Selfie Station For College Data

Selfie Station For College Data

Selfie stations are growing in popularity. There are a variety of ways to create yours – you can use a step and repeat banner, you can choose wall decals. Or, you can literally create a selfie station like one of our clients did, with our help, of course. We produced hashtag messages for people to pose and snap their photos with. These were then posted on social media with the hashtags in question. It provided their conference with a bit of fun and excitement, and let them share their photos with others who were interested.

College Data

Selfie Station

College Data is designed to assist high school students during the college application process. It provides admissions counselors assistance in ensuring that students find a college that fits them perfectly. Let’s be honest, high school is a stressful period. We expect students to make decisions that will impact their lives. So, it’s vital that they have adequate support in deciding their major, finding the perfect college, and understand the seriousness of the decisions that they are about to make. The road to college can be a terrifying one, so providing students with the tools necessary to make informed decisions is key. Which is where College Data comes in. It helps teach students what criteria to consider to find the right college fit.


The more information students have, the more likely they will be to make the right decision. So, it should come as no surprise that College Data chose a unique path to create the ultimate selfie booth for their 2017 conference. If you are a student or an admissions counselor, you should check out their website. There’s a handy tool available to calculate your chances of getting into the schools of your choice. Having this knowledge can help you decide what backups to apply to or which applications to focus your attention on. You can also search for scholarships, learn about how much financial aid you are likely to receive, and so much more.

Selfie Station Or Bust

While College Data chose a novel route to create their selfie station, there are plenty of options for you. Creating Velcro hashtags is a genius method to allow people to mix things up. You have more than likely seen the photo booth opportunities at weddings and other events. They generally have a box of props for people to play around and pose with. College Data stuck with the props but threw in an extra set with their Velcro hashtags (of all creative and fun types). Of course, there was also photo frames in the style of a Polaroid. This was where the hashtags could be placed, a photo snapped, and then shared online. Every frame included the social media handle, as well as the main hashtag to use when posting photos.


This is the perfect tool, whether your conference is a one-off or an annual event. It isn’t just business or educational conferences that can make use of selfie stations, though. While they are growing in popularity within the business world as companies try to gain traction on social media. They’re a fun option for weddings and other private parties. They’re certainly a more affordable option than the physical photo booth rental is. So, if you are operating on a small budget, then a selfie station like this might tick all of your boxes.

Selfie Station Boxes

Selfie Station Boxes

Another way to create your selfie station is with a banner photo backdrop (just don’t forget the props). Your banner could be a simple design with just the headline of the party or it could include images. For example, planning a wedding. Why not include photos of the married couple as children and allow people to pose with them. It’s a cute way for people to post on social media. A lot of couples are using wedding hashtags to help easily find the photos that others took on the day. There’s always a wait for the professional photos and this method allows instant access to candid photos from throughout the evening.

Selfie Station Boxe

A popular backdrop for selfie stations is a simple design, along with the name of the couple and the date. For other parties, the simple design will do. Although, for big birthdays or notable anniversaries, you may want to print the additional information on it. It means that no matter what happens at your event, you will be able to look back on nicely taken photos and remember the day for what it was. It also provides you with plenty of special photos that you can include when you create an album of the event.

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