Kongsberg Router Makes The Cut

Kongsberg Router Makes The Cut

Kongsberg Router

I have to say it is a little like KING KONG! I don’t know whether the Kongsberg router was named after the famous Kong or not, but I do know it is a monster of a cutting table and even the most standard model gets most cutting jobs done, whether it is vinyl, paper, acrylic and even very light metals.

Now that you have that great flatbed printer now what do? Where do you cut those beautiful posters, those vinyl signs, that plastic display? You can’t very well sit on the floor to do your customer’s cutting jobs, can you? And unless you live in a developing country you can’t AFFORD to hire enough hands to do the job for you. Nope. You really do need a cutting table to cut the finished pieces before they get damaged. But which cutting table do you choose? That’s where we can help. In my opinion, the Kongsberg router is a budget-cutting table that can get the job done if you want to provide a high quality finished product.

Keep in mind that a good cutting table is going to outlast most of the printers – so it’s best to plan carefully and project where you think your business will be in the next five years as this will keep you ahead of the curve and profitable. A good cutting table choice might be the Kongsberg router, a cutting table brand that gives you multi-purpose functionality.  Designed for the day you may be wrapping vehicles, and the next, where you may be doing more retail work. Versatility really is the name of the game today – and the Kongsberg router can get the job done for you.


The Kongsberg Router Work for Everything

There is a growing demand for specialization and Kongsberg cutting tables accommodate this need.  For example, there will be days when you need to make a simple poster or card cuts, and then there will be days when you need your cutting table to handle folding carton work.  and that is where the Kongsberg can accommodate your additional needs. Cutting tables from Esko are enormously versatile handling most typical sign making materials, from Dibond, vinyl to cardboard and foamcore and even tougher substrates such as acrylic and wood. Though not meant for metal, most models can handle Dibond.


Which Kongsberg Routers Are Available?

Esko, the manufacturer of the Kongsberg router produces several table cutter models. The one you use really depends on the type of projects you create and complete and while the company has several models, the most popular is the XN series made to cut flexible materials and handle a variety of different applications. The XP series is also a mid-range table suitable for corrugated boards and packaging. But let’s take an in-depth look at a few options.


The Kongsberg XN Series

Most design shops use the XN series or the XP series of the Kongsberg router models. Just because this model can automatically load, cut and unload then stack sign boards, displays and packaging materials. The table also has a high-speed MultiCut milling spindle that facilitates the cutting of tougher materials. Users also like the available bits and blades and the front end control system that facilitates the table’s use.

The XN series table is probably the most versatile and highest performing finishing table available for the middle of the road design shop. Here at Nonstop Signs, this is the table we use because it is capable of handling the widest range of materials. The table serves designers, sign makers, packaging material makers and display makers. It is a table that can handle most materials used in the advertising industry but also plates and even heavier materials used in packaging.

Another of the great features that we definitely think worthy of note is the full assortment of insert tools. It is these extra items that allow the XN table to offer superior versatility for this table. Other add-on options available are tool heads, inserts, a material conveyor, auto feeder or a roll-off unit. You can also add a more powerful milling spindle to this table. This is called the MultiCut-HP and can give up to three times more milling productivity. Best of all of this extra speed and productivity comes with a power-saving technology that consumes less energy.


The Kongsberg C Series Table

Among the most notable model in the Kongsberg, router category is the C64. This is a large, complete finishing system for large, diverse jobs. The Kongsberg C64 model works with 126″ wide by 126″ long materials which makes it perfect for your design shop if you work with signage as well as packaging products. This is a 10-foot-across table with an extremely hard composite traverse beam that offers excellent precision and helps complete work quickly. It offers creasing and milling capabilities that offer high-quality finishing. Best of all this wide finisher does not slow down when you use more demanding materials or complex jobs. We believe the Kongsberg C offers the capacity and consistency of a complete design shop. The C series comes with hardware, software, bits and blades you need to complete most mid-ranged jobs. It is unmatched when it comes to versatility and tools.

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