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Best Blogs for Graphic Designers: Graphic Design Inspiration

Best Blogs for Graphic Designers- Graphic Design Inspiration-compressed

Best Blogs for Graphic Designers: Graphic Design Inspiration

Lacking graphic design inspiration?  Graphic designers often strain their brains working in a creative state. Let’s face it, creation is mentally draining! The best way to rejuvenate and find a creative spark is to search for inspiration. There are tons of blogs for graphic designers at your fingertips. These online blogs and mags collect inspiration, tips, and techniques. In order to help you, we’ve curated graphic design inspiration sources from both independent designers and large companies!

It’s vital to refresh your perspective and find the image or concept that will send you running back to your desk when the well runs dry. With our list, you’ll find the perfect place to start your search for the best blogs for graphic designers.

Adobe Create Magazine, A Mecca of Graphic Design Inspiration

Create offers various content for graphic design inspiration.

Create offers a variety of resources not only for graphic designers but for other creatives as well. When your search is for illustration, photography and motion graphics… Create has it all. You’ll find artist profiles, trend watches, and techniques in its pages. Readers can digest valuable perspectives and then use them in their own work. What makes Adobe Create such a great source of graphic design inspiration is the natural crossing from Graphic Design to other visual arts. Graphic Designers with many interests or frequent crossovers will find a ton of resources here. In addition, Adobe Create can teach relevant design skills through its content. If you’re looking to expand your horizons or learn how to use more of Create’s programs practically, this is one of the great blogs for graphic designers!

Creative Review, A Senior Among Blogs for Graphic Designers

The Creative Review has been around the longest of any on this list. Even though it was founded in the 1980’s, the magazine has stayed true to its’ name and offered a complete review of creative trends. To make for easier reading, the blog offers four categories for perusal. Creative Insight analyzes graphic designers, trends, and projects. Therefore, it’s the best place for keeping up with current events in the design sphere. The Creative  Process discusses workflow and interruption. If you’d like to hone your own process, these are the tips and takeaways for you. Creative Inspiration offers graphic design inspiration with images and ideas. When a graphic designer needs to get their thoughts rolling again, this is the best section to surf.

Lastly, Creative Leadership takes on the difficulties of running a creative team. If your office or team environment doesn’t run smoothly, this insight will be a great help.

Overall, the Creative Review is a great tool for new and seasoned graphic designers alike. It is a cornerstone of any list of design blogs, and a personal favorite!

Identity Designed, Brand Breakdown for Graphic Designers

Identity Designed is one of the most elegantly curated blogs for graphic designers.

Identity Designed is curated by David Airey and is an in-depth look at branding and purpose behind companies all over the world. Basically, ID analyzes branding elements from restaurants, retailers and more so as for presentation to readers. The rich concepts are dissected in an effort to instruct as well as to provide artists graphic design inspiration. The article on Ella Canta, for example, explains how everything from the color of the menus and dishes to the logo reflect the star chefs restaurant mission.  Another bonus for ID is that it is one of the most visually attractive blogs for graphic designers available. The clean display that emphasizes rich imagery is the perfect marriage between visual art and story-telling.

Graphic designers will get their synapses firing through the easy-to-browse format and expertly chosen content. This blog is also perfect if you’re taking on a branding mission for a client because ID does a fantastic job of breaking down the minute creative process that makes an immersive brand.

Art of the Menu, a Tasty Journey for Graphic Design Inspiration

Art of the Menu is an ode to the often-looked-over category of menu design. This blog is hosted by graphic design firm Under Consideration and reviews a chosen menu set in each post. To promote the experience, readers are then invited to visit the restaurant and offer their own feedback. This niche of design is refreshing and offers quite a bit of takeaway. Graphic designers will find a ton of inspiration and style in the deceptively simple pages of restaurant menus. There are easy search filters in place to help readers find menus and restaurants by location or type. Therefore, this is a practical resource for designers needing inspiration for specific menu projects.

Art of the Menu is one of three niche design blogs curated by Under Consideration. Brand New and Quipsologies are excellent design references as well.

The Design Blog, A Comprehensive Resource for Designers

The Design Blog is a great visual guide for designers. This blog features independent design studios and designers on the rise, even going so far as promoting a graphic designer of the week on the homepage. From App Design to Typography and pretty much everything in between, graphic designers can find any category that deals with good design. The Design Blog is present on social media as well and encourages readers to follow its’ various platforms. From Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to a traditional newsletter, TDB basically aims to connect with its’ designers and studios. The quote heading their front page says it perfectly. “Don’t just be a designer, be a good one.”

Grain Edit, Cult Image Inspiration for Designers

Grain Edit is a fascinating design blog dedicated to design from the 1950’s through the 70’s. It also features modern designers using the same aesthetic. A one-stop shop, Grain Edit features content and archives from interviews to samples of work. Furthermore, the blog frequently puts out notifications on upcoming Design contests for graphic designers to put their best work forward. Although opening the blog is sort of like experiencing time travel, it has become a priceless resource for classic design work. One of those key resources happens to be the bookshelf recommendation feature, which is a useful review list on design-related book releases. This blog for graphic designers is perfect for designers who have taken on a more kitschy or retro-styled project. The features are a comprehensive lesson in color and font use.

Yellowtrace, the Blog for Creative and Curious Minds

Yellowtrace offers unique architecture as a form of graphic design inspiration.

Yellowtrace markets itself as design inspiration and resource for the creative and curious mind. Rather than limiting itself to just graphic design, Yellowtrace prefers to pull together design inspiration from other niches. You will find all kinds of resource images and write-ups on its pages from designs that the traditional graphic designer may not have considered. Architecture, interior design, product design art, and travel are all featured on the blog and give designers a fresh and unique perspective for their next projects.

Besides providing top content for design and travel, Yellowtrace also puts on Milantrace to cover Milan’s design week. This definitive review is partnered with Living Edge and offers a digital report and multiple talks over the featured designs. Milantrace is one of the fastest-growing design review programs available and is hosted in Australia where Yellowtrace originates.

Mindsparkle, A Curated Gem Among Blogs for Graphic Designers

Mindsparkle Mag is not just a magazine for graphic design inspiration. The editors pull together the most inspiring projects they can find in design, web design and video. The magazine is seen as less of a collection of inspiring material, and more a celebration for like-minded people. However, readers share similar values and beliefs – namely, in the power of beautiful design. Furthermore, the clean, modern lines of the website dominated by artistic images make inspiration a breeze. Like several other blogs for graphic designers listed here, Mindsparkle also has a big social media presence. You can pick up inspiration on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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