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28 Ideas To Decorate Your Booth Table

Ideas To Decorate Your Booth Table

Ideas To Decorate Your Booth Table

Despite the growth in digital marketing, trade shows remain one of the best platforms for B2B businesses to showcase their brands, products, and services to potential customers. However, the success in attracting the tens of thousands of visitors starts from how you decorate your booth table to create a great first impression.

Your booth should not scream flashy layouts, but with the right touch of simplicity, the right message can be conveyed effectively to attract visitors to your booth. Here are some of the best ideas to decorate your booth table.

1. Use A TableCloth

If your business is a frequent exhibit at trade shows, it helps to bring along your tablecloth that matches the color and theme of your company. It creates consistency and shows visitors that your company’s professionalism reflects in the most beautiful details.

2. Create Your Company Name Signage

Instead of having your company’s name appearing in a default template like other exhibitors, taking an initiative to create your company name signage can make your booth stands out from afar. This is where styrofoams, and cardboards can work wonder in lifting the impression of your company.

3. Ensure Great Lightings

Sometimes, the overhead lamps provided by the exhibitors are not enough to draw attention to your booth. Do not hesitate to install an extra set of lighting system so that specific display area in your booth is adequately lighted up. The choice of attention-grabbing color also matters in creating a visually appealing booth.

4. Organized Layout

There are times where you need to spend more time optimizing the layout of your booth instead of figuring out what other decors to add to an already crowded space. Ensure that every single area is used optimally and arrange booth tables in a non-obstructive manner, to your employees and visitors alike.

5. Create Impressive Logo

You’ve probably spent a decent amount getting a strategic location for your booth. Cutting cost on the logo for your booth is the greatest mistake that backfires. Instead, engage the best designers to produce a giant version of your logo for the booth to leave a strong brand impression for visitors.

6. Use Digital Aid

Chances are, there will be more visitors at peak hours than your booth personnel could handle. Having visual aids like iPad elegantly placed on specialized stands serves as a great impression and a marketing tool. Start preparing great contents months before the exhibition.

7. Banners

x stand banners

Traditional X-stand banners still work effectively in today’s trade show exhibit. They are a great way to decorate your booth table and helps attract visitors if the design and text are appealing. It doesn’t hurt in getting some banners ready for your next trade show.

8. Candies Basket And Gift Bags

Brightly colored candies placed in a gift basket is a bonus point when it comes to booth table decoration. They are relatively low cost compared to what you’ve invested and served as an excellent excuse for visitors to drop by your booth and strike a conversation.

Offering gift bags is an effective way to instill your brand on visiting customers subtly. Besides product catalogs, you can include custom made pens, notepads or critical chains to expose your brand to potential customers further.

9. Lucky Draws

An old trick to collect customer’s particular for your database while generating excitement at the booth. With a massive spin and win wheel, your booth will be a visitor magnet in no time. Be prepared to deal with the surge of human traffic.

10. Live Prototypes

When your company is offering tangible products, it’s always a great idea to have live prototypes or working products at your booth. It helps to attract curious onlookers and keep visitors engaged. After all, a live demonstration is much more effective than pages of brochures.

11. Visual Displays

It doesn’t matter if you’re running slideshows from a gallery of images or playing a professionally created video, but having a large display helps in drawing visitors to your booth. A strategically placed monitor display engages the visitors almost automatically.

12. Personnel Attire Matters

Creating a visually attractive booth is more than the physical items stacked on the table. Personnel manning the booth is key to providing visitors a memorable experience. Ensure that they are dressed accordingly to the theme of your business and professionally presentable.

13. Utilize The Back Wall

For businesses occupying a small and medium booth, creating a long-lasting impression seems to be an impossible task with the limited space. In case you’ve overlooked the back wall, it’s one of the most effective ways to broadcast the single most important message you’ll want your visitors to leave with.

14. Use the QR Code

If you haven’t done so, you should start embedding your company’s website in QR code and start printing it out along any static graphics that you’re placing on your booth. The convenience of QR code means visitors are more lightly to visit your website after the trade show is over.

15. Do Not Over Clutter

Less is sometimes better when it comes to ideas to decorate your booth table. A general rule of thumb is to leave 40% of your booth spaces empty. An overcrowded area turned off visitors, as it projects a perception of disorganization and chaos. The same applies in visual prints and copies.

When setting up your booth, you may absent-mindedly have the table placed in an obstructive manner that prevents efficient interaction with visitors. It’s important to remember that the best customer interactions happen with no blocking objects in between.

16. Private Meeting Space

Decorate Your Booth Table

If you’re getting a substantial space for your trade booth, you can turn one of your booth tables into a meeting space. It provides the convenience of a more private conversation as you strive to build stronger professional relationships with visitors on the spot.

17. Elegant Business Card Trays

You may be under-staffed, or the number of visitors is too overwhelming. Having the printed business cards placed neatly on an elegant card tray is a great way to decorate your booth table and allows passing visitors an option to contact your company later.

18. Have A Photo Op

Regardless of the business that you’re operating, the world now practically lives in the social media. Create unique and appealing photo-op or booth to let visitors indulge in the selfie and promote your brand across social media. You’ll enjoy both offline and online traffic.

19. Go Big

When budget and space is not a constraint, it’s time to stand up taller than your competitors literally. Rather than settling for the standard booth, develop a unique concept and make your booth physically taller than others. It’s impossible not to notice the presence of your towering booth.

20. Offer A Deal

For some businesses, trade shows are not only about distributing brochures and running slideshows. You can run a special deal for one of your tangible products to generate traffics of visitors to your booth. It’s also a great way to cover up the cost of renting the booth.

21. Use Colors Wisely

While it’s true that dull colored booths are often overlooked by visitors, complex combination of colors doesn’t fare well either. Choose the right colors that help your product stands out without overwhelming or confusing your visitors.

22. Interactive Technology

Getting cutting-edge technologies like VR or AR to provide an element if interaction may not be the cheapest options but an effective one. Curious visitors are likely to be tempted to stop by your booth to experience the latest immersive technologies that you are promoting your contents with.

23. Use Natural Materials

You can also decorate your booth table or space by opting for natural materials like wood for cardboards or plastics. It projected a more realistic atmosphere and distinguished your booth from other stereotypes.

24. Showcase Your Awards

There’s no better occasion to brag your company’s achievement that on trade shows. Showcasing prestigious awards instills confidence and trust with first-time visitors, especially if your business revolves around the service industry.

25. Use #hashtags

Decorate Your Booth Table

Trade shows shouldn’t be the end of your promotional effort. Instead, wisely use the booth spaces to incorporate some of the hashtags that you use in your business. It allows visitors to locate your social media posts quickly.

26. Get Font Size Right

It’s a waste of effort if the text on the booth spaces is barely readable from surrounding areas. Consult booth designers to get the right font size that is clear and crisp to visitors passing your booth.

27. Carpet

While trade show venues have carpet, there are no rules that suggest that you stick to the existing ones. Lay out your carpet that matches the theme of your booth and deliver a welcoming experience to trade visitors.

28. Custom Shelves

Having all your products arranged on the booth tables means limited visibility to visitors at a distance away. Instead, set up custom shelves with various display heights to ensure they are visible from afar.

We hope that these tips help you to decorate your booth table effectively in upcoming trade shows. Let us know if we’ve missed out any great ideas.


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