Political Posters that Wow Us!

Political Posters that Wow Us!

Political Posters

Political Posters that Wow Us! An opinion, grab a sign and go. Political posters have long been a part of our history and probably will be for a very long time to come.

When election time is in the air. When the airwaves are clogged with all the wrongdoings of the other side, I find it interesting to drive around town and see what Americans are thinking about.

You don’t have to look too hard to find political posters and political art. It’s all over the place, in front yards, on porches, on car fenders and on billboards that dot the sides of our nation’s highways.

Want some good laughs? Come election time, hop in your car and drive around any neighborhood. Take note of the overwhelming barrage of political messages just before election day. It is amazing.  Don’t forget to give your favored politician a big check!

The city is wrapped in colorful announcements, bold statements, and incredible political artwork. Yes, I said artwork. As graphic designers, we have acquired the gift of observation. And it is our visual attunement that can attest to the beauty of some of these well-designed political posters. Some of these messages will make you laugh, others will make you scoff, react, curse out loud and even shake your fist.

When you support one candidate it’s always difficult to get behind the other side’s point of view, but my advice for what it’s worth. Take it all with a grain of sand. More importantly, pay attention to the message, the design and the “genius” of creativity that goes into making these political posters.

Political Posters Have Made It To The History Books

We tend to think of political signs, posters, slogans, and sayings in the near term. But in reality, they’ve been going on since elections began, especially in the days before mass media like radio, TV and the net. Some of these political posters have stuck with us much longer than even the names of the candidates.

As a young kid, I can still remember a political poster that hung in my grandparent’s den. It was an  “I like Ike” poster, and I will remember it forever. Who knows, maybe it was this poster that set me on my path in search of the best political posters of all time.

The truth is that political posters have a certain rhyme and reason. It is an artwork that defines us as a culture, shows our diversity and our beliefs. Political posters offer a memorial to the challenges and changes we have faced. In some cases, this has been a war, in others a march for peace or freedom. At any rate, it is important that we celebrate accomplishments where they are deserved, and I think some political posters need to receive our applause, our respect for design, form, function, and message.

Don’t worry, This is not going to be a history lesson with a pop quiz at the end. Even so, I believe you will get a kick out of the political posters we have chosen here at NonStop Signs as some of the best political posters of all time.  We have listed them for their artistic design, or because they are simply witty and clever. So get your funny bone out, and read on:


political posters

This is the iconic red, white and blue poster was created by the world renown artist Shepard Fairey. It was created for the 2008 OBAMA VS MCCAIN presidential race. This was one of the best campaign slogans of all time. It was a simple political message that spread the idea of hard work and hope. But it is the simplicity of design and color that makes this piece sit among the best political posters of all time.  Once published we saw it appear on wall posters and yard signs all over America.

America – Reagan Country – 1980

political posters

Some posters have messages that resonate on a lot of levels.  This is one of them. Country captured the nation’s heart. And the image of RR as a cowboy or on horseback gives us that nostalgic image of the approachable old country boy. Of course, claiming that the entire nation is Reagan country didn’t hurt the message either. This poster and his campaign worked well. It was a poster that carried its message well and helped Reagan win in a landslide.

Kennedy for President. Leadership for The 60’s

political posters

JFK’s good looks juxtaposed against the sweaty Nixon sure worked in his favor. JFK is known as the first television president but this poster was a political winner, and it didn’t come out on TV.  However, it was the first political expression like this of its time.

LBJ for the USA

political posters

Just like “I like Ike,” the symmetry of color and form make this a highly effective poster and message. It is designed to stick in the mind. It was an image few could erase and helped sway the vote back in the day.


This is another of those simplistic yet rich messages that pack a political wallop in 4 short letters. The slogan. “Make America Great Again,” carries the same deep message that swayed the vote for prior presidential elections. However, creating the acronym allowed the reader to put their own thoughts, emotions, and meanings to it. When someone makes your message their own, that person wins hands down.  The message belonged to one of the most interesting political candidates of our time and social media had a field day.  Women’s movement activists, police brutality, and the democratic party went crazy with this political propaganda.

McCarthy – Peace


Well, Gene put it all out there in his primary race when he ran against LBJ. He was hoping to stoke up the anti-Viet Nam sentiment of young people. But the country wasn’t ready for that message yet. Long-haired hippies and flower power kids had not yet turned the tide. Fortunately, the peace marches and body counts finally ended the conflict. Even so, this piece makes our best political posters of all-time list for the message it presents. It is a poster that defined the times.


Trump as nope. Hillary as noper. A perfect expression of opinion for those who disliked both of them. Of course, it could have also been Neither. Nor. Or just NO. Maybe we need some better candidates. We’ve got the poster people ready to go.

Bobby Is My Choice


This 1968 poster sets out to position RFK as a friendly guy –  your friend, to be exact. Sure, you should know the multi-millionaire living next door. A well-known and useful bag of tricks acknowledging that people would rather vote for someone they think they know or think they like rather than someone they have nothing in common with. It was certainly a poster that made Kennedy seem more approachable, someone you could meet on the street and have a cup of coffee with.

Reagan Bush 84. Bring America Back

From what? No one was sure. Viet Nam? Back to the good old days? Back from the edge of the abyss? They wisely decided to let you figure it out for yourself. What you tell yourself is always more effective than what others try to convince you of.


May take a second to get this one but look hard and you will see the capital statement here which is DON’T go there. It certainly makes a statement for one of the Not Donald Trump political posters.

We Are Snowflakes and Winter Is Coming


A political statement rather than a campaign poster but certainly political. Liberals are also being called snowflakes. Here they turn the label around to their advantage by stating that enough, so that snowflakes create a blizzard. Touche.

Vaginas Brought You into The World. Vaginas Will Vote You Out

A bold statement made by women marching for change. The creator’s purpose is to show that women are powerful and bolder. They are making a statement and demanding change. This makes our top political posters list because it will go down in the history books. It shows how women have become a huge force of nature in politics today.

Jesus Would Be at This March

A statement for and against religious rights. This is one of those political posters that stands right up there with, “What Would Jesus Do?”


A texters message that is both provocative and funny. Take it any way you want. Use it for any side you support. Either way, it’s funny and provocative. And so more importantly, it makes you think. LOL!

Not My Cheeto


Orange you tired of all the personal attacks? Obviously, lots of people aren’t and they keep on coming up with these double entendres. It is a political poster that takes on a whole new meaning be demonstrating our growing knowledge of current events and our political impact.

Take Our Country Back


It is always easier to point out what’s wrong than what is going right for political posters. This poster is similar to the MAGA as well as BRING AMERICA BACK AGAIN messages that are so prevalent now. It is aimed squarely at those who think we’ve gone astray and also want to return to the good old days.

Well enough about us here in the states. Here are a couple from our friends across the pond worthy of noting.

Labour Isn’t Working


This 1979 poster created as a message against the Labour Party says a lot. Even with the British spelling, we understand the satire here. It is a nice play on words and offers a powerful subtle message. Here we see a perfect example of dry British humor or humor, as the Brits like to spell it.


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Be Afraid

With Margaret Thatcher’s face on the poster, there’s no secret what the message is and also who the target is.  They’re trying to make the Iron Lady scarier than Ironman.


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