Table Throw for Leica Sport Optics

Table Throw for Leica Sport Optics

Table Throw

Nonstop Signs & Graphics kept our eyes on the prize during a recent partnership with Leica Sport Optics. In order to help give a sleek, professional look to their trade show displays, we provided a customized table throw. Our friends at Leica have been using our table throws for trade shows and convention displays for a while now. In fact, our friend John, the Exhibits Manager over at Leica Sport Optics recently told us, “they do work well!”

Table throws are an excellent investment for companies that set up at conventions, tradeshows, and events often. For instance, throws work for wedding expos and outdoor conventions where you might stumble across our friends at Leica. When you’d like to display your company prominently and stick in the memory, table coverings are a perfect option. The thick material doesn’t wrinkle easily, and spills are easily washable off the material without ruining the quality of your logo or pattern. In essence, if we could name one must-have investment for trade shows or conventions, we’d say a quality, durable table throw.

Read more below about how our black table throw took Leica Sport Optics’ booth effortlessly to the next level at several events.

Leica Sport Optics

Leica Sport Optics is a company out of Louisana that specializes in optics for hunting, shooting and nature-observing enthusiasts. The company has been providing high-quality optics since 2001 and has become a household brand for outdoor hobbyists. The company mainly provides lines for rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, and range finders. Although they offer a specific line of products, they have a strong following among nature enthusiasts. In particular, bird-watching enthusiasts are a huge fan of Leica Sport Optic binoculars and trust their products over any others in the market. That’s why Leica carefully chooses the conventions and expos they intend, like bird watching expos, hunting or large outdoor conventions.

Our customized table throw at the Leica display

Leica Sport Optics shows at many of these niche conventions in a year, and need to be able to travel from exposition to exposition easily. Durable and easily assembled display elements are a must to make this happen. Several pop-up displays and our very on table throws help make set-up in each new location a breeze.

Nonstop Signs & Graphics Table Throw

So what makes our table throws so great? They’re made up of high-quality fabric that withstands repeated use and the test of time. We use UV dye sub inks in the graphics, guaranteeing they will stay vivid and bright through repeated wear. Our table throws can be trusted to carry your company through many tradeshows, booths and display opportunities with ease. One of the best parts is the total customization and flexibility of our throws. We are able to print any logo, design, or combination onto the material. The result is a clear, crisp and high-quality representation of your brand with any style, theme or amount of coverage.

Sonoma Bird Fair

Perhaps you’re wondering where you may have heard the name Leica before. Leica Sport Optics is an offshoot of the famous European camera company. Leica Sport Optics is the result of the camera company committing the same quality to their binocular and scope lenses as they do to their professional cameras. The company is based out of Germany, and its’ cameras and lenses have immense popularity with professional photographers and hobbyists in Europe. Leica describes its’ commitment to quality as a feat of German engineering, and the Leica “ideal” as the main part of the culture of seeing. The company touts its’ passion and perfection for creating unique images. Furthermore, Leica believes in heightening and moving beyond the scope of human vision to encourage more insight into the world.

Leica sought to branch out to other hobbyists in the hunting and wildlife sector with durable, crisp and high-quality lenses. If you want to know more about Leica’s various optical product lines, you can find out more about the company and their product lines SportOptics.

Table Throws and More Through Nonstop Signs

At Nonstop Signs we are able to provide high-quality trade display components for any events. Have a tradeshow, convention or exposition coming up? Perhaps you want to add some pizzazz to displays existing in your retail or office space. The great news is, we have an enormous product catalog brimming with solutions for you to take your display to the next level! In addition to our top-notch table throws (which you can learn more about here), we also offer table displays, floor displays, iPad displays, tents and more! Browse through our catalog or reach out to one of our representatives for a custom quote on your display needs.


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