Professional Product Labels for Brilliant Lash Pro

Professional Product Labels for Brilliant Lash Pro

Professional Product Labels for Brilliant Lash Pro

At Nonstop Signs we know that packaging is just about everything. Customers browsing through shelves naturally look towards appealing and professional product labels. It’s a normal reaction, and even deceptively simple packaging can create a story about who they want to be. The trend in professional product labels has changed over the years, and many businesses are now embracing the “less is more” concept. Instead of bright, busy and colorful labels, many companies are turning to simple serif fonts and clean graphics. Minimal elegance is an art form many companies attempt to try on their packaging. When a bottle on a shelf only has a few seconds to compete with other products, getting it right on the first try is important. Because professional product labels are so crucial to businesses, we take their creation very seriously. When it works, we’re more than happy to celebrate the success! One such success that we’re still celebrating is our partnership with Brilliant Lash Pro! This wholesale company aims to put elite products in the hands of lash experts. Their lines of adhesives, cleaners, toolsets and more are sold to salons and estheticians worldwide who are then happy to vouch for their products. Based out of San Diego, the masterminds behind this company own several lash studios and educational resources. Their passion is educating and inspiring lash artists everywhere to perfect their craft. When they approached us needing sleek, easily-applied and blendable labels for their products we jumped at the chance.

Creating Professional Product Labels for Brilliant Lash Pro

professional product labels for Brilliant Lash Pro To create a sleek, chic and professional look, we created clear adhesive vinyl labels with their company logo and product description. The smooth white bottle makes a great contrast to the dark font and gemstone logo. Finally, the clear label makes the appearance of the product line clean and professional. Using just a few signature elements, the product looks and feels high-end and luxurious which is precisely the feeling this lash supply company wants to convey. Our clear vinyl product labels and stickers are perfect for subtle customization. They’re easy to apply and completely waterproof. When applying our clear vinyl product labels to bottles, ask for the back-adhesive option. Depending on where you apply clear stickers and labels, it will either have adhesive on the front of the design or on the back. Labels can be expertly printed with any combination of colors, images, and graphics effects. We can even print in white ink for labels placed on non-white surfaces. If you want to explore our clear vinyl product labels, find out more on our website! Brilliant ONYX

Branding Through Clear Window Decals

Product labels aren’t the only collaboration we’ve done with this multifaceted lash company. Clear stickers work for many different products. Besides the Brilliant Lash Pro line that is sold in studios and boutiques all over, the team owns the Garnet Lash Studio in San Diego and in Monterey. Using the same clean design concept, Nonstop Signs was more than happy to create storefront decals using vinyl letter signs for both studios.   Lash Studios Our clear window decals are face-adhesive. This means you apply them from the inside of the window and not the outside. They’re incredibly easy to apply and will stay put without bubbles or lift for as long as you need them! Window decals are one of the easiest forms of branding and advertising for businesses. When cars drive by your storefront, they will glimpse your crisp vivid logo. The professional and eye-catching addition will naturally arouse curiosity about your business. Window decals are a form of advertisement that quickly pays for itself and requires little extra effort on your part. All you need to do is apply it!

Partnering with Nonstop Signs

One of our favorite projects here at Nonstop Signs is to help create immersive branding for small businesses. With a few strategically placed elements, such a high-quality product labels and window decals, your business will shine. We like to prove that you don’t need a huge marketing budget and spend to create effective business advertising. If you’d like to see what we can do for your small business, feel free to browse our catalog or reach out to a representative today. We’re happy to work with your budget and your needs. From trade shows, product labels, retail space and more, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about Brilliant Lash Pro. They also have a large social media presence, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. You can find them under @brilliantlashpro, @garnetlashstudio and @inlasheswetrust.  

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