Golden State Greens Product Label Design

Golden State Greens Product Label Design

You might have the greatest product on the planet, but if your product labels don’t describe it adequately no one will ever know. Your product label should be informative, descriptive, and most of all eye-catching! Just think of how often you are drawn to a specific product simply based on the product label. While certain brand names and logos are what draws some people, others will be drawn to try new products because of their label design. That was definitely the case with company Golden State Greens. This is something that we see a lot of in craft brew beers, indie wine labels, and even artisan chocolates. They don’t have a monopoly on creativity, though. You can use your imagination and create stunning product labels that will help you stand out.

Golden State Greens

Originally founded as the Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-op, Golden State Greens was only the second legal dispensary in San Diego County. They are also the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified dispensary in the United States, possibly the world. This is a globally recognized certification. Golden State Greens believes in using cannabis as an alternative medicine in a safe way. They encourage patients to listen to their doctor’s advice and use judgment when imbibing in medical marijuana. It can be part of a healthy lifestyle if used correctly. In addition to having a physical storefront that you can visit, it’s also possible to visit them online and order for delivery.

We can find that Golden State Greens is often taking part in community events such as festivals, fundraisers, street fairs, and more. They believe in educating the community about the multitude of benefits of using cannabis. Last year, they held their own fundraiser which raised over $10,000. They donated this money to the Polinsky Center for Children and to the local schools. In addition, they have donated over a thousand presents to various children’s charities, such as Toys 4 Joy and Rady’s Children’s Hospital.

Product Labels

We have the pleasure of producing product labels for Golden State Greens very own products and we can help you with yours, too. We offer a variety of paper stocks, so you can opt for a high-end matte finish or a slick, glossy option instead. The choice is yours, in every respect. There are subtle product labels and those that demand your attention. The type of product label you choose is up to you but will be dependent on the brand you have created. High-end products require an eye-catching label that is subtle and stylish. For other products, bright colors, puns, and fun taglines are a must. Every industry is crowded, so it’s challenging to break through and if you don’t get your product labels right you may never get noticed.

If you want to create your own product labels, you can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. It’s important that you know what legalities your product needs to comply with. For example, if you are producing a food you will have to include nutritional information and a full list of ingredients. Your label will need to highlight any allergens, as well as other relevant information.   Alcoholic products and cosmetics also have strict label requirements. The latter may fall under FDA regulations, depending on what type of product it is. Again, it’s up to you to know what legal requirements you must follow. Getting your product label right means striking a balance between the necessary information you need to include and the sales pitch. Generally, the back of the product contains the former, while the front is all about the latter.

Labels For Golden State Greens

There are a few things you will want to consider about your product labels – size, color scheme, and typeface are the key. If you can’t read the information, then how will anyone know if they want to buy your product? There should be a headline statement, whether it’s your brand or the product name itself. This will be what initially grabs a customer’s attention. From there, you can design the rest of your label. This is evident in the design for Golden State Greens.

Contact us when you are ready to order your own product labels. We can also produce a range of other products to help you brand your business. Additionally, we offer marketing and promotional material to help you spread the word about your business. We can produce product labels, stickers, brochures, business cards, banners, and beyond. Every aspect of your business is covered when you browse our one-stop shop website. In fact, we can help you create custom shipping materials as well. You can create an experience for every product your customer’s order.

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