ID Cards – Full Speed Ahead

ID Cards - Full Speed Ahead

For art galleries, exhibitions, and other events you might need to highlight information about what’s on display. That could be whether it’s a painting, sculpture or a new product. Just like supermarkets use shelf edge labels to highlight the price and relevant information about the product above it. Product cards provide additional information. There are a variety of ways you can design them, too. So, don’t worry if you have a very particular feel that you want to achieve. We can cater to your every need and expectation. That’s exactly what we did for Full Speed Ahead. Before we delve in deep into product cards, let’s first take a look at what FSA does.

Full Speed Ahead

So, what does Full Speed Ahead do? They produce world-class components for bikes, whether it’s for road riding or mountain biking. Not only that, but FSA supports some of the world’s leading teams in both mountain and road biking. When it comes to their history within the sport, they pride themselves on innovative designs and precision manufacturing. They believe in the constant investment to upgrade and update their product range. FSA is passionate and committed to producing the best components, whether you’re a riding enthusiast or a professional. Don’t worry, you will also find components for e-bikes and urban or commuter bikes. They really have thought of everything.

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With FSA, it isn’t just a case of simply sponsoring world-class athletes (like Conor MacFarlane) and Skye Schillhammer) and teams like Bianchi and Astana. In fact, they collaborate with these athletes closely and they use that expertise, along with feedback, to improve their product range. When you have that deep product knowledge, expert feedback, and a deep commitment to producing superior components, you get the innovative designs from FSA. If you are interested in checking out their components, you can shop their website.

Nonstop Product ID Cards

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When you design product ID cards there are three incredibly important factors to consider. The size of your text, the color of your text (and background), as well as the typeface. Product ID cards tend to be small and unassuming, so it’s vital you get your design right so people can easily read the information. For FSA, the choice was easy, a slick black card was a perfect choice, along with the white text. It fits right in with their brand and aesthetic and didn’t detract or distract from the products on display.

A product ID card doesn’t need to be very big – though, if you want to create a 3” x 5” size one there is nothing stopping you. Generally, it’s around the size of a small post-it note. This provides you with plenty of space to communicate the message. You should consider the background where you will place the product ID card. For example, most art galleries and museums have white walls. So, when they design their product ID cards they opt for a white background.

You have probably seen the simple black text on them, but some use red text for dates or other key information. This helps it stand out from the rest of the information. Also, with such a small space and a chunk of text, it’s easy for people to merely scan it and thus miss out on key information.

Use of Product ID cards

It really doesn’t matter whether you plan to use product ID cards to inform or to sell, it’s important that your message is clear. So, don’t be afraid to break up the text with a line in a different color (think dates, pricing information or sizes). If you plan to use product ID cards to provide detail on a product, don’t forget to include size, origin, and the key information.

If you want to convert someone from an interested party into a client, then you need to provide them with as much information as possible. So, what are the key points? That’s what should be on the product ID card. Think about it like an FAQ card. What questions are you asked often? Answer them in a catchy, short, and sweet blurb. That’s your product ID card.

We don’t just deal in product ID cards, we can help you with a wide variety of other signage solutions, too. If you need help designing your trade show booth, we can help. If it’s all about branding and advertising, we can help you with that, too. Whether it’s business cards or banners, flags or flyers, pamphlets or flat cut letters, we do it all at Nonstop signs

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