How to make the Best Graphic Designer Resume

How To Make The Best Graphic Designer Resume

Best Graphic Designer Resume

A graphic designer resume that’s great-looking is a good start for everyone no matter what their background is. A graphic designer is a vital member of a company’s marketing team. They have the most difficult task of making an advert seem appealing and make it sell to most of the customers out there. In the field today, the competition is very stiff and if one is to succeed in this field the need to stand out is of the dire essence. Most graphic designers in the market went to the best graphic design schools. Chances are they learned from the best.

This means that you also need to have an outstanding resume to be top of your competition. However, it does not matter whether you are at the entry level in your career or you possess a lot of experience, how you express yourself is what will land you your desired job. Here are tips on how to make a good graphic design resume.

Be Brief

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Most of the employers out there have very limited time to look at your graphic designer resume. Try and write as little information as you probably can. Work on the small details you have written so that they are interesting and catchy defining your every aspect. Make sure all you need to say is contained in not more than one page. In case you have more than a one-page look for names that you can use to represent a sentence like a synonym instead of giving an explanation. You can write the other information in the cover letter you write.

Have Validation

Instead of just listing of the things you can do have something you have done or had an impact on maybe from your previous workplace, internship or people you influenced before. You should be able to explain how you used your expertise to benefit your customers and fellow workmates. Your academic certificates should also be able to ascertain the credentials you produce to your employers. Make sure that you also acquire testimonials as they will also play a huge role in your boost for you to land the job.

Have Recommendations

Ask a recommendation letter from each of your bosses in every place you get attached. These will help you as it improves your reputation and gives your future employer of background information about you from previous employers, how they rated you and what you are able to offer. A good recommendation will in most cases be like a gateway to the other job you land.

Tailor Your Content

Each job you apply for will have a specific area they are searching for. You should have a master resume of all the skills and qualifications you possess. Make sure for every job you apply for you pick just the necessary information or qualifications needed instead of overloading the application with everything you can do. You may find that if you put all your qualifications chances are you will not land the job as employers are scared of overqualified stuff as they view them as competition.

Be Original

In most instances, most of us like going it easy. We pick a template, edit it over and over again in every application. Some of the resumes take the same format, font, and arrangement. A new type of the same will excite your employee and will definitely love to have someone who is original even in the simplest things.

The layout, how you use the white space are the things they are most likely to notice first, so make sure you are good in these areas.

Have a Readable Resume

Long sentences, paragraphs wrong punctuations are just a few reasons why your graphic designer resume may attract low readability. An employer will not try and read your resume or try to figure out words while they have dozens of applications they may rather consider. Make sure you choose the right font type and size and also spacing is a vital area to consider also. Give the reader no reason to overlook your resume due to just the appearance.

Use Graphic Design Jargon

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Using words that are in line with your field gives you extra credit. Using these words that are only found in design shows that you are a master in your field. However, even if you do not use the word, just include it where it is necessary. It boosts your confidence on paper. But be aware not to overuse the words so that you should not appear as a show off either. Just use just the right number. Four or five is more than enough so as in your graphic designer resume.

Match Your Graphic Designer Resume To Your Social Media Profiles

Many employees tend to find as much information as possible about their future employees. They most likely will want to know about your social life. In your accounts like Facebook, Twitter and the rest, make sure the information there concur with the one on the resume.

You may write too much on your social media profiles that the employer will feel like they are dealing with two different people. Have it that the disparity between the two is not too high to attract concerns.

Check On Bulkiness

In your final document whether in pdf or word or any other format, make sure it is in the smallest size possible. The MBS should not be so many that the employer will find it as so expensive or time-consuming when downloading your files. Assuming they have a slow internet or rely on costly data bundles. You do not want your boss to remember you as the employee who caused a fortune to hire. Others will just forego your files if they feel that it is straining them financially.

Focus On Your Personal Skills

In today’s working environment, what matters is not just technical skills. Employers seek to find staff that possesses skills. Skills like good leadership, time managers, crisis managers, and problem solvers are a plus.

They want to invest in assets that are also useful in every aspect of a business environment. So make sure you are well qualified to fill that position and also undertake activities that may not be in the line of your qualifications. Indicate this strongly in your graphic design resume.

Scrap Away With The Career Objective Part

This bit has become a norm in every resume that has ceased to be amusing at all. Instead of having that part, go and write a little summary about yourself. It should be very brief.

You can just answer the question why me for the job. What makes you the best option for the job? This is more original and by the employee reading this they are able to see if you are the right person for the job or not.

Use The Right Color

People try so hard to beautify their resumes that they end up completely destroying it. Too much color is not necessary as it may end up overshadowing your content. If possible do not use two type colors in a resume. Instead of using different colors you can decide to use bold letters or a different font size or typestyle. That way it will look uniform and presentable. It is best to use the black type color always. Others are usable on special occasions like where you have a photograph or in a hyperlink.

Always Proofread Your Resume

Some of the most common mistakes that disqualify us from a position are simple spelling mistakes, repeated words and unfinished words. Take time to go through your graphic designer resume. Go through it slowly noting every word out of place.

Using a computer has made things very easy. It will always underline a word misspelled in a red line, a repeated word or when there is no subject-verb agreement in a sentence, so take advantage of this and present a clean piece of writing.

Be Frank When It Involves Change Of Careers

Highlight all the transferrable risks by analyzing your job experience and then portray your experience in a way that supports which field you may find yourself in the future or the one you currently want to venture in. This will create awareness that you are not a pro but are also willing to get into such sort of job you are applying for.

Have a profile or a summary of all your qualifications at the top

This part provides a sharp focus that every employee looks for in every graphic designer resume. This is also a very crucial part as it is where the standing out occurs from the rest. Employers, especially with large amounts of applicants, will only look at this space and however, if they are not impressed they will just go on to the other application. Make sure this is the catchiest space on the entire resume.

With the above points to note, you will also have probably fond that experience in most cases is overrated. You just need to know how to appeal to what the employers want and also to convince them beyond any reasonable doubt that you are the best bet they have for the position.

When it comes to job hunting especially so as a graphic designer you have to impress in person, on paper as well as on online.  You can only land that job with a graphic designer resume that champions from the rest.


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