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25 Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers

Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers

Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can find it pretty hard to keep up with the latest design tools that pop up on the internet. Some of these simple tools could make a huge difference in terms of efficiency, or simply producing captivating visuals for your customers. We have prepared a list of 25 underrated tools for graphic designers that you ought to check out.

1. Sketch

25 Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers - Sketch

The Sketch is a handy application for Mac that basically allows you to build graphics, websites as well as apps with a great collection of resources. You’ll be able to save design elements for reuse in future projects and also use the platform to share your works with other designers on the team. It’s definitely a smart design tool for graphic designers.

2. Fonts In Use

Need access to the largest possible collections of typefaces? Fonts In Use is your answer. It hosts a vast range of typefaces that are sorted by industries as well as formats. You may also find ideas as well as inspirations from how the fonts are used in the collections.

3. PicMakr

Pic Makr is a so simple tool that allows you to apply customized watermark or frames to protect or brand your photos. It features multiple themes as well as social media sharing capability. You’ll also find the analytics handy so as to check the number of views your images has gained.

4. Jumpcut

Copy and paste can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you wanted to paste a previous copy that has been overwritten with the latest action. Jumpcut solves the problems for Mac users by allowing the history of previous copy or cuts to be stored in a buffer.

5. Designers Toolbox

Judging by the modest homepage on Designers Toolbox, it’s definitely one of the most underrated tools for graphic designers. But the website contains useful sizing and also the print tools if you’re working on CD & DVD labels or booklet envelopes. There’s also a free Lorem Ipsum generator that allows you to quickly create placeholder texts for your designs.

6. Typetester

Depending on the nature of your design, the choice of typography actually matters, so as both for branding as well as readability purpose. Typetester allows you to compare various versions of fonts as in your design. Choose the best font for your works with the 2800 supported web fonts on Typetester.

7.  Library of Congress Digital Collections

Sometimes, the best tool may present itself in unlikely forms like Library of Congress Digital Collections.  Seek inspirations for your design from the largest library in the world. Browse through millions of books and also photographs so as to get the right idea for your works. Some of the decades-old images may be the missing link in your design.

8. WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont is another tool that deserved to be on the list of underrated tools for graphic designers. The tool serves so simple purpose, to identify a font based on an uploaded image. It compares the image against its database to get the best fit. Or you could turn to the WhatTheFont forum for help.

9. Milanote

25 Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers - Millanote

Unlike the common perception, life as a graphic designer is more than shapes and colors. Before a project starts, you’ll spend hours taking down notes from customers. Milanote is a great tool to keep your project organized. It provides a workspace for you to lay down your notes as well as images in an orderly manner. Graphic designers who are obsessed with

10. FiveSecondTest

It’s great that you love your design, but what’s more important is what other feels about it. FiveSecondTest allows you to upload your landing page, logo, brochures or also other mockups. You can also get feedback from users after they are being presented with the image for 5 seconds. If your design doesn’t nail it in 5 seconds, it probably needs a rework.

11. WeTransfer

If you’re a fan of Gmail, you know sending large files is really a hassle. WeTransfer is an elegant solution to that. You’ll get to send a total of 2GB of files without paying anything. What’s better is that you’ll be informed when your recipient has downloaded the files. All you need is key in the recipient address and so as to drag the files onto the WeTransfer page. There’s no need for any registration process at all.

12. GuideGuide

You can take Photoshop automation to a new level with the GuideGuide extension. With GuideGuide installed, you can easily create automatic grids and guides and also save them for future projects. When other tools fail to create complicated grids, you’ll be glad to have GuideGuide installed.

13. iDisplay

Nothing gets better than having multiple screens to work on. One of the underrated tools for graphic designers, iDisplay allows Mac users to extend their screen on iPhones or iPads. With extra space to work on, it definitely feels more comfortable working on complicated designs. And there are no messy cables to deal with.

14. Little Ipsum

You may have missed out Little Ipsum on your Mac. It’s a simple utility that you’ll find on the menu bar. Little Ipsum is a simple utility that generates latin text that you can copy and paste into your works. It’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t consume many resources on your Mac to turn text, sentences or paragraphs into a latin output. The best thing is, it’s FREE.

15. Frameless

Frameless is a thoughtful little app that enables you to run your HTML content in a full-screen web browser. It works on an iOS device and it’s free for download. The utility allows distraction-free viewing mode when you’re testing out prototypes of your design. Some of the handy features include live-preview and offline access.

16. TimelineJS

25 Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers - TimelineJS

You don’t want to miss out on TimelineJS, another one of the underrated tools for graphic designers.

One of the best way to narrate a story is through an elegantly designed timeline. Timeline JS does exactly that. It’s an open source tool that allows basically anyone to create an interactive timeline. You can easily start creating your first timeline with a Google spreadsheet and import media from resources like Twitter, Youtube or Flickr.

17. Pixlr

If you’re searching for an alternative to Photoshop, give Pixlr a try. It allows you to create beautiful graphics on the web app. Expect familiar editing tools from Photoshop such as magic wand, blur, doge and also sharpen. However, Pixlr is also available on mobile for both Android and iOS users. Besides the full-blown Pixlr editor, you can add a quick touch of effects to your images with Pixlr Express.

18. Harvest

When you’re juggling between projects, tracking the time spent on each of them so as can be rather overwhelming. You’ll wish that you’ll have an app to help you out. Harvest is an online tool that gets the tedious process of time tracking and billing out of your way. Ensure that you’re paid on time and accurately with Harvest.

19. Fount

Fount so much simplifies the process of identifying the text fonts that intrigue you while you’re browsing online. It’s a simple process by adding the Fount bookmarklet on your browser. Once activated, Fount will start digging so as into the code behind the text to identify its font. You’ll be spared the trouble of dissecting the HTML code.

20. Canva Font Combinations

25 Underrated Tools For Graphic Designers - Font Combination Canva
Font Combinations by Canva

You have identified the best font for the title of your client’s brochure. Frustrations loom when the perfect font for the body remains elusive. Your best hope lies in the Canva font combinations utility, one of the most underrated tools for graphic designers.

21. Skitch+Evernote

While it’s cool to be able to take notes as well as getting them organized easily, so as highlighting images is pivotal to really get the point across. Skitch also allows you to annotate screenshots or images to provide clearer visual communications on your ideas. It is as simple as it gets and is a free application by Evernote.

22. Inkscape

To call Inskspace a tool would be an understatement. It is a so much powerful free application that allows graphic designers to create vector images. You can expect a broad range of drawing tools so as to aid your design. Choose from pencil, pen or calligraphy tool to create the perfect drawing and also fill the color from a gradient editor.

23. Vector Magic

Need to turn your bitmap image into vector format for print? You can also go the long way of manually recreating the vectorize image, or you can also turn to Vector Magic. This online tool allows you to upload bitmap images to standard vector outputs. Not only does it save your precious time, but also you’ll get sub-pixel precision in the conversion.

24. Easel.ly

The power of Pinterest marketing lies in the hand of graphic designers. Creating epic infographics is what matters so as to get quality social traffics for your clients. You’ll find Easel.ly a helpful for that purpose. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you’ll be able to produce the best share-worthy infographic easily.

25. SkyFonts

Finally, you can’t conclude the list of the most underrated tools for graphic designers without mentioning SkyFonts.

The last thing you’ll want is to spend money buying a font that you eventually discard for a better one. SkyFonts is an app that allows you to access to a massive library containing more than 11,000 fonts. However, you’ll be able to try out the fonts before paying for them.

Found anything useful from this list? Let us know if you have a great design tool that we’ve never thought of.


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