Marketing Schools for a Masters Degree (Our Top 10 List)

Marketing Schools for a Masters Degree

Best Marketing Schools for a Masters Degree

Deciding to attend one of the leading marketing schools in the nation can be an important life decision. This decision can be pivotal and lead to very successful. And also a financially rewarding career. Moreover, if you do choose this field of study, you may experience a higher degree of job satisfaction. And ultimately, a more comfortable lifestyle.

This is precisely why you are here reading this article, right? After all, If you are going to go to the trouble of earning a masters degree, you want that degree to make a real difference.

Research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows us that marketing is an area that will see substantial growth over the next 20 years. As it is now, students with a BS degree from a good marketing school often make an average annual salary. As per research, they get over $60,000. So if you expand your education up to a masters degree you may very well earn double that amount.

There is no question about it. Attending a top ranking marketing schools can open a lot of future professional doors for you. So keep in mind that this is an investment in your future. And by attending one of the top marketing schools in the nation, you could gain that extra edge that sets the extraordinary professional apart.  In addition, the contacts and networking possibilities, you achieve from attending one of the best marketing schools in the nation can help you gain professional growth throughout your professional life.  After all, the best schools attract the best students, and this means you can make lifetime connections. In the end, it is these social and professional connections that can further your career at any stage of your professional development.

What To Look For in Your Search for Marketing Schools?

Of course, your marketing MBA should cover the obvious business and marketing fundamentals. However, a good program also needs to explore current trends, directions, and developments. So be sure to choose a program that teaches new, trending and innovative processes that move the industry forward.

Remember that your ability to create innovative marketing strategies, to analyze consumer data and define opportunistic demographics are key factors to your success in this industry. In light of these needs, you need to select a school based on its ability to help you acquire these all-important skills.  So to start you out on the right foot, we have put together a list of the top marketing schools, all with fantastic masters degree programs.

Our Top Marketing School List

Marketing School

To create this list, we took several factors into consideration. We analyzed the average credit hour cost,  the school’s reputation and the average return on the educational investment. We also considered other positive aspects such as career salary and the institution’s College Confidential (CC) score.


University of Pennsylvania: CC Score 100. Average Tuition, $ 31,000

The Wharton School at U. Penn is a pinnacle of business educational excellence. Graduates generally earn the highest average salary and experience a higher employment rate than students who come from other schools in the country. If you have the wherewithal and get accepted to this program, don’t hesitate to take the challenge as it can offer you that professional boost you need.

The University of Pennsylvania program stands out among other top marketing schools because it offers two marketing career paths. Students can either choose to enter a program with an emphasis on media, consulting and entertainment. Or, they can select the second option which focuses on marketing’s role in manufacturing, service and business-to-business sales. Located in Philadelphia, Wharton houses approximately 25,000 students. Equally important, is the fact that this student body is evenly split between undergraduate and graduate programs. The job outlook for graduates of either of these marketing programs is excellent, as most go on to work in large corporate environments and often become Fortune 100 CEOs.

Texas A&M University: CC Score 94.14. Average Tuition $15,125

Texas A&M offers an exceptional Masters of Science in marketing degree at a very affordable cost. Students from across the nation flock to A&M to complete this masters program in as little as 12 months. However, to qualify for this short of a program, you need to have done your undergraduate work at A&M as well. And while the coursework may be slightly longer for students coming from other universities, many people favor this university for its in-depth marketing curriculum and its higher post-graduation employment rate. Statistics show A&M graduates to have an 85 percent employment rate. Added to these benefits, is the fact that this university is very financial aid friendly, and helps students find needed funding to complete their education.

A&M also provides a powerful alumni group, offering a network of connections to help students with career advancement and internship needs. Best of all, Alumni can avail themselves of these benefits throughout their entire working lives.

Classes focus on real-world business issues covering research, marketing, engineering, leadership, consumer behavior and more. Students only require thirty-six credit hours to complete the degree.

The University of Texas at Austin: CC Score 93.57. Average Tuition $20,76

This University is located in the Uber hip Texas city of Austin and has a fantastic marketing program. This university houses about 10,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students each year. Moreover, this school is highly rated by Bloomberg Business, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Business Insider, Financial Times, and others.

An MS degree in Marketing from UT teaches students marketing analysis and shows them how to use statistics and data. Favored for its 10-month program covering management, digital platforms, branding, dynamic pricing, and programming. This is a hands-on learning environment, giving students the ability to contribute valid skills to the business environment. Like other top marketing schools, well-known media and marketing institutions recognize the UT marketing program as one of the best in the nation. Another positive draw her is the fact that this university boasts a number of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize, Turing Award winners, and National medalists.


Carnegie Mellon University: CC Score 92.37. Tuition $40,625

When we look at this top marketing school, the phrase that most often comes to mind is “expensive but worth it.” Located in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon boasts several award-winning programs. One of which is their marketing degree program. In addition, students can attend in the traditional in-presence class or they can choose to attend online.

Carnegie Mellon’s first year of study concentrates on building the students’ foundational knowledge and then applying it to business fundamentals. Subsequent coursework allows for a specialization and promotes hands-on participation, in a real-world business environment. Not to mention, students are also drawn to The Venture Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a competition available to Carnegie Mellon University students, as well as teams from all over the world who come to compete for monetary awards and venture startup assistance.


The University of Texas at Dallas. CC Score 89.24 Tuition $22,282

This top marketing school offers a master of marketing in as little as 12 months. The UT at Dallas program focuses on developing new trends in business and marketing. Its aim is to prepare students for the ever-evolving national and global marketing atmosphere. The emphasis is on e-commerce, digital search leverage, ROIs, consumer insights, and more.  Grads often secure jobs that pay over $50,000 in the first year of graduation. And nearly double that after five years. An added benefit to this program lies in the ties the university maintains with the American Marketing Association. This association helps graduates land good jobs upon graduation.


Northwestern University: CC Score 88.4. Tuition $48,624

Northwestern offers a masters in Integrated Marketing Communication through the Medill School of Journalism. This is one of the costliest options available. Even so, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Northwestern University offers coursework in new marketing trends and helps students explore some of the most explosive growth areas in the industry. Additional areas of specialization include brand strategy, interactive marketing, marketing analytics, strategic communications, content marketing, and media strategy.

Northwestern’s IMC immersion program, allows students to work at top companies on real-world projects. Additionally, students can travel abroad through the global application program. Students complete the program in fifteen months. Currently, The IMC program has students from over twenty countries around the globe.

University of Wisconsin–Madison: CC Score 86.62. Tuition $24,054

U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks the Wisconsin School of Business as one of the best in the nation. This degree program focuses on a career preparation in the latest marketing trends.  And then it combines this area of study with business analytics and applications. It is an ideal school for students wishing to become business strategists and consumer behavior analysts.

Few universities can boast the graduate employment record of the University of Wisconsin with an almost 100% job placement rating. WSB graduates go on to work in applied security analysis, brand and product management, marketing research, and more. This is a recognized public research university that also ranks high with ARWU, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and Times Higher Education.

Columbia University: CC Score 86.19 Tuition $42,280

The high tuition and the high cost of living in New York City do not diminish the appeal of this superb university. Columbia’s business school provides elite training and education to the nation’s top business leaders. And it is one of legendary six Ivy League business schools.

This marketing master’s program focuses on analytics. Students receive professional training in a range of business disciplines, from consulting to nonprofits and government. Moreover, the program only requires thirty credit hours to complete. Thus, allowing students to attain their masters in as few as three semesters. The coursework is student-focused and offers many supplemental services such as peer counseling programs, and the ability to associate with local and international business leaders. This university stands out for its diverse student body and adaptive focus. It is one of the oldest universities in America and consistently ranks among the top ten universities in the country. Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and ARWU also list the Columbia marketing degree program as one of the best.


The University of Washington: CC Score 85.28. Tuition $27,255

The Master’s in Marketing program here focuses on advertising, consumer behavior, marketing management, product development, social media, retail and sales management. But what makes this business program unique is the merging of marketing coursework with additional subjects like economics, sociology, psychology, and statistics. The idea here is to give students a more global understanding of the business world.

The University of Washington enrolls about 2,500 students each year.  Additionally, the faculty is deeply committed to cultivating and promoting diversity in nearly every aspect of student life. Moreover, the university makes special concessions and offers specific programs to women, veterans, black students, and other minority groups. UW ranks among the top 100 universities in the country by ARWU, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, and Washington Monthly.


The University of Maryland-College Park: CC Score 84.25. Tuition $24,534

The Robert H. Smith School of Business ranks fifth among public business school. It is a highly respected and sought-after educational institution with a very competitive masters degree program in marketing. Students only need 30 credit hours to complete the program. However, six of these hours need to be in market forecasting, analytics and strategies, web analytics, and customer equity management. Additionally, students must complete an action learning project worth two credit hours.

The University of Maryland makes a point of engaging students and preparing them to enter the workforce. Like other similar programs, the coursework prepares students to enter or re-enter the business world. To facilitate a seamless transition from theory to business reality, the university offers one-on-one and group coaching, industry programming, workshops, as well as other innovative programs that promote professional growth. Like the other top marketing schools in the nation, this university ranks among the top 100 in the country. However, it also distinguishes itself from the others for its ties with many of the nation’s largest federal agencies.


Bottom Line

However, if you are considering a marketing degree, any of these top marketing schools make an excellent choice. Gaining acceptance and working out the finances may represent a challenge for some students. But working out these small details can certainly get you the rewards you seek. Ultimately, attaining a Masters of Science in Marketing from any of these universities will open the doors of opportunity for you. Additionally, the coursework you complete in one of these programs can help you land the rewarding career opportunity you seek within the world of marketing.


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