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We can produce any type of signage you need, which includes the headers for retail racks, product carousels, and beyond. There are no limits to creating stunning, customized signs that perfectly fit your business. For physical retail stores, signage is necessary to support your displays. You may want a price point to speak to the value of the products that you are selling. However, it may be to highlight the brand of product that is stocked, or simply to further solidify your brand. We can also help you brand the exterior of your business if you need a display sign. Moreover, we can also provide you with everything you need to create stunning trade show booths and displays. We can support you in every aspect of branding, promoting, and advertising your business.


What makes you happy? That’s what Don’t Worry Be Happy is all about. They sell apparel and novelty gifts with the aim of connecting people and lifting up their followers. The company got its start in 2009 when owners Allen and Tammy Hogan were heading to Disney World. With their family, they started discussing the variety of activities that bring them happiness. One of their children said Run Happy, another said Swim Happy, and another simply said, Be Happy. It was that trip, where a family of nine squeezed into their vehicle to travel on a tight budget, that birthed the Don’t Worry Be Happy brand. It all revolves around one simple question – what makes you happy?

For owner Allen Hogan, spending time with his family of seven children and his wife makes him happy. Soccer makes him happy, so does weight training and running. Tammy has a colorful outlook on life and that is the foundation of their site and ultimately, their business. She creates the designs that allow others to express what makes them happy, whether it’s running, the beach, tennis or cats! We can all find happiness in the small stuff. Like Allen, Tammy finds happiness in their seven children. She also runs marathons, loves the beach and is an artist, teacher, and a triathlete.

We had the pleasure of creating a header sign for the carousel displays that stock magnets and stickers. It also features in their trade show booths. It’s simple but effective as it is a continuity of the brand.

Signs of the Times: trade show booths

Whether you’re a small business just getting started or an established brand, signage is a necessary function of your business, particularly for trade show booths. For physical stores, you need signage to highlight displays, inform people about sales, opening times, payment types, and so much more. Even retailers that only operate online may need signage from time to time. How else will you get noticed if not by visiting trade shows and exhibitions? It allows you to bridge the gap between e-Commerce and a brick and mortar store.

For trade show booths and exhibitions, you may want to consider promotional materials like stickers and business cards, too. You want to convey a professional image, but also provide people with something to take away with them. This solidifies your connection and provides them with a reminder of your business and a way to follow up with you. Not everyone has major marketing budgets, so using your budget in small and efficient ways is crucial to boosting your sales revenue. Additionally, many retailers are starting out on the web in a bid to build their business before they open a physical store. If you eventually plan to open a brick and mortar store, then it’s vital you attend trade shows and spread the word about your business now.

counter display trade show booths dont worry be happy

Design Signage

If you think about the stores that you visit and consider how they use signage to improve the experience, then you can replicate this in your own business. Design signage that is in line with your overall aesthetic. And also, furthers the message you are trying to curate for your brand. That means using a consistent color scheme, typeface, and overall style. It doesn’t matter what type of products that you sell, signage will support that effort by speaking for you when a salesperson can’t. Think of signage as an additional employee that is always working hard.

Take a look at the rest of our website to learn more about the wide range of products that we offer for your trade show booths or other material. In addition to printing signage and business cards, we can produce exterior signage, catalogs, brochures, plaques, and so much more. In fact, we can also produce branded t-shirts and hats if you want to create a uniform for trade shows or just advertise your website.

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