10 Best Graphic Design Podcasts

Best Graphic Design Podcasts

Graphic Design Podcasts offer a free way of updating your graphic design skills. You gotta try this!

I hadn’t seen her since the day we left High School.

Over the years, I learned that we had followed the same career path of graphic design. However, we had attended different schools.

That’s where our similarities ended.

I had gone on to develop within my field, becoming a designer for some of the top firms in the city, then art director and later owning my graphic design firm.

But for some reason, she stagnated, staying exactly where she began.

She no longer worked as a designer. “Lost her skills,” she said.

What Really Happened Here?

Time and time again I have seen this happen. Students finish their degrees and think they have learned all there is to know in the graphic design field. So they never grow, develop their skills, improve or learn to become even more creative. This leads to stagnation, a loss of ability — and eventually, the inability to get those great jobs.

What’s My Secret?

I stay on top of my game through the use of graphic design podcasts!

As my mother once told me, the key to success lies in personal and professional development — and that should take place over your entire professional life.  I’ve improved my skills in graphic design for everything from truck wraps to step and repeat stands.

But How Do You Develop Those Skills without Spending a Fortune?

Imagine that you’ve been accepted to the world’s best graphic design school, filled with A-lists of designers, advice, commentary, guidance, trends, and wave making discussions. Best of all, you have access to all of this guidance over the course of your lifetime.

You can tap into it whenever you feel like it, even while working on current projects. You don’t have to go anywhere special, and it doesn’t cost anything — not a single cent.  How great would that be?

These top 10 best graphic design podcasts offer you the ability to be on that fantastic campus, hobnobbing with the best graphic designers in the field.

These are great sources of information and you should devote yourself to following them. They can really open your eyes, expand your horizons and improve your creative style, design, and cash flow. So here goes.

Design Matters

In my opinion, this is one of the graphic design podcasts with a constant flow of winning content. Over 5,000 of your colleagues in the world of graphic design download this thought-provoking, a long-running podcast that brings thought leaders from around the world from Milton Glaser to Tim Brown.

Listening in is more like eavesdropping in on some of the best design conversations in the world. You can even opt into past shows which date all the way back to 2005, available at DesignObserver.com.

Debbie Millman, the show’s host, really stirs the pot to bring out the best discussions. She offers an in-depth eye into the world of design from the perspective of those who know it inside out.

The Design of Business. The Business of Design

There is more to large posters than the design itself. Or at least that is the belief of these graphic design podcasts. There is the business side of the business, which is often the side designers love to hate.

But as designers know, you can’t work on the creative side if the business end of things doesn’t work out. Hosted by Design Observer’s Jessica Helfand and Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, this exceptional podcast is recorded at the Yale School of Management and is intended to examine how design shapes decisions, ideas, products, and often the organization itself.

Many guests from many disciplines, make the show exciting, informative and important.  The Design of Business. The Business of Design Podcast.

The Reflex Blue Show

These graphic design podcasts take the show because of the variety they offer. With over 170 podcasts and ten seasons under its belt, Donovan Beery turns his practiced eye on the world of design with guests that have included Stefan Sagmeister, Val Head, and Jessica Hische.

The show emanates from the unlikely design center of Omaha, Nebraska. The Reflex Blue Show, covers graphics, pop culture, web design, trends and other attention-demanding topics for working designers and those who want to be working a lot more.

Resourceful Designer

You can’t succeed in design unless you can conquer the business side of your design business. Mark Des Cotes started the Resourceful Designer and is dedicated to helping you do just that.

He has filled his 90 episodes with an eye at helping home-based graphic designers and web designers make their businesses and themselves work. The show shares a healthful dose of advice, tips, and also resources to help you.

Specific podcasts cover home office essentials, how to deal with deadlines and maximize your cash flow.

There is even advice for mastering your emotional intelligence, how to save money, dealing with deadlines and also what to do when your project run into trouble. However, there is also an indispensable list of resources.

Adventures in Design

Information along with entertainment is the art of the game with these graphic design podcasts. That is what graphic designer Mark Brickey, of Hero Design Studio, brings to the table with the Adventures in Design Podcast. His exuberance and enthusiasm make the show not only informative but also fun.

The banter as well as back and forth makes you think you are sitting in for the information, gossip and lively discussion from the world of design and the designers making a name for themselves by forging new roads and direction in so as the ever-evolving world of design

Mac Power Users

Your Mac can never be fast enough. Yesterday’s speed is today’s yawn. With useful tips, David Sparks and Katie Floyd of Mac Power Users Podcast, offer you some high-energy tips to help you get the most out of your Mac and other Apple devices.

Topics include optimizing performance, web automation, remote access, iOS, and even repairs and emergency solutions that can save your systems and your sanity.

Greyscale Gorilla

If your cup of tea is a careful blend of light-hearted banter mixed with thought-provoking professionalism, check this one out.

The Gorilla, the playful moniker of Nick Campbell, makes the time you invest in this podcast well worth it and warrants a subscription from anyone in the world of C4D and Mograph.  Greyscale Gorilla Podcast is great for any designer

Instead of interviews, this is an interactive discussion forum using a chat room format where Nick shares valuable insight into the world of motion graphics, productivity, work ethic, design inspiration, putting together an effective and persuasive demo reel and how to use it get those dream assignments.

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

Finding better clients, showcasing your work to get more work, this incisive podcast covers the working world of design from in-house staff to freelancers knocking at the door.

Five hosts, from different locations and design centers who are creative directors, designers, and studio owners bring a unique and highly informative view.

A great feature of the show is “Do Yourself a Favor,” which after listening to, will prove how well named the segment is.

Tips and tricks, strategies and self-promotion. You will walk away from listening to the Deeply Graphic Design Cast better informed, more motivated and better equipped and educated to make it in the highly competitive world of graphic design.

The Accidental Creative

Hosted by Todd Henry, self-described “arms dealer in the creative revolution” and author of numerous design books, lay it on the line as he helps you build practical, everyday practices to stay efficient in life and your work.

Featuring interviews with artists, authors, and business leaders, the weekly podcast should become as habitual as your morning coffee.

The Accidental Creative Podcast is more about being creative in business, but it offers a lot of insights for designers and keeps us from falling into the creative traps. 


Is type your passion? Is design your thing?  If so, you will love Typeradio! Then find your way to this Micro FM broadcast and MP3 internet radio stream.

This unique show broadcasts questions, answers, performances, events and online talk that blend discussions around type selections and also trends as well as general design topics. To many designers, a type is the foundation of graphic design.

This informative broadcast will open your mind and eyes and make you better at what you do. Learn about the different typefaces and how to mix and match them in better ways. 

Do you frequently ask yourself, “How do I become a better graphic designer?” The answer is a SIMPLE one.

You up your skills. To do that you don’t also have to go to expensive workshops or conferences, although those can certainly help. What you need is to fall in love with learning, and continually update your skills.

You can learn something new in your field every day. All you need to do is listen to podcasts.

When and Where?

I know we are all so busy. But we also have fairly long commutes to work. So listening to trends and ideas while in your car or on the train is a great way to get this extra training.

It gives your brain food for thought, in those moments when you are moving from one place to another. Try it out! You might also get hooked like the other 20% of the nation.  Check out more design tips in our Sign Blog!

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