Lifesized standees cutouts for Grandesign

Lifesized foam core standees cutouts for Grandesign

When we have a customer come to us with new and fresh ideas. We love to be able to turn their concepts into reality. We also work across a broad range of industries. So we see how an extensive selection of marketing materials can improve a brand’s position in the marketplace. Unique marketing materials have their place in brand awareness. And a lot of businesses can find the right technique. This technique serves their purpose best. Also, Grandesign is an experiential marketing agency out of San Diego. And they came to us after hearing about our standees and cardboard cutouts.

Grandesign had a project that required high impact solutions. For events that needed a unique touch. Grandesign created The Grand Tour Mayhem Hall Pub at LA Automobility. As well as in Detroit. The Amazon Prime – Grand Tour. Mayhem Hall PUB featured a beautiful 20’ bar. Authentic wood and also cobblestone flooring. An intricate sign above the entrance. And plenty of various props. And pictures one could expect to find on the walls of their favorite pub.

The guys’ whacky sense of humor was well represented. In the names of the beer as well. As the promo team helped spread the word about Automobility and their ‘Sexy Paddock Grandpas.’ Lifesized standees were used throughout the bar. Fans could take a picture with one of the guys in the photo op. The cardboard cut-outs we supplied featured life-size standees of Jeremy Clarkson. As well as Richard Hammond. And James May – hosts of the TV series ‘The Grand Tour.’

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cutouts for Grandesign 2

Grandesign is an experiential marketing agency. It concentrates on unique events. Those that have ‘never done before’. They produced more than 200 activations in 2017. And they are one of the largest out-of-home buying agencies in North America. Moreover, Grandesign is leaders in the industry of manifesting ideas. With creative vision and experience – and executing them flawlessly.

They bring innovative ideas into a world of reality for a selection of top-tier brands. Whether it’s a national tour. A single street team. Or custom domination they make it come to life. Grandesign creates experiences that bring life to a brand. Transforming what would typically be ordinary. Into something far more incredible. The company’s technique concentrates on showcasing. Brand experiences that influence audiences on a higher level to push an organic reach across media outlets.

Cutouts — Lifesized standees for Grandesign

Cardboard cutouts attract attention. And can be used for a diverse variety of purposes. Also, the most common goal for cardboard standees and cutouts is in marketing. For publicity campaigns of entertainment products like television series. Movies and video games. Fans or potential customers get to stand beside their favorite characters and have photographs taken. Pictures are then posted online. This gives a unique and organic way to promote your business, brand or event. Cardboard cut-outs on social media equal free advertising. Custom cut-outs and standees also add a great add-on for retail stores, kiosks, and even displays.

Standees & Cardboard Cut-outs are also a great addition to birthday parties. Also weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. We can also create Standees or Cardboard Cut-outs with set spaces for contact information. Or by adding speech bubbles. Cardboard Cut-outs are printed in high-resolution. These are full-color print. And can include a range of options for shapes, sizes, and quantities. They are also an excellent way to add appeal to any marketing campaign. And are by far one of the best ways to attract attention. At sporting events, conventions and in retail stores.

Cardboard Standees & Cutouts For Displays


cutouts for Grandesign 3Cardboard standees main use is for temporary displays. But they can also be useful for permanently indoors. Custom cardboard cut-outs are extremely simple to set up. And these stunning displays are commonly printed for hanging. Or for floating displays. We also create cut-outs in life size which makes them a great addition to any event. They are also ideal for any bar or storefront to attract attention as people walk by. We can print them on a range of materials like Foam Core Cardboard or Ultra Board. Our precision CNC Routers cut your standees to human shape (or another option). And feature a smooth finish. Standees can also be set up to hang on a wall or can be self-standing.

Our cut-outs are easy to set up and lightweight. And actually, weigh less than five pounds. This also makes them incredibly easy to transport. And to store. When printed on our foam core cardboard, ultra-board or gatorboard backing. Sizes are typically within constraints of 4’ by 8’. So planning of your design should stay within those dimensions. Larger cut-out options are also available. And your imagination only limits. The creation of your Custom Cardboard Cutouts. If you are ready to purchase customized cut-outs or standees for your business. You can use the live chat option on the website. Or you can call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us.

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