68 Powerful Trade Show Statistics That You Need in 2019

Powerful Trade Show Statistics That You Need

Is it worth investing in premium spaces on a trade show? Or having creative signage popped up to draw attention? According to these trade show statistics, it is one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses to grow brand awareness and acquire new leads.



  • The Hannover Messegelande Exhibition Hall in Germany has the largest exhibiting space in the world at 496,000 square meters. (Display Wizard)
  • About half of the 200 largest trade shows in the US took place three cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. (TSNN)
  • Trade show events generated revenue of $13.2 billion in the US in 2017. (Statista)
  • 26% of trade show exhibitors in 2016 were SME. (Statista)
  • The US exhibition industry revenue grows by 1.6% in Q2 2018. (Statista)
  • Nevada has the largest exhibition space in the US. (Statista)
  • CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the largest trade show in the US by area (2,665,713 sq ft) in 2017.
  • Attendance numbers are the #1 method in measuring trade shows ROI worldwide in 2016. (Statista)
  • 3% of small businesses in the US relied on trade shows to grow their business. (Statista)
  • 85% of executives believe that the number of trade events will maintain or increase in the coming years. (LiveMarketing)
  • In 2011, the US had the largest total area of exhibition space in the world at 6,712,342 sq ft. (UFI)
  • The venue capacity in the US grows by 5% from 2006 to 2011. (UFI)
  • There were approximately 31,000 exhibitions with a minimum of 500 sq meter held in 2012. (UFI)
  • 33% of the exhibitions are opened to the public for 3 days.  (UFI)
  • Only 6% of marketers believe that leads acquired at trade shows by their companies are successfully converted. (Spingo)


  • 88% of participants use trade shows to increase awareness of the company and its brand. (Spingo)
  • 72% participated in trade shows to acquire leads from new buyers and prospects. (Spingo)
  • 65% of exhibitors intend to meet current clients in trade shows. (Spingo)
  • Top 3 objectives at trade shows are related to relationship management and clients engagement. (Spingo)
  • Lead generation is the #1 goal of event marketing worldwide in 2017. (Statista)


  • It cost $142 to meet a prospect at a tradeshow, compared to $259 at a prospect’s office. (Spingo)
  • 92% of trade show attendees visited to learn about new products or services (Spingo)
  • 72$ of key decision makers managed to find at least 1 supplier in a single visit. (Spingo).
  • 45% of attendees visited only 1 exhibition in a year. (Spingo).
  • 51% of visitors requested a follow-up visit by sales representatives after the trade show. (Spingo).
  • 87% of exhibiting companies rated trade shows as highly valuable in achieving business sector promotions.  (Spingo).
  • 64% of trade exhibitors cited the quality of attendees as a crucial factor when considering to exhibit. (Display Wizard)
  • Perception of a brand that is not present at a trade show falls by 5%, including global brands. (Display Wizard)
  • 76% of exhibitors integrated trade shows with other marketing campaigns. (Display Wizard)
  • Brands are 28% more innovative when they are encountered on trade shows. (Display Wizard)
  • Trade show marketing was 39% of B2B marketing budget in 2011. (TSNN)
  • 99% of marketers claimed that they find trade shows comparatively unique to other marketing mediums. (TSNN)
  • The average drayage rate has grown by 488% from 1982 to 2010. (TSNN)
  • 14% of Fortune 500 companies reported an ROI of 5:1 from trade shows. (Statista)
  • Meeting a prospective customer at trade shows compared to the field saves a company $943. (LiveMarketing)

Prospect Building

  • 90% of attendees never met any of the exhibitors at least 1 year before the event. (Spingo).
  • 50% of visitors are making their first visit. (Spingo).
  • 67%  of visitors have never used any services or products of the exhibitors. (Spingo).
  • 81% of trade shows visitors are decision makers in making a purchase. (Spingo).
  • Visitors spent an average of 8.3 hours visiting booths at trade shows. (Spingo)
  • It takes 3.5 calls to convert a lead from a trade show, compared to 4.5 calls for regular leads. (Display Wizard)
  • 28% of exhibitors start marketing their upcoming event trade shows 1-2 months prior to the event. (Display Wizard)
  • 81% of exhibitors emailed their exhibition leads as follow-ups. (Display Wizard)
  • 71% of small to medium companies acquired deals through face-to-face networking. (Display Wizard)
  • 83% of exhibitors cited meeting new customers as the primary factor in participating in trade shows. (Display Wizard)
  • It cost 38% less to convert a lead from trade shows compared to sales calls. (GraphiColor)
  • A trade visitor will spread words of the event to an average of 6 people. (GraphiColor)


  • 92% of trade shows visitors are sourcing for new products. (Spingo)
  • Only 34% of visitors are satisfied with the trade shows that they have visited. (Spingo)
  • Marketers cited the cost of attendance (45%) as the top disappointing factor in visiting trade shows. (Spingo)
  • 56% of visitors traveled more than 400 miles to attend trade shows. (Spingo)
  • 46% of attendee only visit one trade show in a year. (Display Wizard)
  • 65% of attendees claimed that trade shows enhanced their understanding of a company’s products or services. (Display Wizard)
  • 85% of attendees claimed trade shows are efficient in bringing multiple vendors together in a single location. (GraphiColor)
  • 79% or attendees mentioned that attending trade shows help them in making purchasing decisions. (GraphiColor)
  • 91% of attendees felt that being able to compare various vendors in real time impacted their buying decision. (GraphiColor)
  • 91% of trade visitors claimed to have acquired the most useful buying info from trade events. (GraphiColor)
  • 49% of attendees plan to buy one or more products/services in a trade show. (ExcaliburExhibits)
  • 46% of attendees are top-level executives or management. (ExcaliburExhibits)
  • 76^ of attendees requested for a quotation in the last trade show they attended. (SageWorld)


  • 75% of exhibitors indicated that their staff gained valuable sales skills from trade shows. (Display Wizard)
  • 75% of exhibitors are positive about the future of trade shows. (Display Wizard)
  • 48% of visitors claimed an exciting stand is pivotal in attracting visitors to their booth. (Display Wizard)
  • US marketers planned to attend an average of 4.1 trade shows in 2018. (Statista)
  • 30% of US companies increase their trade show budget in 2018. (Statista)
  • 41$ of marketing budgets allocated to US exhibitors in 2014 were for trade shows. (Statista)
  • 85% of exhibitors success depends on the performance of the staff. (GraphiColor)
  • 53% of exhibitors claimed it is difficult to retain good booth staffers. (GraphiColor)

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