Quality Posters for San Diego Design Firm: Tecture

Quality Posters for San Diego Design Firm: Tecture

Quality Posters for San Diego

When your company works off-site in San Diego, quality posters or signs can become your calling card. This is especially true for design & fabrication firms like San Diego’s Tecture. When the team behind this elite design company goes on site for a job, a well-placed poster lets’ curious passerby know who is working on the project. The finished product will inspire visitors. When that happens, they will know who to call for their own projects!

The Tecture team hung their poster on the outside of a restaurant in Little Italy. The poster was provided by Nonstop Signs. With our durable all-weather material and high-grade ink dyes, this calling card for Tecture will last until the grand opening!

Learn more about our collaboration with this fascinating design company below!

Who is Tecture?

Tecture is definitely not your average design firm. Instead, this San Diego-based collective is a progressive studio of designers, craftsmen, artists, and builders. Their goal? Bringing functional concepts to life in a brilliant and alluring way.

“Our passion is to sculpt the built environment and to re-imagine the way people live, work and play.”

The studio prides itself on producing design solutions that are efficient and durable, yet incredibly unique and aesthetically appealing. An element of storytelling is infused into each project. Although a Tecture design can be easily recognized because of its’ unique aesthetics, the designers approach every project differently in an attempt to tell its’ individual narrative.

The firm works mostly in restaurants, bars, and the service industry, although they will happily take on retail, commercial and even residential design. The list of services Tecture offers is very comprehensive, as well! Tecture can complete a start-to-finish process with you through concept design, interior, and exterior design and space planning. They can also provide custom furnishings and fabrication for your establishment. On the contracting side of things, this team is able to provide project management, construction administration, and general contracting work. Basically, there’s nothing this team can’t do!

Tecture has taken on on work big and small in the San Diego community and beyond. From the Firehouse Eatery & Pub to the San Diego International Airport, the scope of their projects is enormous. From universities, websites, restaurants, hotels and more… the craftsmanship of Tecture can be found.

Take a look at a sampling of their brand book Tecture

Tecture in the News

Tecture is quickly gaining fame as a go-to design firm in San Diego. The San Diego Eater and San Diego Magazine regularly write up the chic new spaces the Tecture team has left their mark.

Tecture's gorgeous restaurant designs wow San Diego

Take a look at their breathtaking woodwork, resin and space design in the Bivouac Ciderworks. San Diego Magazine also lauds two different bars and eateries that Tecture has worked on, indicating the design team is gaining quite a reputation.

Speaking of the design team, it should be noted that the three founders of Tecture are all graduates from the NewSchool of Architecture & Design. David Michael, Kyle Preish, and Slade Fischer graduated with a Masters of Architecture in 2011 and jumped into business with Tecture. The quality an ingenuity of Tecture speaks for itself. In under five years, the team expanded from a two-car garage to a multi-employer office and fabrication shop. Two restaurant designs headed by Tecture won the 2015 Orchid Design Award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation. Those two restaurants were Patio on Goldfinch and Kettner Exchange.

It seems as though the entirety of urban San Diego has their eye on this firm. That’s why Nonstop Signs was so excited to work with them!

Quality Posters for Tecture, Inc.

Nonstop Signs provide quality posters for Tecture, Inc to proudly display their mark in San Diego. These posters are durable, all-weather and highly pigmented to prevent fading and distortion of the crisp logo and text.

Quality posters provided by Nonstop Signs/ 858 Graphics


When San Diego residents glimpse one of these signature squares around town, they know the level of quality Tecture will bring to a design project. Now, they’ll also know the quality of the collateral provided by our company!

Are you in the market for posters or metal signs that can be placed indoors or outdoors without fading, tearing and warping? We have some good news to share. Our sales team is on deck at all times to help you find the best fit for your collateral needs and budget. Our sales representatives will work with you for any sign and graphics needs. Whether you need quality posters, cards, portfolios or tradeshow displays, backdrops and more… there isn’t a project we aren’t willing to take on.

To get more ideas for your business, look at our business signs here.


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