How To Learn Graphic Design

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How To Learn Graphic Design

Ready to learn graphic design?  It is never enough to be content with the knowledge you have now. Therefore, whether it’s just about deepening your understanding of graphic design or a true passion of the subject, knowledge is power. There are massive benefits when you learn graphic design skills in plenty. Furthermore, learning is great for your self-esteem because it automatically boots your confidence. Helps you to become a better version of yourself. It is good for your brain and personal development. Besides people have been envied for less which makes learning such a big deal.

So if you are also down for attention, you might as well dig into the new color of life. When you learn Graphic design you will need a lot of discipline during the learning process but it will gradually become fun. You will soon realize that what you learn is not as important as the learning process. In fact, just as in education, practice on what you learn will go a long way into making you a good graphic designer.

About Graphic Design:

Graphic design is part of communication which is vital for our daily activities. It involves combining technological, creative and innovative thinking to generate graphically communicative ideas. Often, in business, we have many concerns to address and we might take graphic design lightly. However, it must be mentioned that it’s an integral part of any business and occasion. It’s graphic design that drives most to certain brands. Graphic design is everywhere and it’s a major part of advertising. That is why it is very important to learn graphic design.

A good graphic design should effectively communicate the message to the audience as well as look attractive and adorable. When well done, it will seek to attract attention from a large number of people. Normally people do a double take but try creating well-crafted designs of graphics and they will be literally staring. Who doesn’t dream of having such an effect on people? Let’s get into it, here’s how you learn graphic design.



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The Basics 

The mistake most people make is jumping into the deep stuff without understanding the basic principles of graphic design. As earlier mentioned, you will need discipline and patience. You need to start from somewhere, therefore, don’t set the expectations so high initially. You will need the enthusiasm for years to become great. With that said, graphic design is also called communication design or visual communication.

It, therefore, can use image-based designs to solve a problem or achieve an objective. There are different types of graphic designers, for instance, web, print, and broadcast. Printing involves logos, illustrations, editorials etc. broadcasting includes animation and film while web involves websites and programming. However, many designers job overlap depending interests and training. Some of the things you should start with the following techniques:


Lines And Shapes

The possibilities of using lines are limitless. They are very functional in design and can be used to guide the flow of elements for easier viewing. Shapes are used in various ways. For instance, the can be used to support text and balance a design creatively.

Color and texture

Color has the power to either make your design pop off the page or recede into the background. With a solid understanding of color theory, a designer can create a seamlessly awesome design. An added advantage is a good use of texture. It enhances the design by adding depth. Then, further boosted by the appropriate choice of paper and material. After a period of practice, you will be grateful to learn graphic design and the craft of blending paper and creative material.


It is in the type where a mere text message can be transformed into a piece of art. In your learning, you should be able to understand different design and topography. Additionally, be consistent in applying the knowledge in your designs. Try combining different fronts with customized spacing, alignment, color, and size. Some of the commonly used font types are Helvetica, Bodoni, Futura, Garamond etc. When you know how to get the type right, you will be speaking to the world with your design on another level.


Know the tools needed

As you begin learning, you also need to know what is needed to get the job started. Apart from your using your brain for analytical and creative thinking, you also need other tools to create an impressive visual. For example, you need a computer, sketchpad—a traditional and effective way to sketch out ideas before enhancement and a software. It is now much easier to come up with an incredible layout with the help of specialized software such as Photoshop and illustrators.


Develop Observation Skills

Whether you are taking a course at an institution or self-teaching, you need to be observative. Since the design is very visual, you will learn graphic design much when you are keen on other designs and your environment too.


Get Inspiration Work

It is only wise for you not to work blind, collect some trending and past graphic designs of your liking. You can also check up on the works of highly rated designers. This will enable you to learn patterns used by different designers in their work. This is also the easiest way to know your preference after picking your favorite designs. Since graphic design is wide, to make your work easy, simply get acquainted with leading designer portfolio sites. If you are not sure on what to settle for choosing a site that will provide great design across all spectrum. Often, the designers will leave a description that will provide insight into their designing process.


Analyze The Process Of Design

Most people go wrong when they concentrating on everything else but the elephant in the room. It is just not about knowing how to design. In the process of learning, try asking why graphic design exists in the first place. What is the purpose of you learning it? Graphic design is there to solve visual problems or obtain a certain objective. Knowing this will help you apply what you will learn into the practical bit, which frankly, is what matters. If you want to become a graphic designer, problem-solving is all you will be doing. If for instance, a company is entering the market, you need to design a logo that will represent the objective of the company plus make it look attractive.

Knowing how to design hugely plays the role, although applying it in real life situation should a skill you ought to learn. Therefore, you will hugely benefit from tackling design briefs. Look for real projects with technical and practical limitation, and try to solve the problem. The fun, pride, and satisfaction come in solving the problems creatively. With that in mind, now dissect the different process of graphic design you desire to learn. Treat every process of the same great importance until you internalize everything about the subject.


Know that graphic design uses another field of study

Just like many other disciplines, graphic design does not exist on its own. The opportunities that are available to graphic designers are endless. Don’t be surprised when designing skills are used in every profession. Therefore, you can still be a marketer and learn graphic design which will be an added advantage. In fact, marketing will help you place your solutions on the concept of consumer needs. This will lifts your ability to come up with a design that will work.


Be specific in your research

Irrespective of how or where you get to learn graphic design from, you will need to do some research. To make your work easy since it’s a wide discipline, be very specific about what you want to learn. There’s nothing as frustrating as getting irrelevant results when you really want a relevant tutorial. Therefore, save yourself some headache and resources by being very specific. Just a tip: browse on graphic design terminology glossary to get specific names for what you want to learn. It will not only make your work easy but also familiarize you with the terms.


Learn Graphic Design from Professional Designers

As much as today’s generation easily cuts people off and feel like we can do it just fine on our own, it’s very beneficial to learn from people who already established. Frankly, there’s more to learning than just getting to know the skills. The need for patience, consistency and hard work are some vital things you might not know by just reading a book. Remember iron sharpens iron.

Develop Proficiency and Flow

Developing a high proficiency and flow in your work is very important. Although for this to happen, you need to practice a lot. And get to know your way around your tools. If there is something that people enjoy while working, is when ideas just flow and get lost in what you do.  It’s powerful, it gets the work done.


Create your Portfolio

In case you are wondering, a portfolio is a collection of a person’s work, especially designs and photographs. Therefore, simply create a website with your own URL and blog regularly. While there are many ways of marketing yourself as a graphic designer, this is the most effective one.

Fortunately, it’s not going to college that lands you a job but your ability to demonstrate your ability—in your portfolio. Therefore, just be diligent and passionate about graphic design. With time, you will be among the best. You should know that excellence takes practice and time, so be patient with yourself. You can definitely do it, good luck in learning graphic design.


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