San Diego Promotional Products for Avanti Destinations

San Diego Promotional Products for Avanti Destinations

San Diego Promotional Products for Avanti Destinations

Nonstop Graphics uses our printing skills for all kinds of projects like the San Diego Promotional Products we made for Avanti Destinations. Regular collateral projects like business cards, office modifications, window decals, and also vinyl adhesives.  You name it and we’ve probably done it! While we don’t see campaign collateral products as often, we’re always excited to jump in on the opportunity. Specifically, in-house campaign collateral designed to pump up and inspire employees. We recently had the opportunity to team up with independent travel company Avanti Destinations to do just that!  If you are looking for San Diego Promotional Products then you will want to read this article to get better ideas for your project!

Nonstop Signs printed campaign collateral for Target 100

Target 100, a Campaign to Make Everyone Happy

Avanti Destinations recently launched an in-house campaign for its employees geared toward improving customer response and service. Many large service-oriented companies have similar in-house campaigns, such as the Walt Disney Company, or Gap, Inc. These programs help inspire employees who deal with customers and give them a guide to best business practices and how to approach common problems. Moreover, Avanti Destinations’ campaign is no exception!

The program focuses on four main points. Empowered people, responding to time, agent satisfaction and traveler satisfaction. After discussion, we provided Avanti with several types of campaign collateral for their offices. In the above picture, you can see one of our expertly printed wall-mounted signs in their office hallway above! Like this idea? Then take a look at our lightweight foam-core printed signs to design a display in your own office space!

Who is Avanti Destinations?

This independent travel company has been around since 1981 and specializes in bucking the trend of travel agencies. Where a lot of larger travel and destination planning agencies have a tried-and-true travel plan for most destinations, Avanti makes the process a little more interactive. Independent travel agents use the Avanti website to customize trips for their clientele. Things like hard-to-find, non-chain hotels, small cooking classes, and hidden gem experiences are the norm for this travel company. Avanti sources cooking and wine classes in Italy and France, for example. Avanti also provides one-of-a-kind stays in castles and chateaus all over Europe.

Are you traveling to South or Central America? This independent travel agency can even set up a stay in a jungle lodge, a rafting trip or an exotic river cruise. If that isn’t your style, the exotic Asian tours offer peaceful river cruises, Eastern cuisine cooking classes and even the opportunity to feed a panda.

Avanti Destinations serves licensed travel planners as an incredible resource. It’s obvious that the company has a clear commitment to quality, flexibility, and support. Their commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the trips, either. Basically, Avanti Destinations is committed to improving the lives and performance of their employees as well. When Avanti chose us to help produce their valuable campaign collateral, we were thrilled! Here’s more information about our joint project.


Nonstop Signs Helps With Campaign Collateral

Nonstop Signs produced a ton of cool promotional collateral in San Diego for Avanti in support of this campaign. Take this tension fabric stand displayed in the office. These stands consist of banners and signs custom printed on durable fabric. It’s then stretched over a metal stand to keep it taught and upright. You might choose this stand because the benefit of these stands over traditional A-frame signs or cutouts is their incredible durability. Furthermore, the fabric is waterproof, easy to clean, eliminates wrinkles and looks presentable in minutes. When you take this sign outdoors, it won’t easily be blown over by gusts of wind. Better yet, it looks incredibly professional! The high-quality dyes and UV inks used are fadeproof and waterproof, which means this type of sign will convey your message for a long time to come.

San Diego Promotional Products for Avanti Destinations

Campaign Collateral

Avanti also ordered a few more items to bring the campaign home. Custom mouse pads and custom mugs were provided to every office. Our custom mousepads are one of our favorite promotional product items to make for companies. They come in three finishes depending on the type of volume of people using a computer, and how old the mouse is. We also have hundreds of custom shapes to use. That’s right, you don’t have to order a square! We can create round mousepads or customize it to your logo.  These are custom promotional products that your staff and clients will never throw away!  We’ve produced lightbulb shapes, thumbtack shapes and more.

Our custom coffee-mugs are also a breeze to design and print with your logo or slogan. You don’t have to worry about the logo fading. Even better, they’re dishwasher safe! Don’t want to order traditional mugs? You can order to-go mugs, coffee cups, and water bottles. Basically, you have a ton of options where drinkware is concerned.

Reach Out to Us Today

Interested in learning more about our San Diego promotional products? Then just hit the Contact Us button and ask to speak to one of our sales reps. They’re always on hand to help find products that fit your needs and budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about Avanti Destinations, visit their website Travel Agency.


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