Indoor vs. Outdoor Stickers: As Different as Night and Day

Indoor vs outdoor stickers

Indoor vs. Outdoor Stickers

Americans are stuck on indoor-outdoor stickers. There’s no doubt about that. They are everywhere you look. If you think about it, these were the emojis before there were emojis.

Which is Why Both Indoor and Outdoor Stickers Rule

Indoor stickers can also make even the very simple seem cool. It takes the ordinary into the extraordinary! Yes. Stickers can create something complex as well as interesting from something that is plain and also boring. They give instructions, make a statement, issue a warning, invite customers in and even say “Gone Fishing.” You can put them on your car, your van, your RV, your notebook or even on your car windows.

Sticker History

Stickers offer up a message and can help identify just about any idea we might have. These are just a few of the most famous sticker designs of all time.

  • Baby on board stickers.
  • Beware of the dog stickers.
  • Smiley face stickers.
  • I love pit bulls stickers.
  • Proud member of the Elks.
  • My child is an honor student sticker.

There is no question about it, stickers say a million things. They let you make a statement and also allow you to communicate the way you want.  Indoor or outdoor stickers can even be a good friend of free speech, and so as of at times, help us as a society express ourselves. Yes, I guess you could say stickers are the original form of social media. However, unlike other vintage products, they continue to evolve and hold our attention. And when you use them correctly, you don’t need an i-phone or Facebook or any of the other modern-day technology we use today to understand their meaning. You just peel it off, stick it on and make a statement. That’s the beauty of the indoor-outdoor sticker.

When I was a kid you could even get a sticker with a slab of bubble gum. My Schwinn had pirates, Taz, skulls, and also crossbones on them. I have had the Hulk as well as Batman stickers on my lunchbox. My bedroom door had a “Stay Out and This Means You” sticker stuck to it. I used it as a warning for my older brother. Even my father’s car was plastered with stickers. One for every place we had ever driven.

What Will Indoor, Outdoor Stickers Mean For You As a Designer?

Today, the modern indoor-outdoor sticker has evolved into a work of beauty. And now we use them even more than we did in the past. People use them to decorate, to customize, to personalize their world and that leads to one important thing for your opportunity.

It opens up a completely creative world where you are only as limited as far as your imagination can take you. As a designer, you can also create wall stickers, small stickers, outdoor label stickers, signs, bumper stickers and so much more. Best of all, your customers will want them. They use these stickers to advertise their products, services or even just to add a bit of humor to a message or business. The way you design these stickers will be completely up to you as well as to your clients – but it is important that you learn to differentiate between indoor stickers and outdoor ones. Why? Because this will influence either the simplicity or complexity of your design as well as the use of your stickers.


Indoor Vs. Outdoor Stickers

One important thing to remember is that indoor stickers lead an easier life and usually have a different task to accomplish.


Indoor stickers work best for shipping labels, packaging, as the point of sale advertising pieces, or even as instructions placed on the wall next to machinery or the time clocks, even in lunchrooms. We use stickers for both home and business use,  for any type of indoor or internal communication. Because of this, indoor, outdoor stickers can be printed on vinyl or paper inexpensively and can help businesses save money on other materials and production costs.  It is this type of sticker that you most often see on office walls. These are the signs that typically give employees instructions or directions.

Wall Art

Indoor stickers can also be wall décor. If you’re feeling bold, turn a simple wall into the jungle, mountains, forest or the Caribbean Sea. You might even play with stripes and also with graphic shapes to make those walls jump. You can sticker a fairyland in your little girl’s room, or put a football team on your son’s wall and also have the planets spinning around the sun. Indoor stickers are fun and there are many choices.


What Can You Do?

As a graphic designer, your options are so limitless. Why? Because printing technology allows you to turn anything into an indoor or outdoor sticker. You can create works of art, geometric designs, colors, also just about anything you can think of or create.


How Can I be Creative with Sticker Design?

In the process of designing large stickers for walls, it’s a matter of approaching the idea as if you were designing custom wallpaper. The larger the indoor sticker the more details you can add. Think of patterns and repetitions here. A good way to get your creative juices flowing is to turn to your creative notebooks, pictures, Pinterest, or take your inspiration for nature. Almost anything can become an indoor sticker, either large or small.


Outdoor Stickers

These types of stickers usually have a different job. They are meant to communicate to the outside world, and hopefully, to bring the people milling about outside indoors. They can adorn a car or truck, can also be displayed on the windows of a store. Announce a sale. Offer a menu to customers. Advertise wares or products. Make a political statement or announce personal views of the world.  Because these stickers are exposed to outdoor weather (wind, sun, cold), the paper is not the medium of choice. In this case, vinyl decals are the preferred medium of choice.


The Beauty of The Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl stickers are easy to peel off so you can change them as often as you like. They have a longer lifespan so as they are durable, some lasting as long as 5 to 7 years. Outdoor vinyl decals are impervious to weather, whether you live in Florida or Maine. Oil or water or other dirty liquids won’t stain them or make them unreadable and the sun won’t fade them. They won’t scrape or peel when properly applied.

Just like in architecture, when it comes to outdoor or indoor stickers, “Form follows function.” In other words, what do you need your sticker to do? How will you use the sticker? That is the questions that will determine your choice.


How To Design Vinyl Sticker?

The beauty of this is that you probably already have the software you need to create your indoor, outdoor stickers. You see you can create stickers from vectors. And of course, the best vectors for vinyl are those that you design using the KISS principle. In other words, the simpler the better.  At any rate, you can basically use any design software with interesting phrases for your vinyl sticker design work. Even so, the design work is the hardest part of the process. The more original, skillful and relevant the design, the more likely it is to sell. Sometimes it is a simple design with plain text that sells the most, and other times it is the design that makes it.

No matter the art, text, shapes, photographs or complicated design, you will have to convert the artwork to vector images before they can be printed properly. A store or also a building or nearly any wall can provide the space for your sticker message. With good planning as well as design, you will be amazed at how much information and attention you can put into and get out of an outdoor sticker.


Who Is My Customer?

Think big – yes friends, as well as family, can become customers, but you can also sell a large number of stickers all at once to:

  • Local businesses
  • Party event makers
  • Schools or school events
  • Political events
  • Anyone who wants labels for the products

What Type of Vinyl Stickers Can You Create?

The variety is so endless. However, the design will depend on the customer needs as well as where the sticker is located.  Here at Nonstop, we can cut decals of any size, from the very small to the very large. Just remember, people place stickers anywhere and that gives you a lot of design possibilities:


Where To Look For Inspiration?

Look everywhere for inspiration! And, of course, there are also some fantastic places to look for designs. Check out the vinyl stickers on Pinterest. See how some designers create wall art, stair art, or word art. You can do any of these. Another great option is to look at Behance or design and other decor or design magazines. These will give you some great ideas to work from.

What to Watch Out for?

Select your colors carefully as this gives you maximum impact and visibility.  Choose your words just as carefully for better communication. You will be amazed at the pull of a well-done outdoor sticker when done well. I’ve seen all kinds of stickers on all kinds of things. Eyelashes on a VW bug, flames on a hotrod and tons of advertising go by.  Either inside or out stickers are great ways to express yourself so go ahead and make a statement. What do you think? Let us know.

Bottom Line

Designing indoor/outdoor stickers is a great way to supplement your income. You just have to let your creativity flow, come up with some great ideas and learn to see the trends. Yes, you can sell indoor, outdoor stickers in large quantities, small quantities, large or small. It’s just a matter of sitting down and figuring what you want to do.


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