Lovepop: PVC signs and Gatorboards

Lovepop: PVC signs and Gatorboards

PVC signs and Gatorboards

If you want to transform your business, like so many other companies have, then Nonstop signs are the way to do it. With so many different signage options on offer, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your signage needs. From stunning wall murals to PVC signs and Gatorboards to attract new customers, we have it all. One company who has taken advantage of our incredible PVC signs is Lovepop! You probably recognize them from the everyday locations you frequent, like the mall, train stations, and perhaps even in your building’s lobby.

How can a pop-up card company find the signage that adequately represents who they are, when who they are is so spectacular? With stunning PVC signs and Gatorboards cut-outs that are useful to create elaborate displays. Let’s take a look at what Lovepop does.

Lovepop Goes Big

PVC signs and Gatorboards

Thanks to the advancement of technology, Lovepop uses software to create incredible designs. Then each of their cards is hand-assembled piece of paper by piece of paper. They’re so popular, you can find them across the world. Of course, if you don’t feel like visiting them in person, you can simply pop onto their online shop to fill your boots instead. The best part is that they will happily write your custom message on the card you order, which means you can send directly to your loved one. It’s all the best of technology roll into one amazing and convenient company.

Where did they come up with such a great idea? Wombi Rose and John Wise, the company’s founders, decided to start the business after traveling to Vietnam and seeing the stunning handmade cards on sale. When they brought cards back from their trip, their friends and family were so enraptured, they realized they had something special on their hands.

The college friends launched the company in 2014 and it took just a year for them to gain attention.  It was their appearance on Shark Tank that helped them get the investment they needed. You see, Lovepop isn’t just a greeting card, it’s anything but.

It’s an unexpected, intricate card that can be useful for any occasion. It’s a card that truly serves as a thoughtful gift. The art combines the precision of technology and Slice-form Kirigami, which is an intricate Asian art-form. It really is

Don’t worry, you can find Lovepop online and in the wild if you’re up for a shopping trip.

Nonstop Till You Get Enough

lovepop gatorfoam and pvc foam cutouts

So, with a product that takes so much art and precision, it only makes sense that Lovepop would want signage that truly represents them as a company. Which is why they came to us. Options like PVC signs and Gatorboards cannot be overlooked as potential signage solutions. Gatorboards are the perfect option for anyone who has a promotion to boost, attention to grab or sales to grow.

They are portable and lightweight, which makes them a popular solution for a wide range of uses, especially in kiosks. Gatorboard is simply a thin piece of wood fiber that is sandwiched between the foam board. This combination provides you with a durable, yet lightweight, signage product. The best part is we can cut them to any size or shape, which means they can stand alone or they can be useful to create incredible displays. It’s a professional finish.

What about PVC signs and Gatorboards?

lovepop gatorfoam and pvc foam cutouts

Durable, high-quality, great for use indoors or even for mid-term use outdoors. They are glare-resistant and don’t smudge either. When you use them inside there is no risk of discoloration or warping. You can print double-sided when you choose PVC signs.

We even provide you with the installation kit, so all you need to do is worry about where it’s going. PVC signs and Gatorboards are great for use in offices, for display purposes, at trade shows, in the warehouse, as wayfinding solutions, hanging, and even for floor display signage.

We have so much more to offer than just PVC signs and Gatorboards. Just take a look at our catalog to see the wide range of printing products and marketing solutions you can buy with us. If you want to place an order, just get in touch. Questions?

Don’t worry, we are more than happy to answer them. It doesn’t matter where you need a simple order of business cards or a big one with banners, flags, vinyl, and beyond. We are here to help you with orders of any and every size. Let’s talk about your plans and decide what signage is perfect for you.


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