Epic Stickers, Decals For Cali Paddler

Epic Stickers, Decals For Cali Paddler

We spend a lot of time talking about how great stickers are for promotional purposes. One of the things that we don’t talk enough about, though, is how you can sell those promotional products. If you have a great design, people will happily pay money to make it their own. They are paying you to advertise your company! What could be a better promotional investment than that? The key, of course, is creating a desirable design that includes your company name, possibly logo, as well as an attractive message that others will want to share. This is something that is really common for skate, surf, and other outdoor brands. However, it is a useful tool for breweries, sports brands, Stickers, Decals, sports teams, and other types of companies as well. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed sticker.

Stickers, Decals

Cali Paddler Epic Stickers, decals.

Cali Paddler is passionate about paddling, and with our help, they created a series of stickers, decals to sell to their customers. This clothing and lifestyle brand was founded on what they refer to as the 3Cs. Community, Conservation, and Connection. The community goal encompasses Every Paddler In California (EPIC!), while on the conservation front the business gives back. When it comes to connection, it’s all about being connected to every aspect of the experience – the clothing, the paddle, the water, the world around you, and to each other! It doesn’t matter whether you have only paddled a time or two or you’re an old pro, everyone is welcome in the community.

One of the ways, in addition to their clothing line, that Cali Paddler spreads the love is with their range of stickers. Why wouldn’t you want to let everyone know what you stand (or sit, depending on your paddling preferences) for? As you travel the state, taking in the many stunning waterways on offer, why not show off your connections and stand Cali strong with some new gear? We are really proud of the stickers that we helped Cali Paddler create and we’re even prouder to be associated with such a fantastic brand. Why not check out their website and learn more about their products and what they do? One of the most incredible aspects of their business is that they give back 5% of what they make to various (water related) non-profits throughout California. Businesses that support the community stand out for all the right reasons.

Stickers, Decals

Stickers, Decals, And Beyond

When it comes to stickers, you have so many different options available to you. Not only can you get creative with the shapes, you can also opt for a die cut or kiss cut sticker. Moreover, you can go clear, choose a background, design weather resistant stickers, and so much more. You will want to choose the more high-end options if you are designing stickers to sell. It’s important that your customers can purchase a sticker product that will last. If you are an outdoor brand, then you will want to create stickers that are waterproof. Especially if you’re a water sports brand! Your customers may want to place your stickers on their outdoor gear. So, make sure they can.

When it comes to selling your stickers, you need to create epic designs that people will truly want. So, what type of business is it that you operate? Just look at how Cali Paddler did it – they have it easy because their logo is so fantastic. It makes an amazing sticker all on its own. What type of logo do you have? Cali Paddler have a recognizable logo that people immediately associate with their brand. It’s also something that people are happy to place on their car or elsewhere. So, consider that when you step into creative mode to create stickers to sell.

Generally, when you design a sticker to distribute for promotional purposes, you can include your contact information or website. When you’re selling your stickers, decals, though, this might not wash. Not everyone wants to be an obvious advertisement for your business. So, it’s really important that it’s clear from your design who you are or what you do. Of course, if you plan to sell your stickers, you don’t always need to be selling your brand. You might just be a funny person looking to create stickers with amazing puns for people to enjoy. In either case, you need to consider the size and color of the text. No matter what type of sticker you want to design, it’s important that people can read it clearly.

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