College Finds a Way With Wayfinding Signs in Minnesota

College Finds a Way With Wayfinding Signs in Minnesota

Wayfinding Signs in Minnesota

Creating great wayfinding signage isn’t always just about business or increasing footfall or sales. Sometimes, signage can play an incredibly important role in conservation, too. People often underestimate just how powerful signs can be. The truth of the matter is that they are used for everything from highlighting a business, promoting sales, political campaigning and even as menus. And like a recent project, we did with our wayfinding signs Minnesota project. Just think of some of the most powerful political messages you’ve seen… it was probably on a sign, right? Or, when you’ve visited a restaurant that has old, sticky menus and wished they’d upgrade. Signage can go two ways – luckily, we can help you get it right. The possibilities don’t end with those suggestions, though! In fact, one of our clients decided to take things in an entirely different direction. A group of Macalester College students saw the potential to use custom signs to make a positive change. How? Well, let’s take a deeper look at what they did.

The Macalester College Experiment: Wayfinding Signs Minnesota

Wayfinding Signs Minnesota The Wayfinding Signs Minnesota project stemmed from an environmental studies class. They had just four months to make a positive change. The group decided to create a string of signs that would remind people to turn off the lights as they leave a room. It’s a small, but effective way to reduce consumption. While there had been stickers there once upon a time, they had been mostly removed. Those that remained were in terrible condition, especially when battling the humidity of the bathrooms. So, a durable and quality finished solution was needed. That’s when the group came up with the idea to use proper custom signs instead. While we love to help growing businesses promote events and grab attention, we also love creative jobs like this one. This is a great example of just how powerful well-designed, custom signs can be. There really is no limit to what can be done with a well-designed set of signage. The private liberal arts college was founded in 1874 and ever since then it has been inspiring students to do great things. The Minnesotan institution has some notable alumni, too. The likes of Emmy nominated director Peter Berg, as well as bestselling author Tim O’Brien, Joan Mondale, and Nobel prize winner Kofi Annan. That’s just a small example of the many famous alumni the college has produced. Their graduates go into the world with purpose. So, it’s no wonder that this group project was such an innovative way to reduce electricity usage, protect the environment, and do it in a really efficient way. Spoiler alert: these signs really work!

You Can Find A Way

You, too, can take advantage of the versatile uses for signage. Or, you can use wayfinding signs Minnesota, or anywhere across the country, to help direct people to various areas of your school or university campus. If you want a monument sign to highlight information about your institution, we can do that, too. It really doesn’t matter what size your space is or even the size of your budget. There are so many different signage types available, we can fully kit you out. Wayfinding signs are a crucial part of welcoming guests, students, and faculty members. It’s also important that they can easily navigate your campus, from the parking lot to the reception area, offices, and the more hidden lecture halls. Wayfinding signs welcome, inform, direct, and keep your campus organized and safe. They’re not just useful for school and university campuses, though. Where would you be in a large furniture retailer without directions to escape?

Way Finding Signs With Us

Retailers, schools, historical buildings, museums, and more, can all make use of wayfinding signs. Hospitals are another place that can make use of wayfinding signs, as well as signs to highlight private areas. Don’t forget the health and safety signs! Every type of building is required to install certain legal signs, and we can help you create those and keep your premises safe and legal. Exterior or interior, we have a wide range of signs available to browse. While the Wayfinding Signs Minnesota College used are a great idea, we have plenty more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just get in touch to ask! We are a fully custom print shop, so if it’s possible then we can do it. Take a look at the rest of our website to see the variety of products we offer before you get in touch. We can print stickers, graphics, decals, murals, Gatorboard signs, wayfinding signs, business cards, bumper stickers, product labels, real estate signs, yard signs, and so much more! If you have any questions, all you need to do is ask! Our experienced technicians are standing by to respond to your queries. For Wayfinding Signs, Minnesota College got it right.   Looking for a few more ideas?  Here are more case studies for you!

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