Clean San Diego Love Oval Stickers

Clean San Diego Love Oval Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also a great way to further your brand! People put stickers on their laptops, skateboards, bikes, backpacks, books, and their cars, too. Sometimes it’s because of they just like the design or the joke printed on it. Other times it’s because they believe in the cause that’s being highlighted by a sticker. Or, it might be because they love a brand or product and want other people to know about it. The point is, it doesn’t matter how old you are – everyone loves stickers, from small children right on up to the grown-ups. You get a sticker when you go to the dentist as a child, and as an adult, you get a sticker when you vote. Oval stickers really do bridge the gap between generations.

I Love A Clean San Diego

I Love a Clean San Diego was originally founded in 1954, but in those days it was known as WALC or the San Diego War Against Litter Committee. Since then, they have worked hard to improve both the beauty and health of the county for well over 60 years. The slogan I love a clean San Diego was used by WALC in the 70s and eventually, in the 80s, it took over as the official name of the organization. Today, it continues to be the leading environmental organization in San Diego. Over 60,000 people connect with the local environment every year, through ILACSD. Their brand is their mission and that mission. To inspire locals to work together to conserve and enhance their environment!

San Diego Stickers

They want to make San Diego a litter-free and zero waste region. One of the major programs that they operate in the community cleanup. They also offer to adopt a beach or canyon programs, independent, corporate and community cleanups. San Diego Stickers don’t stop there, though. They also step into the classroom to offer presentations on recycling and clean beaches. One of the best ways they have found to spread awareness about their work is through stickers!

Some of their notable accomplishments include the 23,000 gallons of motor oil and paint that were diverted from landfills across San Diego County. They also connect with 30,000 locals each year to encourage and educate. Every year, volunteers remove over half a million pounds of trash and debris from San Diego’s coastline, creeks, canyons, and neighborhoods. Volunteers donate reusable equipment and tools to make the work easier and reduce the waste that we create, too. Which means that the cleanups they sponsor are sustainable.

oval stickers Clean San Diego

Nonstop Oval Stickers

Are you a community organization, business or sports team? The stickers are just a no-brainer. Great oval stickers spread awareness of your cause. And allow people to show off their allegiances and values, too. You can opt for a simple sticker to affix to clothing or you can go a bit bigger. If you want your stickers to be for promotional use, branding, and advertising, then you may want to consider investing in a high-quality paper stock. If your sticker is weather resistant and waterproof, people will likely use them. Cars are mobile billboards. So just think about how many eyes will see your design as people make their way through traffic. Even when you park in public, at home or get trap on the freeway.

There’s a captive audience and your sticker could be the one piece of entertainment they have as they try to get home. Oval stickers are a great move for contractors and machinists because they can be affixed to tool boxes and equipment. They’re excellent for community and charity organizations because they’re affordable. Stickers are popular for brands with a teenaged target audience because teens love slapping oval stickers on their books, bags, and laptops. It’s all about getting your design just right and making it so great that no one will be able to resist showing it off.

Oval Stickers

So, before you design your oval stickers and labels – think about what you want it to do for you. If your logo is popular enough, a simple logo sticker might be all you need. However, if you’re a small business, a snappy tagline or joke will help you make noticeable. A lot of small businesses try to come up with business names that include puns. You don’t have to do that to get attention, but it can be difficult to launch a new business in a crowded industry. So, finding a way to stand out can be a challenge. A fun tagline or logo design is a great way to get attention. Before you contact us about your stickers order, take a look at the rest of our website to see what other products we can help you with.

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