Healing By Water Freedom Chest

Healing By Water Freedom Chest

Sometimes, we get requests that are outside the normal realm of what we do. Since we thrive on custom projects, though, we embrace the change. In this case, it was a chest to collect entry cards for free services. Much like the boxes you see in stores, where retailers collect customer comments. Or, those you see on the street to capture your entry into a competition. However, the project that we are going to discuss is special. At the root of the project is a desire to give back, to pay it forward to those who have been touched forever by the service they rendered to their country. Before we get into the freedom chest product, let’s take a look at the client.

Water Healing

Freedom Floater chest

Our client, Spike Bywater, is a true artist and her art is healing by water. She offers aquatic therapy, the sensory system specifically known as Watsu. The primary focus of Healing By Water is giving back. One of the programs that Bywater offers is Freedom Floaters. While she serves anyone who has an interest in her services, she offers her services at discount prices for current and former military personnel, as well as close members of their families. The Freedom Floaters program aims to provide some of these people free treatments. When you visit the website, you will find the option to enter the raffle. Every Friday, someone is selected at random to receive a free treatment. Additionally, anyone interested in thanking a service member can purchase extra treatment when they purchase their own.

Bywater Herself

Bywater herself is a veteran and it was this modality that saved her life. Which is why she is so passionate about paying it forward. Hydrotherapy isn’t a new thing, but this is different. This organic method of healing is powerful, and there is no need to swim or talk throughout it. It’s all about feeling better and it starts with submersion in warm water. For anyone who deals with sore, aching muscles or brain fog, Healing By Water can help. She also offers payment plans on top of those discounted prices, so you can find a way to get the help you need. Each session is tailored to the client. What every session has in common is the private saltwater pool heated to a healing 96°.

The product that we created for Healing By Water is a Freedom Chest. A great tool to collect forms of former and active service members who would love to win a session with Bywater. The corrugated plastic back displays the white on the black sign that explains the business and offer. The front of the chest includes a sticker with the company logo. It’s a simple, yet effective design.

Freedom Chest

Healing By Water uses a freedom chest, what type of chest might be useful to you? There are a variety of ways you can use this type of product. If you run charity raffles, then a freedom chest of your design is a no-brainer. They’re also a useful way to collect customer comments on customer service, product requests, and any other issues they may want to raise. Of course, many employers also ask for comments and ideas from employees. Really, there are endless options. The key to creating a freedom chest of your own is that its purpose is clear.

You may want to create a giant chest to raffle off a brand new car, but it might be a small one so it can sit comfortably next to a cash register. The choice is yours. However, the size will likely dictate the design of the accompanying signage. Like Healing By Water, choosing the right text color for the background is key.

Light Colors On a Dark Background

Light colors on a dark background (and vice versa) ensures that people can easily read the message. You have limited space to describe what you are collecting, it’s vital that you catch the eye quickly and secure their interest. To pique interest, Bywater chose to include the armed forces insignias. This is sure to attract attention and tends to increase interest in the message above. So, think about what will attract attention to your message.

The color of your freedom chest is also important – most people opt for a clear box or lid so that people can see the other entries. It’s a psychological step that shows transparency and builds trust with the person who is considering entrance into your competition. The design is particularly important if it won’t be manned. If you plan to leave the chest somewhere, it needs to do all the talking for you.

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