Standees & Cardboard Cut-outs For Wrestling Mart

Standees & Cardboard Cut-outs For Wrestling Mart

Standees & Cardboard Cut-outs in Irvine

Sometimes companies come to us with a unique concept to market their business. When a business has a great idea, we love being able to turn the idea into reality. Wrestling Mart came to us with a concept; we couldn’t help but turn their vision into a physical reality Cardboard Cut-outs.

When Wrestling Mart attends kid’s wrestling tournaments, they wanted to stand out to the attendees. This is where their idea and our creating came to life. They wanted to create a compelling and straightforward piece of marketing material that could double as a photo taking the opportunity. It was a great way to spread their brand name and also a great way to make people excited about their brand.

The concept was to create a photographic Photo Cut-out (as seen in the below image) where people can take photos with their faces on someone else body. Creating a marketing campaign with an associated hashtag #spladletime also makes the image trackable online, so they can easily see how well their marketing efforts are doing.

Wrestling mart also incorporated their branding into the image, so everyone who takes a photo with the stand also has their contact details. They have assured us that the product works exceptionally well for them. As you can see from the image, the product does look great.

About Wrestling Mart

Cardboard Cut-outs

Since forming in 2001, WrestlingMart has grown to be the world’s largest wrestling retail showroom. Their store and showroom are in Southern California, the heart of one of the largest wrestling communities in the United States. If you have a passion for wrestling, Wrestle Mart is your destination store. Also, they are suppliers of all things wrestling, from shoes to educational items.

Whether you are in their store or talking to them over the phone, everyone at WrestlingMart strives to help you. Created by two friends with a passion for wrestling, they have been committed to providing unbeatable customer service and top-quality products to the sport of wrestling.

After beginning an online store, they saw a real opportunity they couldn’t resist. They opened their first storefront on Rancho Santa Margarita. Because not all their customers can reach their physical store, they remain dedicated to their online channels.

Wrestling Mart sells high-quality gear and offers competitive prices for both individual and team gear. Their staff is a stacked-up line of wrestlers; NCAA All-American, State Champions, State Placers, and other highly experienced wrestlers. Their experience in the industry helps them to connect and assist customers in the world of wrestling.

Cardboard Cut-outs & Standees

Cardboard Cut-outs draw attention and are useful for a wide variety of purposes. The most common use for cardboard cut-outs and standees is in marketing. For advertising campaigns of entertainment products like movies and video games. When fans or potential customers get to stand beside characters they love, it gets them excited. Pictures are posted online with your cardboard cut-outs on social media, creating free advertising. Custom cut-outs and standees also make great additions to retail stores, event displays, and kiosks.

Standees & Cardboard Cut-outs are for things other than business. They are a great addition to birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and other personal celebrations. Standees or Cardboard Cut-outs can be produced with space for contact information, or with speech bubbles. Cardboard Cut-outs can be printable in high-resolution full-color print and can include a range of options.

They are a great way to add character to your marketing campaigns. They are one of the best ways to grab attention at conventions, in retail stores, and at sporting events. The best part about them is that people love taking photos of them.

Cut-outs printed in Life Size

We create our cut-outs in life size which makes them a great addition to any storefront and can attract attention as people walk past. They can be printed on a material such as Foam Core, Cardboard or Ultra Board. We cut them with precision CNC Routers that can cut any shape and leave a smooth finish.

They can be self-standing or can be set up to hang on a wall. Our cut-outs are lightweight and easy to set up. Cut-outs weight less than 5lbs and are also easy to store and transport.

To find out how your business can benefit from cardboard cut-outs or standees, visit our shop page now, or contact us via the online messenger portal to the bottom of the screen.


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