Hard hat decals promote safety at NEMTI

Hard hat decals promote safety at NEMTI

Hard Hat Decals

In any industry, safety is a priority. And when you’re working in a construction or trades environment, one of the most common forms of safety equipment is a hard hat. This is why hard hat decals are becoming one of our more common product requests. Hard hat decals not only allow your staff and team members to be safe, but they also allow you to promote your business brand in a way that is effective and simple. There are a range of different styles of hard hat decals we can create, different sizes, different shapes – and different colors. And we can produce these for any size organization. The Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute (NEMTI) recently came to us with an order for a range of hard hat helmet stickers. And we were more than happy to oblige. In any industry that works around heavy equipment or machinery. Also where there is any chance of injury, hard hats are a must. The Navy Medicine Operational Training Center Detachment’s Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute is one such organization. This is where members of the navy go to receive their medical training. Here’s a little bit more about them:

Who is Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute (NEMTI)?

The Navy Medicine Operational Training Center Detachment’s Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute (NMOTC DET NEMTI), is located in Camp Pendleton, California. NEMTI is a vital step in the pre-deployment training continuum for personnel who are being deployed in support of Overseas Contingency Operations. NEMTI provides training on the assembly, disassembly, establishment of the command structure. Also basic operations of an Expeditionary Medical Facility. This allows Navy members to be as ready as possible for worldwide deployment. It also serves as the Navy’s field test and evaluation center for deployable medical systems, equipment. As well as providing doctrine and instruction of the new EMF Collective Protection Systems. NEMTI offers Expeditionary Medical Unit training for personnel deploying to Role II and Role III assignments. The training includes requirements mandated by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Along with US Congress, and US Central Command and consists of didactic, hands-on and field training. Topics presented include but are not limited to Trauma Principles and Interventions, Clinical Practice Guidelines. Also, Theatre Medical Systems Familiarization, Healthcare Ethics, Disposition of Human Remains, Patient Handling, Clinical Simulation, and other various topics. The team at NEMTI is comprised of an array of personnel. This is including Hospital Corpsman, Logistic Specialists, Builders, Construction Electricians & Mechanics, utility men, Information Systems Technicians, Culinary Specialists and Personnel Specialists. Not to mention Nurse Corps and Medical Service Corps officers. With such a vast range of staff members, you can see why it is imperative for the organization to bring safety to the forefront. hard hat decals

Hard Hat Decals

At Nonstop Signs, we take pride in all of our printing jobs and our hard hat decals are no different. We print hat decals using heavy-duty vinyl that is resistant to extreme weather, heat, high impact and the chemicals in the first place. NSS uses UV inks for our printing so you can rest assured that your hard hat stickers will last well into the future. We also offer the option of laminating your sticker with a polycarbonate which helps to prevent heavy abrasion. The choice is yours. You might also opt for something that is more affordable, but perhaps less durable. Choosing a simple hard hat sticker option. These are often a better choice if you’re printing in bulk and are not working in extreme conditions. We highly recommend you print your sticker on clear vinyl to ensure that your logo looks better on your equipment.

Are helmet decals Heat resistant?

Because our heavy duty helmet decals are heat resistant, they are ideal for firefighters and other jobs that operate at high temperatures. If you and your staff work at night, we can also provide custom reflective hard hat stickers that will improve your safety. Even though It doesn’t matter if you need to print 10 or 10,000. Your hard hat decals will be higher quality images every time. You can opt for full colors, like the team at NEMTI, or a simple black and white design. NEMTI actually had three different designs printed with us. Including their organization’s logo, the logo of the United States Navy, and a Safety Is My Responsibility decal. Whatever hard hat decals you choose, our designs are typically precut and sent to you within days of ordering. If you want to know more about our custom hard hat stickers, or any of our other marketing products, make sure you get in touch with our experienced and professional team today. We offer a range of products that are guaranteed to enhance not only your safety but also your business marketing.  

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