Trump Bumper Stickers that are Hilarious!

Trump Bumper Stickers That are Hilarious!

Trump Bumper Stickers that are Hilarious!

Trump bumper stickers  – you just gotta love em!

America’s a funny place.

Literally. We do know how to tell a joke and take a joke.

Even when we’re not talking, we’ve got a lot to say. Don’t believe that? Just look around you as you drive down the road. Look at all the Trump bumper stickers.

Want to see how people really feel?

Trump Bumper Stickers
Trump Bumper Stickers

The back of their vehicles  will tell you in a second, right on their bumpers

In fact, depending on where you are, Red State or Blue State, rural or urban, East Coast or West Coast, the opinions proudly displayed when the vehicle in front shows you its rear, on their bumper stickers, can change as quickly as the weather.

Driving once from New Mexico to Manhattan Kansas I could see the change so abruptly I called my partner to tell her we weren’t in Santa Fe anymore.

Now, before I get in over my head I want to go on record that what we’re talking about here is humor, not politics. It’s not Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative. It’s whether, despite your views, something funny, silly clever or biting can make you laugh. They should.

For some of us, it might be like watching someone slip on the ice or fall into a fountain because they’re texting. Humour can be harsh sometimes. Stupid sometimes. But funny, we hope, most of the time.

So from here on out, let’s get one thing straight. Our smiles. We’re going to show both sides to the Trump bumper stickers because there are always two sides to the story. The one you’re on and the one you’re opposite of.  But they both can make you laugh. In fact, humor should be totally non-partisan, even though it’s not.

Trump Bumper Sticker Background
Trump Bumper Sticker Background

Love him or hate him. Back him or back away from him, R or D, there are plenty of funny, clever and often downright wickedly funny Trump clear stickers or reflective stickers to go around, no matter what side of the street your on.  If you want to go crazy, you can order Refridgerator Wraps that have funny trump sticker. Here’s some we chose, but there are plenty more.

1. There Will Be Hell Toupee

trump bumper stickers

Ouch! That one hurts. But like the song said, “It hurts so good.” Good Trump bumper sticker one, whoever wrote that one.

Is that sticker a bald-faced lie? Hahahhaha. Is there a follicle of truth in it? Could we also have “I’m DYEing To Be President? Or, Make Me Permanent. Hey, this is fun!

2. We Shall Over-Comb.

Another shot at the sartorially challenged who try and cover–up what they obviously can’t. Hey, I’m on a roller now so here’s or hair’s some of my own. Hair Trump (german joke)

Heir Trump (inheritance joke)

Hair! Here! (barber joke)

3. Dump Trump

Trashing our leaders has become the great American pastime. Our first amendment, Free Speech, has turned the jokers loose and there’s no stopping them. And they shouldn’t be stopped because being protected to express your opinion is the most American thing there is. Maybe we can add on to that a bit. At any rate that is why we love these Trump bumper stickers.

Dump Trump And Don’t Recycle.  

Thanks, A Heap!

Who Let The Dogs In


As in, Make Russia Great Again. That’s a harsh one unless your name is Catherine. As in, Catherine the Great. We all know that no matter who we support we all support our country. These are all for laughs remember.  You’ve got to admit this is one of the great Trump bumper stickers

5.  Not My Dictator

trump bumper stickers
thanks Etsy

Another one with a sharp-edged barb. Could have been

“Make the White House The Red House” Or

“Have We Put in Putin?”

“White House Sandwich, American with a Side Of Russian,”

They’re all just food for thought

6. Trump, Putz!

You might have to be from New York to get this one because it relies on ethnic humor. Maybe that’s why it’s on the back of so many NYC yellow cabs.

Putz, spelled that way is a slang word that means fool or jerk.

When spelled Putts, that’s what golfers do. Get it?

7. Rump

Well, they make him the butt of the joke here but its hard not to appreciate the satire.


A take-off on Obama’s Hope Sticker. The Donald in place of O.

9. Tuck Frump

Nasty boys at it again but once again a cool giggle of letters gets the message across

10. Make Tacos. Not Walls

TrumpA tasty tidbit to our amigo’s from south of the border. You can never have enough tacos. No one could argue with that. We got to give a thumbs up to the Latino graphic designer who came up with these Trump bumper stickers though.

11. Keep Calm & Confeve On

A new word shows up and a funny bumper sticker goes on. It didn’t take long to make the leap. No one is sure what it means, but it sure is meant to make you laugh

12. 2545

That one is tricky. It means, uses the 25th amendment of the constitution to remove the president. Trump is number 45. Hence, as lawyers say, 25/45

13. It’s Mueller Time.

This one is a take-off on the old “It’s Miller Time,” ad campaign. But this one features Robert Mueller who taking a long hard look at things.

14. Stormy 2020

Another jab at our commander-in-chief with Stormy Daniels in a starring role.

Okay had enough from the left? Now let’s turn to the right. Here are the best Pro –Trump stickers we could find. Not as funny maybe, but equally clever.

  1. MAGA

Trump Bumper Sticker

Make America Great Again put the whole campaign message together in 4 letters. As a former branding guy, I have great admiration for the succinct message there. It’s not funny but you can’t talk pro-Trump messaging without MAGA

2. Trump Her.

That’s a clever play on words and names. To trump, someone means to come out on top of or get the upper hand with. What could be a perfect message for Trump supporters when their candidate’s name is, Trump. We could have also added one of our own to the list.

Hi! Energy! as a jab at Hillary’s stamina

3. Trump That B….!

Not going to spell that one out for you, I figure you can get there all by yourself. But it captures the emotions of voters who vote as strongly against a candidate as they do in support of one.

4. Nobody For President

Voter and campaign fatigue seems to scream out of this one. “Enough Already” is actually the message. It reminds me of an old anti-Vietnam war sticker that said, “What If we Gave a War And Nobody Came?”

5. Stop Electing Idiots

That one can go both ways depending on whose picture you put in place. But it’s clearly a shot at the people in power and it’s just as appropriate for the Senate and the House as it is for the Presidential race

6. Hillary For Prison

Hillary For Prison
Hillary For Prison

If you can’t say something positive about yourself, say something negative about your opponent. That’s an old rule in politics and heavily on display on both sides of the race. Negative is a big positive in today’s political theater and both ends of the spectrum know how to use

7. Lock Her Up.

Ditto for that one. One of the campaigns rallying cries.

8. Miners Dig Trump

A nice turn of words showing the support of the mining industry for President Trump. In that vein, haha, we could add

Farm Support For Trump Is Growing

Trump Is Made Of Steel

And if you’re a fisherman

Trump’s Support Is Reel          

9. Trump Has Drive

That might be the antidote to the “Trump Putz on the other team’s taxicabs.   But the Donald teeing off is another swing at Hillary and her energy level and health. Again not funny, but clever.


Firing your party up against the opposition is a surefire way to build enthusiasm. This sticker says voting against the party in power is voting for your candidate

11. Love Trumps Hate

Love Trumps Hate
Love Trumps Hate

Another sticker using Trumps name as his message. It’s saying that President Trump’s administration is going to be one with a big heart.  

12.  Adorable Deplorable of the Trump Bumper Stickers.

Hillary said it and the right tossed it right back at her. Here’s a cute spin on her tough words. Could also be

Proud To Be Deplorable

13. Keep On Trumping

A nice play on “Keep On Trucking,” which plays right to Trump strong loyal base.

14. Trump Won

Well, that says it all. No arguing with the victory. Not funny except if your side got the last laugh.

Well as they say at the end of the old Looney Tunes cartoons, “That’s all folks.” Hope I made you laugh not angry.  These are some serious window clings.

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What is the real point of this article? As a freelance graphic designer, you may need to find new ways to create income. And the internet offers you a means to a way. Think as creatively as you want, and design bumper stickers that reflect the way people think. You can place these up for sale on websites like Redbubble, Etsy, Zazzle, Amazon and more. You might hit the one bumper sticker everyone has got to have, and the best part is that it will produce extra income for you.

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