the best branding awareness for every event.

Foam Core Tradeshow Signs

As you can see in the image above of BeeFy & Co, Moreover, product displays can be made highly presentable when printed onto foam core signs. You can shape foam core to suit any product or brand image. They’re attractive and can also be printed in full color. And they’re extremely light-weight. Making them the perfect option conferences, conventions, and trade shows. They are also versatile in the display options. And easily used as self-standing marketing products. And they’re durable and easy to store and transport. Just like BeeFy & Co, your business can benefit greatly from the use of foam core signage for product and brand logos. You can buy foam core products in many sizes, for any range of products, in any industry.

Custom-Printed Postcards

Creating a business card for a brand that had such a high number of visually stimulating products means options are limited. Bumping the size of the card up to postcard size rather than a standard business card size meant BeeFy & Co could feature a lot more information and products for sharing to customers at the tradeshow. Postcards are available in high-quality full-color print. Because this is a great option instead of. Or in addition to business cards for your brand. If you want to know more about how our marketing materials can assist your business and brand, head to our shop page or send a question via live chat.   Here are a few additional case studies that will give you great ideas for your business branding!

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