Living With Dignity: Thriving With Foamcore

Living With Dignity: Thriving With Foamcore
As a provider of hundreds of different types of promotional material, NonStop Signs is often lucky enough to be part of a special project. And our work with Living With Dignity is one such case. Although we often get requests for our Foamcore products. We don’t always have the opportunity of being part of a life-changing exhibition. Also, we recently had the pleasure of working with Mark Reynolds of On The Mark Photography. Mark has used his photography to share the stories of senior residents of the YWCA San Francisco & Marin. Using our Foamcore prints, Mark’s photography was displayed at CHSA Museum in San Francisco. Furthermore, the exhibit was one-of-a-kind. And using our Foamcore prints. Mark was able to present photographs in a manner that was bright and also effective.

Living with Dignity – Thriving in Community

The Mark gives us an intimate look into the YWCA residence program. This provides safe and affordable homes to low-income and disabled elderly residents. In the San Francisco and Marin area where they can thrive and enjoy life. A majority of residences are women from China, who offer monolingual, speaking only Mandarin or Cantonese.  The program is based in Chinatown. This gives the residents the ability to fulfill their cultural needs in a stable and comfortable environment with the respect and dignity they deserve. The YWCA was established in London in 1855 and developed in the US in 1858. Moreover, it has been at the forefront of most major movements in the US as a pioneer in racial justice. Labor union representation and women’s rights. Today, the YWCA advocates for over 2 million women and girls across the country. It also caters to more than 25 million women and girls around the world. Mark Reynolds is a local photographer who has volunteered with the YWCA to create the Living with Dignity – Thriving in Community exhibit. While volunteering and participating in the Living With Dignity photography project, friends and connections were made. These were unexpected and were with the staff and the women who lived there. There was a broad range of reactions to this project. Some women unwilling to join in, others sitting formally for portraits and others participating freely. Also, the stories and lives captured show the beauty and resilience of these women. It also helps teach us that we should all care for each other, in every stage of our lives. Moreover, these women struck dignified. Beautiful images and tell stories of many lives that we can admire. Thriving With Foamcore

Foamcore Signs

Our Foamcore signs are extremely popular with clients across the country as they’re not only cheap. But they’re also attractive. A foamcore sign can be designed to suit any size requirement. And can also be printable in full color or black-and-white. They are also lightweight. That means they’re fantastic for taking to tradeshows. Or to simply put on the wall in your office or retail store. Without causing any damage, regardless of how big they are. They’re durable and last longer. And because they are affordable. They are fantastic options for short-term promotions. Because they are easy to transport if you are taking them on the road to a tradeshow or other event, and they are also easy to store when you no longer require them. Living With Dignity is a project we were extremely proud to be a part of with the use of our Foamcore products in an art display.

Foamcore Products

Foamcore products are easily adaptable. That makes them great for custom branded marketing. Because it is available to cut in any size. Or shape you cannot only showcase images, like Living With Dignity, has done. But you will also be able to promote your logo. Create cutouts and even replicate products. Moreover, Foamcore has no limits. If you want to learn more about our Foamcore products. Or any of our products for that matter to increase your promotions. Make sure you visit our store online today. We offer a vast range of marketing material and other options for your business or personal event. It doesn’t matter what type of product you’re looking for. We will be able to provide it. And if you get the chance. Make sure you make your way to the Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) Museum where the exhibit was held earlier in this year. They always have exhibits of life in the Chinese community; including Chinatown architecture. Remembering the past and, like the Living With Dignity display – those that showcase what life is like living in the Chinese community in the US today.   Here are a few more case studies you will love!

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