Graphic Signs for Scentco Inc.

Graphic Signs for Scentco Inc.

Graphic Signs

Nonstop Signs recently had the opportunity to partner with Scentco, Inc. to print high-quality graphics signs for their tradeshow booths. Because bright, colorful characters and advertising are crucial to conveying Scentco’s marketing, our team was ready to get vivid! We enjoyed pulling together vivid shades and eye-catching graphics on high-quality display pieces. Read more about our design collaboration here.

Scentco, Inc. Creators of the Best-Selling Stuff On Earth

Scentco, Inc. had humble beginnings in Vancouver, Canada. The idea for scented pencils began in an apartment in 2000. It was there the masterminds behind this company experimented, experimented and then experimented some more. However, they soon realized that adding scent to wooden pencils is pretty tough! The founders were not to be deterred and began to look around for more materials that might hold scent a bit better. A surprising substitute awaited them, and one with a positive impact on the environment. Scentco, Inc. discovered that recycled newspapers carried the delicious scents they dreamed of very easily. A major bonus? The recycled materials promoted green living and eco-friendly practices. The idea was a smashing success. After all, how can you not love a company that provides great scents and great impact on the community?

The feel-good principles behind Scentco didn’t stop there. The company saw another unique community need and began supplying their local schools with products for fundraisers in 2001. The timing couldn’t have been better, as a shift towards health-conscious attitudes caused the traditional school fundraisers of chocolate, candy, and junk food to begin a steep decline. However, pencils with delicious scents were the perfect way to fundraise with all the sweet treats and none of the calorie guilt. By selling Scentco’s Smencils, schools in the community were able to raise millions of dollars. The money provided remarkable benefits to students, covering everything from sports uniforms to whole pieces of new playground equipment. When Scentco talks about the fundraisers, they are still incredibly proud of their contribution to their nation’s youth. We agree that they should be!

Scentco Looks to the Horizon

Since the staggering success of Scentco’s original Smencils, Scentco got curious about just what else they could infuse with mouthwatering fruit and sweet scents. The great minds behind the company have since expanded their line with scented pens, markers, and crayons. However, they didn’t stop at writing utensils!  Soon Scentco was gleefully infusing stickers, notepads, toys, pillows and more with their signature scents. The companies unique products caught the attention of toy and film giants and resulted in impressive partnerships. Some of these include contracts with Disney, Marvel, DreamWorks, and Crayola.

The offerings from Scentco grew with such size and scope they decided to take their show on the road. That is, to trade shows! Scentco regularly appears at tradeshows aimed at toys, education and whimsical fun, offering their Smickers, Smanimals, and Smencils for wholesale availability. To create a colorful and fun trade show display worthy of their products, they needed eye-catching shapes, colors, and characters. They chose our crew at Nonstop Signs to partner up to create a bright and happy world full of good scents at each trade show.

Scentco, Inc. Uses Nonstop Signs for Their Tradeshow Graphic Signs

Atlanta Gift Show

Our team jumped at the chance to supply graphic signs for Scentco’s various tradeshow displays. We started out by producing glossy, high-quality signs to line the top of each display section. The bright colors, cute fruit characters, and rounded lettering showcased branding and the product design flawlessly. From cartoon cupcakes, kiwis and apples to the signature Disney and Nickelodeon characters from various product collaborations, we provided a child-friendly and 360 immersive brand experience for this company.

Dallas Fall Toy

One of our favorite graphic signs for Scentco was this full-length display of a line-drawing. The lime background contrasts nicely with the black and white line drawing of a student. A smart mounting addition allowed the Scentco team to mount a backpack for a 3D effect. The backpack was then used as a clever way to display real Scentco products in the form of zipper pulls and keychains- all deliciously scented, of course!

National Stationary Show


Dallas Fall Toy

If your anything like us, reading about all these delicious scents and feel-good stories about Scentco is making you curious to learn more! You can check out the Best-Smelling Stuff on Earth.

Fall Toy


Nonstop Signs has partnered with companies across the country to provide high-quality displays and marketing materials for retail spaces and more. Curious about how we can help your displays shine? Check out our product listing here and feel free to reach out to our reps at any time for custom options like the high-quality displays our company did for Scentco!


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