Window Decals Help Tipsy Elves Stand Out

Window Decals Help Tipsy Elves Stand Out

Window Decal Help Tipsy Elves Stand Out

Tipsy Elves is a creative company that started out as a small company known as an “Ugly Sweater Company” in just a few short years ago. If you are thinking to yourself, I know that company from somewhere then you probably have seen them on the hit TV show, Shark Tank! Since 2011 their business has built into a business that opens several pop-up stores for the holidays. Creating a brand image that stood out was necessary for this creative business, and when you have a team of your in-house designers to develop your branding like window decal designs, it makes our job very simple.

Tipsy Elves used us for all their creative assets for the physical retail pop-up shop that they placed in Westfield UTC this past holiday season. This year the business intends on opening 4-6 of these locations expanding with an additional 4-6 the following year. They utilized everything from large image banners, exterior vinyl images, as well as a wide variety of card stock. And also PVC Signs to call out sales, promotions, and collections.

Because of great products and great branding, Tipsy Elves have now grown to full-sized holiday and novelty clothing company. And when a brand that is growing as fast as them, we were more than happy to help create the branding they deserved. Having great branding and assets is a critical part of how they create the physical extension of their brand and get it directly in front of the consumer.

Read more about this design-driven business and also how they utilized our product range to enhance their visual appearance.

About Tipsy Elves Window Decal Designs

window decals

Tipsy Elves produce and source all their products in-house via their design team and have a high caliber of expectations for design related work and products. Being a digitally native brand, they see a lot of opportunity in extending their reach by implementing an omnichannel approach to their business and expanding into physical retail stores.

At Tipsy Elves their mission is simple: they make outrageous clothes to make your life more fun. Tipsy Elves have reinvented ugly Christmas sweaters, launched a patriotic collection that Honest Abe would love, and engineered ski suits so bright the sun won’t stare directly at them.

When Tipsy Elves was born in 2011, they were just an ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ company, but they have now grown to a full-on holiday and novelty clothing company.

Tipsy Elves designs clothing for those who like to stand out. Their clothing line features a range of bright colors and designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. These clothes are designed to fit men and women are guaranteed to make you the life of any party. They also contain a range of themes and characters and offer a lot of humor.

Window Decals and Signage


Tipsy Elves displays and custom decals

When it comes to creative branding solutions for retail outlets, window decals are one of the best options available. Window cling and window decal designs catch the customer’s eye. And window stickers use a strong adhesive to stick to surfaces like glass. But are still easy to remove. These stickers are the perfect solution for pop-up stores.

We use high-quality materials to create a stunning finished printed product. Whether you apply your window cling decals inside or out. They are water resistant and can withstand direct sunlight, too. The durability is one of the reasons window decals are such a popular advertising method. They don’t leave any residue behind, which means you don’t need to worry about a big clean-up. You don’t need to worry about damaging the installation surface either!

Window decals are a great option if you wish to cover an entire window or just a part of it. We provide fantastic window decal design options for your business and services. They are a great way to build your brand in a retail environment.

Channel Letters & Die Cut Letters

Tipsy Elves displays



Channel letters and die cut lettering are both great options for professional high-impact signage. Also, they are highly visible 24 hours a day and guaranteed to draw people’s attention.

Signage lettering can be cut and shaped to suit your brand image. And it can also incorporate logos. Channel letters or die cut lettering can also be backlit. It can be the one thing that makes your brand stand out, just like Tipsy Elves.

Custom Banners

Custom Banners are the ideal signage solution. For use in retail, wholesale, at events and trade shows, they are wrinkle-resistant and visually appealing. For point of purchase displays and product displays, there isn’t a better solution for your retail outlet. Banners are highly versatile and available in many shapes.

And sizes and can be printed with full-color high-resolution images. If you have a retail outlet that requires multi-level branding solution like Tipsy Elves, don’t hesitate to check out our Shop page.


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