Optimizer solutions with magnets, One Pass Tillage

Optimizer solutions with magnets, One Pass Tillage
Sometimes the most straightforward products can be the most effective. When it comes to simplicity in business, there is no better way to achieve it than with magnets. Promotional magnets have been around for a long time. And they never seem to lose their impact. One Pass Tillage came to us with a request for a magnet to hand out as promotional items at trade shows and demonstration days. Magnets are one of the most straightforward things to hand out as promotional items as they are easy to transport, simple to distribute, and they are more than often kept in a position where they are highly visible daily. One Pass Tillage didn’t require anything over-the-top for their magnet, they merely needed their brand image to be shared, and that’s what we did. As you can see in the below picture. One Pass Tillage’s OPTIMIZER magnets are simple. Yet very eye-catching, making them very useful as a promotional item. Ensuring their brand was prominent in the visual display of the magnet. As well as their contact details mean that more people will remember the name and their product. Read more about this great company and their magnet below.

One Pass Tillage

One Pass Tillage specializes in equipment for agriculture and often attend trade shows and demo days. Their OPTIMIZER One Pass Tillage system is a unique machine and is the only one-pass tillage system on the planet that delivers complete conventional tillage. The company designed the OPTIMIZER to minimize running costs by generating a quality seedbed from the post-harvest condition in just one pass. The OPTIMIZER is available in two standard sizes: an 18-ft-wide folding model and a fixed 12-ft-wide model. Whether you have 100 acres or 100,000, the OPTIMIZER will save you money and time. One pass means less labor, less fuel, less vehicle and equipment maintenance, and less time required for tillage. It not only decreases costs but leads to healthier crop yields due to a lesser amount of compaction. The OPTIMIZER also generates less dust and airborne particulate matter. Operating at 5 to 7 mph, the OPTIMIZER covers 8 – 12 acres per hour with 50% or more reduced fuel and labor. Soil compaction is also reduced, and soil tilth enhanced for long-term benefits.

Optimizer Magnets for One Pass Tillage

One way to make a first impression at a low initial cost is with fridge magnets. Custom fridge magnets can endorse your business, remind people of an event, or make a great gift. You can use magnets as save the dates for events like product launches or grand openings. You can use custom magnets as a marketing tool at trade shows and conferences. We offer refrigerator magnets in the standard business card size, a postcard-sized option or custom shapes and sizes specific to your brand or products. We produce high-quality magnets and are happy to help you create the perfect brand addition for your business. There are many diverse options you can take in creating custom refrigerator magnets for your next event or marketing needs. If you are creating custom fridge magnets for your business to use as a promotional tool, there are many artistic and creative ways to utilize a magnet. Magnets can be printed in full-color options and are available in a broad selection of shapes and sizes.

Custom Magnets

Magnets serve more than one purpose. Not only are they a smart way to pass on your business details or product information. But they are also a vibrant marketing tool that can communicate your brand message. Magnets are the perfect way to ensure the message that you carefully crafted sticks around. Why not use promotional fridge magnet to share the word about your business. New products, for announcements, calendars, and events. Custom fridge magnets are optioned in an assortment of sizes. And they are available in quantities from 250 to 5,000 and beyond. Buying branded magnet in bulk will cut your costs. And you can create a variety of designs for maximum marketing impact. Working in agriculture means that fridge magnets don’t always end up on the refrigerator. They often end up on machinery, in sheds or on tool boxes. This is something that One Pass Tillage did not overlook when we created their magnets. So, if you are an equipment manufacturer. Machinery repair business or supply products to a specific industry. Magnets are a prime opportunity to promote your brand simply and effectively. If you are ready to purchase customized magnets for your business. You can use the live chat option on the website, call us at 1-800-205-9005 or email us.   Here are a few more great case studies to inspire you!

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