Ultra board Display for Constructive Eating

Ultra board Display for Constructive Eating

Ultra board Display for Constructive Eating

Read about the custom Ultra board Display for Constructive Eating.  Constructive Eating, Inc. is an incredible business based on curing parent frustration and sparking children’s’ imagination. They offer themed utensils, plates and more designed to keep a toddler engaged in eating at the table. With their products, your toddler may just last all the way through mealtime! If that isn’t true heroism in a business, we’re not sure what is. We were proud to help design and provide mini photo displays as part of their promotional product. We also provided the high-quality stickers on each bucket. Read more about these incredible business signs and our partnership together below.

The Humble Beginnings of Constructive Eating, Inc.

When Constructive Eating was born, it was from the vision of two parents, noticing their sons love of construction. Construction vehicles, toys, sheets, and decor soon found its way in every room of their house. Their son then asked the magic question that sparked the concept behind the company. That question was whether he could put cheerios on the floor as rubble to scoop up! Carter and Jackie Malcolm then began to think, what if all food could be rubble? Was there a way to keep their son interested in eating meals by combining learning and play? That idea kicked off Constructive Eating, Inc., and the original line of construction utensils. Ultra Board Signs A specially designed construction site plate soon joined the utensils. The plate interacts with the utensil design to encourage concentration – and make picking up food a little easier! Placemats, lunch boxes and plushes soon joined, along with a separate garden fairy line theme! The products by Constructive Eating are popular with educators, speech therapists and child counselors. The level of engagement from their young students, concentration, and motor skills are all excellent benefits. Another fantastic detail about this company? Through the last ten years, the founding Michigan couple has stood proudly at the helm. They also proudly make their products in the USA! The utensils, plates, and placemats are all manufactured in Illinois and Michigan. This helps the company control the elements of their products with high standards. As a result, Constructive Eating can guarantee parents that their products are made without harmful elements. That’s right- you won’t find any lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or paint here!

Creating Mini Photo Displays and Stickers for Constructive Eating

mini photo displays for Constructive Eating, Inc. Overall, we love what this company stands for, and the benefit it provides to children and frustrated parents alike. That’s why we were so happy to take on two projects for them centered around their utensil display bundle! Constructive Eating, Inc. commissioned us to create printed lifestyle photos on a sturdy board back. These Ultra board prints were then punctured with the black rods to enable them to stick out of the display bucket. We decided to use a product called Ultraboard for these signs.  Ultraboard printing was chosen because it is lightweight and more durable than the competition.  This creates a genius centerpiece for tradeshows, conventions, and displays for their product line. We also provided the highly-pigmented crisp stickers around the base of the bucket. Each was themed after the individual Construction and Garden Fairy lines. An Ultra board display for Constructive Eating ended up being a terrific idea! Our printing is done with high-quality inks to ensure each image, graphics or text is clear and engaging. Our vinyl adhesive stickers are incredibly easy to apply and waterproof. They’ll proudly stick on whichever surface you choose as long as you need them with no lifting or fading. Sturdy backing like the board we provided for the mini photo displays ensures that your printed photo, logo or design won’t bend, fray or warp. Our team at Nonstop Signs is committed to enduring quality for your small business needs.

Connect with Our Team to Determine How We Can Help

Wondering about our vinyl stickers, mini photo displays or other materials to promote your business? Take a look at our Signage to find out more about our offerings. You can also reach out to one of our customer representatives at any time. Our team always happy to work within your budget and unique needs to find the best solution for you. Our passion is supporting small businesses and creating effective marketing and advertising products for each one without the need for a massive marketing budget! We provide a comprehensive product listing, from small projects like stickers all the way to the full tradeshow and convention displays. Reach out today and find out how we can help! And if you’d like to know more about our friends at Constructive Eating, Inc. and their award-winning product lines, head on over to their website Constructive Eating. You’ll find genius mealtime solutions for your own family or loved ones with even the pickiest of eaters.  

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