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Inspiring creativity in a creative industry is what we try to achieve with every artistic job we do. We have been working with creative industry professionals for many years. And because of this, we can help every design-inspired business perform to their maximum potential. When it comes to marketing and advertising. Often, we get to work with creative companies such as Ooly. We were able to create Ooly vinyl stickers for the brand.

And one of the companies we recently worked with needed an innovative solution. This was for a booth at the world’s most massive toy fair. Ooly is an art supply and stationery company that makes art fun. They also create functional products to inspire creativity. Below are some photos of their booth at the Spielwarenmesse show in Germany. The world’s biggest toy fair. Because it was an international show, Ooly needed decorations that were easy to ship and install. But still, had an exciting and colorful impact.

We printed a range of transparent vinyl stickers with crayon drawings. These Ooly also used to decorate the walls of their booth. The design and creation for these transparent ooly vinyl stickers gave Ooly a cost-effective solution. And also a straightforward branding solution. It also helped set them apart from the competition in this enormous international event. And it helped their booth to stand out among hundreds of exhibitors from across the globe. Read a little more about what Ooly do below.

About Ooly

From seriously cute school and office supplies to rainbow art supplies. Ooly have something extra special to spark creativity and express yourself to the world. Also, Ooly love creating exciting products that help put smiles on the faces of people, young and old. Their products aim to help explore every imagination and promote self-expression. Since 2005, Ooly have been dreaming up all kinds of fresh, colorful and inspiring. Their product range consists of enjoyable ways to create your art space. Also, school space, creative space, or office space more fun. Whatever area you’re in. Ooly products will help you to find something extra special to spark creativity and expression.

Ooly’s mission is to passionately provide unique and fun products. And also believe that everyone deserves the tools. And opportunities to be able to express their creativity. They thrive off giving support to under-served communities. As well as offering to back to teachers, students. Also, assisting with programs that inspire creativity. They also work with AdoptAClassroom. It empowers teachers by supplying the materials required to help students learn and become successful. Ooly’s efforts focus on school adoptions. Also teacher grants for classroom supplies. Local organizations and projects.

Ooly Vinyl Stickers

Whether you are a business or a homemaker. Transparent wall decals are a great way to decorate. Custom clear vinyl decals are an excellent way. To put your personal touch on any space. We can also design custom clear vinyl stickers to include text. Images, and branding. Clear vinyl decals aren’t just great for walls. They also work as effectively on any smooth surface. It includes glass as well. The perfect addition to any retail outlet. Trade show booth or front of house area. And these vinyl decals and stickers are personalizable in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Clear Wall Decals

Our clear vinyl wall decals are state-of-the-art creative marketing options for your business. They are also easy to remove and they remain fresh and look new for many years. One of the best features of our custom vinyl wall decal designs is that no sticky residue is left behind. When the stickers are removed making for a smooth transition. This is also ideal for when you change the branding. Or if you move to a larger premise.

Vinyl decals are entirely customizable. And there are no limits to what can be printed on them. They are available in full-color print and are perfect for any application. If you are looking for a fantastic way to customize your trade show booth like Ooly. Our creative team will work with you to create the ultimate advertising and marketing option that will attract attention. The application is quick and straightforward. And they are just as easy to remove. Making them an ideal branding choice.

Vinyl stickers printed in one piece. So you don’t have to stress about adding multiple layers of color to create the result. Clear vinyl wall decals are the perfect solution for branding or decorating retail space.

Office space, classrooms, your home and virtually anywhere that has a flat surface. If you are ready to purchase vinyl stickers or decals for your business. You can use the live chat option on the website. You might also call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us.

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