5 Interior Office Signage Ideas

Interior Office Signage Ideas

Could your office use a facelift with new office signs?  When you’re breaking into a new office there are so many other things going on that it can be hard to take the time needed to properly assess your interior office signage.

The signs that you choose to play a major role in the first impression that your brand makes and simply put, shoddy interior signage can shy away from customers from a perfectly good business.

That’s why we put together this list of interior office signage ideas to help get your creative juices flowing because a memorable and professional office space can sell products by itself.

1. Grab people by the eyes and don’t let go of Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs are the number one choice for signage that truly pops off the wall and grabs people’s attention. The most common use of these signs is the main company name and logo in front of your office and in the lobby.

Dimensional letters and other displays can also be backlit for a truly professional finishing touch. Many of the world’s most well-known companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft use dimensional letters in their office lobbies.

Dimensional Letters

When it comes to designing your dimensional signs, there are a few basic rules that will help you get the best results.

For your interior signs, it’s best to limit your sign to 2/3 of the wall space and choose subtle colors that aren’t uncomfortable to look at for extended periods of time.

For your outdoor signage chances are you’re looking to achieve maximum visibility, so the use of bright colors and back-lighting is a good idea.

Also, be sure your outdoor signage is clearly readable from the road. Regardless of the design you decide on, be sure it reflects your brand image and not just a current trend.

2. Create privacy without sacrificing your natural lighting by using Etched Vinyl

People all over the world have been using etched glass to give their business a look of sophistication and professionalism for more than a hundred years.

An etched glass window can be used to attract attention or simply to add privacy to a room. However, traditional etched glass is extremely expensive to purchase, especially in larger sizes.

That’s why many companies now use etched vinyl to achieve the look of etched glass, but at a fraction of the cost. Etched glass windows and those covered in etched vinyl are hardly discernable, but the price is incomparable.

Etched Vinyl

The value of allowing plenty of natural light into your workspace is a proven fact, our bodies simply perform better under a natural light which makes us feel happier and more alert.

Allowing as much natural light into your office as possible will make both your clients and employees happier. To provide privacy without sacrificing your natural lighting, you can use etched vinyl patterns that include your company logo.

Alternatively, space can be used to display your company motto, inspirational messages, and even directional information. While you could simply tint your window to add privacy, etched vinyl is the best way to truly make your space stand out.

3. Place your directions where people will be looking with Floor Graphics

When we’re out walking, especially in new places, we tend to watch the floor where we’re going. For this reason, the floor is arguably the most convenient place to put directional information.

Many factories and even hospitals have directional signage on the floor for an added level of convenience and safety.

Custom, non-slip floor decals will add convenience and style to a conventionally unused part of your office. You can go with simple arrows and a title for the toned down office space. 

You can also create an entire path if you’re going for a colorful and vibrant look.     

Stair decals

Floor decals office signage aren’t just for directional usage though, they can also be used simply to add style and personality to your office.

You can create standalone graphics that display your company logo, niche-specific images or inspirational messages.

Alternatively, you can have the entire floor wrapped with an artistic design, similar to a wall mural. As long as your office isn’t carpeted, you can use floor graphics to achieve a limitless variety of styles.

4. Personalize every inch of your office with printed Wall Murals

It’s commonplace to consider using wall murals for advertising purposes. They’re also an excellent way to liven up your workspace and foster creativity.

A vibrant wall mural of a beautiful outdoor scene can help open up a room and stave off the cabin-fever feeling that long hours at the office can provide. With modern computer technology and the explosion of graphic artists available today. 

You can have a wall mural printed for a fraction of the price of hiring a professional painter. Digitally printed wall murals have become so affordable that people are even using them in their homes, so there’s no reason why you can’t use one in your office.

Wall Murals

While it’s definitely worth the investment for most of us to hire a professional to design our wall mural.  It doesn’t hurt to know some of the basics.

If you plan on putting your mural on a wall that receives strong lighting, anti-glare lamination will be a good idea. When choosing a company to print your mural, find one that uses UV ink. 

It’s the longest lasting and also most environmentally friendly commercial printer ink. If you’re designing the image yourself, be sure to find an image with a high DPI or dots per inch resolution.

Lastly, wall murals are much larger than traditional prints and will turn out grainy or blurry if the image used has too low of a DPI.

5. When you need a truly high-class sign, you need Acrylic

Acrylic office signage is transparent like glass and naturally glossy.  It’s actually a durable thermoplastic that can be used to create stunning signage.

When choosing your dimensional letters that we mentioned above, acrylic is one of the best options for your material.

Thanks to its natural transparency, acrylic can be easily used to create the look of floating displays. The unique material also allows for direct digital printing, instead of just vinyl layering.

This makes the style choices virtually limitless.

Acrylic Prints

Anywhere you see a permanent, backlit display like the map of a mall or hospital.  Chances are it’s been made of acrylic glass.

That’s because directly printed displays will far outlast their vinyl layered counterparts and are easier to clean. Placing acrylic signs in your lobby and anywhere else your clients will venture is a guaranteed way to make a long-lasting impression.

It doesn’t just have to be your company logo though.  A backlit acrylic display of an outdoor scene can open up a room. It can also add a kind of ambiance that’s hard to achieve with other signs.    

Hopefully, our list interior office signage ideas sparked your creativity. Your company’s signage is often the first thing a potential client sees. 

Make sure it’s sending the message you want. A well-decorated office with unique signage will make your clients comfortable and help them remember you.

Alternatively, signs that are hard to read or hurt the eyes can turn a potential client or even worse. A potential key new employee into someone just walking by.

Be certain that you know what image your company is striving for before you even imagine your new sign.

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