Top 10 Cities for Digital Marketing Jobs (2019)

Top 10 Cities for Digital Marketing Jobs

Top 10 Cities for Digital Marketing Jobs

Ready for the Top 10 Cities for Digital Marketing Jobs?  In our ever-changing world technology is a crucial factor in the advancement of our modern world. Marketing assists companies in their growth, but even before that a company needs a keen and competent individual with a marketing degree and experience. However, do not rest on your laurels, even with 20+ years of experience, it does not guarantee advancement. This article will provide more details on the cites that are any marketer can find career growth in digital marketing.

The key is to stay on top of the market demands and trends and be in the right place and the right time to achieve your goals.

Successful Marketer in Digital Marketing

To be a successful marketer at any digital marketing job, you need to understand your product and your customers. The general act of marketing a product has the goal to make customer give up their money willingly to a business. In every industry, some leaders help shape and develop the industry. For someone to become this leader, it is essential to be in the right place at the right time and to understand the basics of your marketing industry.


Currently, that are nearly 7 billion people around the world that use tablets and smartphones, roughly equal to the number of people that live on mother Earth, with this added advantage there is no wonder that digital marketing is the quintessential form of marketing. Over the past 3-years, there has been nearly a 5% increase in social media users with close to 80% of the population using some form of social media. There is a limited argument about the need for competent digital marketers, and there is a massive demand for skilled individuals.

To assist you in your break out role, being located in larger cities is an essential key, where fast-paced lifestyle translates into big business. These never-ending changes will help brands become well known in a limited timeframe, due to the city and the effects of the knowledgeable marketer.  Here are the best ten cities for you to be familiar with in the ever-changing and evolving world of digital marketing.


1. New York City, New York

New York is home to Times Square, Broadway, and Wallstreet and 2-million small businesses, and there is room for growth for new and vested marketing companies. The city itself has a rich history of advertising and is home to multiple global marketing firms.

The city offers a 24-hour lifestyle, the city that doesn’t sleep.  There are luxury hotels, new and old restaurants, and endless shopping. These facts lead to diverse businesses that have severe competition, and they need to make a clear and lasting name for themselves. With the need for clear differentiation, this is the place to find marketing careers. Due to the rich diversity, it has topped our list for being the place to be to start your marketing career for any digital marketing jobs.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts was founded in 1630, and it’s one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is a stunning city with a gorgeous place to visit and live. However, the digital marketing scene is flourishing. Since Boston is home to Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and Boston College, it is an epicenter for technological growth. Boston is a leader in marketing due to this enormous demand of the population. It is a city of trend-setting and has a vibrant academic community.

Further, Boston is the home of the renounced Boston Consulting Group, and it is only one of many companies in the city that is capitalizing on the rise of digital marketing. Boston further offers a generous salary. The average wage is 34% so above the national average. A real bonus for the hard-working marketer.


3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle with its bohemian style has always been a leader in trendsetting. Thus, when it comes to digital marketing, they have led the pack in advancements. Seattle hosts several highly successful marketing agencies, such as Bigfin, Fell Swoop, and Inside Edge, and they go even further by hosting large technology companies, such as Zillow, Amazon, and Microsoft.

There is a vast job market in this city, and it appears to be on the rise. In recent statistics, the state of Washington had a 2.9 percent growth in employment opportunities, and it doesn’t look like that trend will end shortly. With the big-name companies that are leading in technological innovations, there are a plethora of opportunities available for up and coming marketers.


4. San Francisco, California

The list of top 10 cities for digital marketing jobs wouldn’t be far-reaching without multiple stops in California. The next three cities, plus one later in the list will illustrate that California is still the “mother-state” for technology. The driving force behind our modern-day trend of online media is home in San Francisco the home to social media leaders, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

People are traveling by the masses to this mecca of modern-day technical firms, and the new and inventive start-ups that are battling to become the “next big thing” or the creator of the next technological advancement will create the demand for digital marketing jobs that will lead us into the next generation of trending technology.


5. Oakland, California

Oakland is located so just to the east of the San Francisco Bay area. Although the city has a restored and historic Victorian district with fantastic boutiques, don’t let that fool you. The city is a thriving region of digital marketing growth. This primary to the lower cost of office space (this said with a pinch of salt), the city is still above the national average. There is defined growth, and it can be excepted to remain a city that marketers will continue to move.


6. San Jose, California

Although San Jose is a small city, the overall job market is quickly expanding. This metropolitan area is a new hub for many more technology firms. With this expansion, it illustrates a future demand for digital marketing personnel. Also, a higher demand for IT support. San Jose caters to a young, thriving workforce and a new hub for the millennial.


7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago the windy city! However, here you can find their famous deep-dish pizza, the Sears Tower. Also the well-established marketing industry. The most well-known marketing agency is iProspect, a global leader. Some of their most famous clients include Hilton Hotels and  Microsoft.

It is one of the largest, if not the largest marketing firm in the city, with over 2,500 employees. And over 70 offices in over 50 countries. Also, Chicago is the home to several digital marketing agencies, such as Rosetta and 3Q Digital.

Chicago is jam-packed with career opportunities. The young and established designer, advertiser, web developer, and digital marketer can try them out.


8. Washington, D.C.

Although rift in politics and legislation, Washington, D.C. is a flourishing metropolis of digital marketing; as we have seen over the past decade the increased use of social media in political campaigns. The city is the home to Mashable which is a global media entertainment company. Media management is an enormous part of digital marketing.

An issue that is not often discussed, such as the city has a young population. Nearly 1/3 of the residences are between the ages of 20 and 35. A key demographic for social media. This age group is indeed the ideal audience for digital marketing efforts. However, remember to bring your game-face, for this means that there are thousands of young adults vying for the highly desirable position.


9. Los Angeles, California

To finish the ode to California, we around it off with Los Angeles. The city has a rich demographic of culturally and also a diverse population. It has a vibrate creative economy that is endlessly changing. Thus, making it a city to be recommended when it comes to social media trends. The city has a wide range of freelancers and also the entrepreneurs. They estimated at a number over 350,000. With city housing the majority of the television and film production, not to mention fashion, and also design there is a great demand for skilled as well as talented marketers.


10. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The classic city across the pond for digital marketing jobs.  Not to be to U.S. centric, let’s talk about the capital city of the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam. The city has topped many lists of the best places to work, and the growth of digital marketing has created immense opportunities for marketers that are looking for an international adventure.

Amsterdam isn’t necessarily in the same cache so as NYC and San Francisco; the city still offers a thriving digital marketing industry. The Netherlands emphasis a proper work-life balance which makes it attractive to the working professional that wants a balance between their career and the personal life.

Wherever you decide to move, keep us in mind for your printing and signage!


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