20 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

Where do you find the most useful websites on the Internet? It is a humongous place, and creating a website is as easy as 123 (or 1’s and 0’s, really).

That means you have to sift through a lot of useless websites and dead ends. Once a website owner gives up, the website goes down.

The problem is that every website that has listed it on theirs do not take the link down. That’s why we have made sure that all the websites listed in this article are still online.

Whether you’re looking for some project management tools, people to meet up with, or graphic design resources — have a look below.

1: Snopes

We live in the era of #FakeNews, so naturally one of the most useful websites you wish you knew earlier is none other than Snopes.

Snopes is a website dedicated to debunking fake news stories and busting myths. If you ever see something suspicious being shared on social media sites, you’d be wise to check out Snopes before reposting.

2: Lifehacker

Do you ever feel like life is too complicated? You’re not alone.

Lifehacker is a useful website for just about anything. Need to organize your bookmarks? Want to recover deleted photos? How about un-sending that embarrassing Snapchat message? Lifehacker has got a solution for strange and mundane problems alike.

3: TED Talks

Just because you have graduated from university (or never attended) doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.

Expanding your mind can be a very satisfying endeavor. Head over to TED Talks and have a look at the many talks uploaded there. You’ll find everything from lessons in entrepreneurship to guides to meditation and mindfulness.  

4: Meetup

With the Internet being such an integral part of our lives, we’re connected to others more than ever before. Just because you have an uncommon interest doesn’t mean that there aren’t people in your neighborhood who share it.

Find them on Meetup and head down to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment where you can share ideas.

5: HubSpot Academy

If you are in any way dealing with sales, marketing, or business, then you’ll want to stay abreast of the latest developments.

HubSpot Academy has a wealth of tips, tricks, guides, and courses you can take. After completing a course, you’ll also be awarded a certificate of completion. A useful website for students, entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

6: 10 Minute Mail

Websites all around the Internet want you to sign up for their newsletters. Often, you’ll be rewarded with some freebies in the email.

At other times, it is simply a waste of time to sign up. So rather than creating a new email address from scratch, use 10 Minute Email. The website will give you a temporary email address you can use to sign up.

20 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier
Websites! Websites everywhere! But where are the useful websites?

7: AccountKiller

Speaking of signing up for websites, you will probably have more than one account you don’t use. Instead of having to log in, find out how to delete it, and then go through the process of doing so, use AccountKiller.

It is a useful website that quickly and easily deletes your account for you. It will save you time and make the process hassle-free.

8: GasBuddy

If you are on the road a lot, you will be burning a lot of fuel. Although gas prices are reasonably low at the moment, there is no guarantee they will stay that way.

Besides, you are business-minded, right? That means every penny counts. Check out GasBuddy, a useful website that will help you find the nearest and cheapest petrol station.

9: Archive

God knows how much content is being uploaded to the Internet every second. Not all of it stays up, however. Fortunately, most of the content that is taken down is archived by kind Internet spirits.

Ever wonder where all that old content goes? To Archive. Here, you can take a trip to the past, and discover sites and content from way back when.

10: Boxoh

As online retailers are taking over the market, more and more people are having their goods delivered. Not all parcel delivery services are created equal, however.

The good ones have a proper online tracking system, whereas the bad ones have infuriating tracking systems. Fortunately, Boxoh is a useful website that can track your parcel on Google Maps.

11: Terms of Service Didn’t Read

How many times have you installed an app or created a website account? Probably quite a few. How many of those times did you read the 60,000 pages of terms of service?

And how many times did you just click ‘I have read and agree to the terms of service’. We just want to get on with life, and Terms of Service Didn’t Read awesome website that summarizes the ToS in a few bullet points.

12: The Browser Tracker

Several of the Internet giants like Facebook and Google have been in trouble recently due to data protection. But how much data do they have on you?

If you have ever wondered how to find out what details your browser keeps on file, The Browser Tracker is for you. Simply visit the website to find out exactly what your browser knows about you.

13: Repair Clinic

If you’re handy with a hammer, good for you. For the rest of us mere mortals, a handy guide is helpful for DIY projects. Sure, there is YouTube, but how many amateurishly produced videos do you want to trawl through?

Repair Clinic not only has all the tutorials you’ll need, but you can also order that spare part you’re missing straight off the site.

20 Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier
Links! Links everywhere! But which ones lead to the useful websites?

14: Pixlr

Do you have a budding graphic designer inside you, but can’t afford Photoshop at the moment? Or maybe you just need to get a quick and easy one-off project done.

Regardless, there is Pixlr to accommodate your needs. Although it does not have the same capabilities as the real thing, it comes really close to being Photoshop.

15: Get Human

Technology is a wonderful thing, and automated services have made all our lives much easier. Except for when it comes to customer service.

How many times have we been met with a robotic voice asking us to dial a million numbers to get customer service? Actual humans will get the job done quicker. Get Human is a useful website dedicated to finding you a real human being to help you out.

16: Google Fonts

Any graphic designer will know that nothing beats a good font to get the message across. But after many a completed project, it can be easy to return to the same old ones.

With Google Fonts, you have access to an almost unlimited supply of fonts. It is a very useful website for anyone dealing with graphic design, writing, and printing.

17: WeTransfer

As mentioned, truckloads of content are being uploaded to the World Wide Web every moment. Some files are small, others a big.

Mostly, they’re big. Your standard webmail won’t allow you to attach more than a few megabytes, so how do you send large files? WeTransfer is a useful website for anyone who wants to deliver files up to 2GB.

18: RescueTime

With all the content you can find on the web, it is easy to get distracted from the task at hand. If you worry about wasting time on Facebook, YouTube, or any other site, then here’s another site to visit.

RescueTime will help you track exactly how much time you’re spending using various apps, programs, and websites. A great website for increasing your productivity.

19: SearchTempest

Another time-consuming activity online is shopping around. Sure, Google will help you search for items across different shops. But they will also promote their own partners first.

With SearchTempest, you can simultaneously look for items on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and other e-commerce sites. This useful website will save you tons of time.

20: Trello

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With so many things to keep track of, it can be confusing to manage your time efficiently. You could use a combination of calendar reminders, post-it notes, emails to yourself, and chat groups. Or you could just gather everything in one place. Trello is that place, and it is a very useful website for anyone dealing in project management.

Ready to have your projects manifest into reality?

Now that you know about the most useful websites out there, and have soaked up the wisdom of industry leaders, you’re probably eager to get yourself out there. Let the public know about your brand by putting it on stickers, or even better, banners.

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