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30 Small Business Ideas That You Can Start In 2019

Small Business Ideas

30 Small Business Ideas That You Can Start

Starting a business doesn’t necessarily involve pitching your ideas to investors for millions of funds. While entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas are stealing the limelight, so as small businesses are equally important growth components of the economy. Here are 30 small business ideas to help you kickstart your venture as an entrepreneur.

1. Computer Repair

Small Business Ideas - Computer Repair
Computer Repair

Do you have a knack of getting a broken computer back to life? Also, recovering deleted files for hapless users? If so, you can start offering your services to companies or also to home users where computers are vital to their daily needs. Of course, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest hardware as well as software.

2. Cleaning Service

Starting up a cleaning service is a so pretty good choice if you are driven by the prospect of a stable business. Besides equipping yourself with various cleaning tools, so as you’ll need to have the attitude of not being satisfied until your customer’s home is sparkling clean. There is a growth potential as cleaning service is needed in both commercials as well as residential buildings alike.

3. Website Development

Like it or not, websites are important for brand and also for inbound marketing for most businesses. As long as the world remains connected with the internet, the demand for website development firms will never decline. The ability to produce a unique and also a responsive website that precisely conveys the brand will put your business in the front.

4. Interior Design

There is much more to interior design than changing the wallpapers and floor tiles. If you’re able to breathe life into spaces by bringing together elements of lightings, colors, and also well-chosen types of furniture, this is one of the best small business ideas for you.

5. Wedding Planner

Running a wedding planning business allows you to showcase your creativity as well as organizational skill to bring the brightest smile to the bride and groom. You’ll need to be detail-oriented from dress fashion to the menu that will be served to the expectant guests. When done right, the positive reputation of your business will travel like wildfire.

6. Moving Service

Moving services may seem like the easiest small business ideas to start. But there’s more than packing household items in boxes in this business. You’ll need to take into consideration the logistics, insurance and handling large or also fragile items. Besides, you’ll need to train up a team for the business to be viable.  Get your box truck wrapped here!

7. Photographer


If you’re already a wizard with capturing breathtaking photographs, so then starting up a photography business can be a natural progression. A common approach is to start offering wedding photography packages. Or you can also market your business to be the preferred photography agency for corporate events.  Don’t forget print acrylic photos!

8. Pet Sitting

This is one of the small business ideas that require a little cost to start. Pet lovers can turn their love for adorable animals to a profitable business. Besides ensuring that the pets are so well-fed and also properly accommodated, you’ll need to spend some bonding time to ensure the pets remain comfortable in your care.

9. Financial Planning

Before you can start a financial planning business, you’ll need to equip yourself with the Certified Financial Planner certificate. You can then market your service to the corporate sector or also to the individuals. Either way, this is a business where cultivating long-term relationships matter.

10. Fitness Trainer

Instead of giving free tips for getting those awesome abs, you can start a small business around it. Fitness trainers are in demand as the society is geared towards a healthy lifestyle. You may need to obtain relevant certifications before you work yourself up to be a reputable fitness coach.

11. Copywriting

Have a way in words that actually converts without sounding sales-like? A copywriting business may be the best starting point for your small business. With many businesses turn to content marketing, there are always voids to fill for proven copywriters. There are opportunities for vertical as well as horizontal expansion once you’ve established yourself in the business.

12. SEO

If you boast a proven track record of getting web pages to rank favorably on the search engine, starting an SEO business seems like the natural thing to do. Establish your business by partnering with web developers or marketing agency besides pitching your services to direct clients.

13. Hairstyling

Hairstyling is not something that you can be good with overnight. But if you already have a decent amount of follower industry, consider taking a hairstylist license and you may establish your own business. Words of mouth would so quickly follow when your clients love what you do.

14. Premium Gift

Small Business Ideas - Premium Gift
Premium Gift

If you’re struggling for small business ideas, starting a premium gift business is a viable option. You don’t need expensive certifications or capital to start the business. All you need are your imaginations to handpick and package gift items that meet your customer’s requirement. You’ll find the needs for premium gifts in private and corporate functions.

15. Desktop Publisher

There are always companies in various industries who sought highly talented agencies to create newsletters and other marketing materials. If you’re adept in bringing pieces of contents together into a structured and professional format, being a desktop publisher is a great way to get your business started.

16. Event Planner

If you thrive on multitasking and doesn’t mind working in the background, the event planning business is a great venture to start. Besides ensuring that the venue is secured, you’ll need to ensure that various suppliers are properly coordinated to ensure that the events run smoothly. Expect to get your hand dirty with hanging banners, setting up booths and probably hosting the event during the initial start.

17. Massage Therapy

You’ll need to obtain a license before starting a massage therapy business. Besides that, your ability to soothe aching muscles will determine the growth you’ll enjoy in the business. Tired corporate workers or homemakers will likely be your target customers.

18. eCommerce

The possibility of being able to sell almost anything online has spurred the growth of the eCommerce industry. Avoid paying costly rental for brick and mortar spaces when you take your products to eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay or setting up your personal online store. This is one of the best small business ideas for minimizing capital risk in products oriented business.

19. Jewelry Maker

You can distinguish your small business with jewelry making giants by opting for creative trends instead of expensive golds and diamonds. Turn ordinary items like glass, beads or wood into elegant jewelry items. You’ll be surprised at how the uniqueness in these items will translate into consistent revenue.

20. Boat Cleaning

If you’ve owned a boat, you’ll probably realize how much maintenance it needs to undergo during the winter season. Ply your trade to individual boat owners or market your service to the marina for a long-term stable revenue.

21. Bookkeeping

Small Business Ideas -Bookkeping

Providing professional bookkeeping is one of the best small business ideas that are recession-proof. If you have the right accounting qualification, you can also start building a long-term business by providing your services to small as well as medium-sized companies. As your business grows, you’ll need to start hiring a competent team of accountants who have a CPA accounting qualification.

22. Electronics Repair

Can you make a broken blender roar to life just by changing a few electronics components? However, you may be surprised how electronics repair can be a decent small business as there are so many customers who seek cheaper repair alternatives rather than replacing their appliances.  Here are a few retail sign ideas!

23. Grant Writing

If you have prior experience in grant writing, you can also build a business to help other companies secure their funding. You’ll need to possess the expertise in funding research and also proposal writing to aid companies with their financial needs as well as goals.

24. Laundry Service

While starting a laundry service will require preliminary investment on laundry machines, it has the potential to provide stable revenue over the long term. It’s important that the right locations are chosen to start your business. You can target universities students, corporate workers or also secure long-term contract with hotels as well as restaurants.

25. Personal Chef

Being a personal chef allows you to bring your culinary passion to a higher level. Tantalize the taste buds of your customers at private events or you may become a regular in the kitchen of busy families. It’s a small business that requires a minimum cost to start so as you’ll be working in kitchens set up for you.  Here are a few restaurant sign ideas.

26. Yoga Trainer

You’ll probably benefit from the ancient practice that balances between the physical and mental health. You can also turn your mastery of Yoga into a profitable small business by conducting group or personal classes. However, start small by conducting classes for fitness center before establishing your own studio.

27. Daycare Center

This is not a business that suits every personality. Besides getting the appropriate training and also licenses, you’ll need to enjoy working with toddlers as well as children to be successful. As modern-day parents are spending more time at work, the needs for quality daycare services will only increase.

28. Elder Care

Small Business Ideas - Elder Care
Elder Care

The fact is, modern families are so relying on elder care providers to provide professional assistance in caring for their senior family members. This growing industry is a viable small business to start with, especially if you have experience with nursing.

29. Plumbing

Plumbing service remains one of the conventional business ideas that are so still relevant when technology-based business is taking the industry by storm. If you’ve been fixing your own plumbing, pack your wrenches and start making money out of it.  Make sure you get a van wrap for your vans!

30. Apps Development

With mobile devices being the preferred choice of accessing the internet, so as apps development is a much sought after service by companies in various industries. If you’re a coding wizard, you can also turn your skills into a profitable small business by setting up an apps development firm.

Ready to get your small business off the ground with some of the small business ideas above?


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